camping pots

This is the closest fabric I’ve been able to find to what Verge has so far. It’s a bit small but I’m not gonna be picky. I don’t think I can afford to be picky. Now here’s hoping my dad lets me use our camping pot for dyeing it purple.

NCT as Stupid Things My Friends Have Said.
  • Taeyong: Don't hurt the matriarch!
  • Taeil: If I lived in the 80s I would have wanted to be a part of a barber shop quartet.
  • Johnny: This is why I think you should be gay because if you were gay then you'd always have a cock in your mouth, and then you wouldn't be talking.
  • Yuta: The number I'm thinking of is 9066, because that was the number of the executive order that put the Japanese into internment camps.
  • Doyoung: Does chicken pot pie go in the oven?
  • Ten: I just wanna eat ass in space.
  • Jaehyun: But when I'm dead I can't make you food.
  • Win Win: I didn't understand calculus that well and now I am eating a nutella sandwich.
  • Mark: You fucking Canadian whore.
  • Renjun: *yells* You know, now that I think about it, I was pretty autistic in elementary school!
  • Jeno: Oh that's cool... Wait, are you using Facebook messenger?
  • Haechan: My 11-year-old cousin drank some fabric softener because the voices in his head told him to. It's not funny... HAHAHA IT'S FUCKING FUNNY.
  • Jaemin: Life on a beach isn't always a vacation, there are hurricanes.
  • Chenle: I like my coffee like I like my men, silent.
  • Jisung: I woke up at 9:30. I have been wronged!