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My love! When your traveling do you take food with you or do you buy some along the way? And what are some essentials you carry with you?✨ have a beautiful day

hello again beauty :) it all depends in each circumstance & how i am travelling… this time i was hiking & camping through moutains and would spend a few days without passing through villages & so no access to buying food so i would buy & carry it with me but i don’t usually, i just buy or harvest along the way. 

as for essentials, again it depends on what i am doing but :: sleeping bag, tent or hammock or just a tarp on the ground, a few clothes (not much at all ~ 2 or 3 pants, 2 or 3 tops, 1 warmer sweater, 4 underwear, 1 pair of warm socks, a headscarf…). as for toiletries : bamboo toothbrush, clay toothpaste, a tiny jar of coconut oil (or something moisturizing ~ shea butter, etc.), a bit of natural soap & a tiny bottle of lavender essential oil or any other essential oil i feel the call towards. sandals or boots, depending on what i am doing. a journal and a pen. my lil bag of medicine (rapé, rapé applicator, shipibo cloth, agua florida, palo santo, a clear quartz crystal or any crystal i feel the call). a pocket knife. a lighter. iphone. wallet (with money and id card and debit card). a light & small container for food. a needle & thread. phone charger. power bank. & not much else, and most of these things i only need because i camp most of the time :) if i was staying in hostels or so, i wouldn’t bring half of these things and could easily only have a very tiny backpack with a few clothes and toiletries.

what i miss the most when travelling is my guitar :) i wish it wasn’t such an hassle to carry it & hike with it… but makes me appreciate it a ten thousands more when there is a guitar around or i am reunited with mine hehe! blessings <3

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A Sterek sentence starter prompt if you want to: “We always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too.”

I’m such a slut for bed sharing. (also on ao3!)

“I mean, we always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing a bed for the night will be fine,” Stiles said but somehow Derek didn’t share Stiles’ optimism.

To celebrate the end of the fall semester, the pack decided to go on vacation together. There had been a vote and while a few of them would have preferred a trip to somewhere tropical and warm, ultimately camping won out.

As it just so happened, Derek’s family owned a luxury cabin nestled comfortably in the Rocky Mountains on the very edge of the Hales’ vast territory.  It was perfect for the pack vacation, far enough away from civilization that everyone could have some well deserved uninterrupted downtime but close enough to a nearby town that they did not have to go without modern amenities.

The cabin was beautiful, made of dark stained oak with large windows that let the pale winter sunlight shine into the living room and gave the cabin a bit of a Frank Lloyd Wright feel. It had a large stone fireplace that warmed the whole house, a beautiful centerpiece to the wondrous cabin.

Along with the multiple bedrooms and spacious living room, the cabin boasted a fancy modern kitchen with cherry wood cabinets and dark granite countertops. The oven was brand new, along with the other appliances, stainless steel and unused.

While Derek had not visited the cabin since before the fire, he made sure that it was always well maintained, routinely buying the best new appliances and other amenities. Every few weeks, a professional cleaning service came and tended to the house, even when it wasn’t necessarily needed.

Throughout his childhood, the cabin had been a home away from home for him, always instilling a deep calm in him that couldn’t be matched by anything else. That was one of the reasons why he wanted to take the pack to the cabin so much, wanting to share his snowy sanctuary with the most important people in his life.

Fortunately, the cabin had the perfect amount of bedrooms for the pack, five in total. But then Peter had to go and ruin their plans.

Originally the bedrooms had been divided up with Boyd and Erica in one room, Kira and Allison in one, and Scott and Isaac in another. The two remaining rooms had been given to Derek and Stiles, both Peter and Jackson opting not to visit the cabin.

But then, in true Peter fashion, Derek’s uncle had shown up unexpectedly at the cabin with two suitcases and a shit eating grin, claiming he had changed his mind and would love to spend some time in the family cabin. Of course, that meant that the rooming arrangements had to be altered.

First, it was suggested that Peter just sleep on one of the couches in the living room. But, of course, that just wasn’t good enough for Peter and he demanded a room for himself.

Then, Scott had invited Stiles to room with him and Isaac but both Stiles and Isaac vehemently refused. Isaac was looking forward to spending break with his boyfriend and Stiles didn’t want to be stuck in a room with his best friend and his new boyfriend, it was bad enough he had already walked in on them a few times.

Next, Derek had volunteered to sleep on the couch and give Stiles his room. The couches were definitely comfortable enough to spend a handful of nights on and Derek didn’t really mind.

Stiles had counter offered to ride the couch, instead, insisting that it was Derek’s cabin and he should get a comfy bed to sleep in. They had started bickering about it, both of them coming up with various reasons why they should be the one relegated to the couch, when Peter had chimed in and offered to share a bedroom with Stiles.

His hackles rising, Derek had growled that he and Stiles would share a room, punctuating his announcement by grabbing both his and Stiles’ suitcases and carrying them up the stairs to the master bedroom. Stiles had jogged after him with a shocked squeak, his pillow clutched tightly in his arms.

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Around the Fire

A super-late entry for Day 08 of Phanniemay, “Vacation.” 

“Halle Berry or J.Lo?”

Two voices, in unison. “Halle Berry.”

“Kristen Stewart or Emma Watson?”

“Emma Watson.”

“Scarlet Johansson or Gina Torres?”

“Gina Torres.”

“Morena Baccarin or Natalie Portman?”

Sam rolled her eyes. “Geez, Tuck, running through the entire Firely cast?”

“Inara.” Danny and Danielle said. 

Tuck held up his hands in a ‘there you see?’ gesture. 

“I’ve got one.” All eyes went to Valerie, still tending their makeshift grill over the campfire. Looking up with a dangerous, knowing half-smile, she worded out slowly, “Paulina or Star?”

“Paulina,” Danielle replied without hesitation.

Stiff-shouldered and tensely still, Danny glanced warily at Sam. 

“It’s fine, Danny,” she assured him, lips quirked. 

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Privileged (20/?)

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“*yn* and Bellamy may have finally resolved their own issues - but now they have to help Octavia save the love of her life. *yn* finally comes face to face with the commander of the grounders  and unsurprisingly doesn’t bother to keep her mouth shout.”

Warnings: Swearing, violence

Notes: Based on 2x07 ‘Long Into An Abyss’ of The 100.

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“He hasn’t lost any strength since we got here.” *yn* observed as she warily eyed Lincoln’s heaving body that was glistening in sweat.

“What are we going to do with him?” Bellamy muttered under his breath, involuntarily taking a protective step closer to *yn* when Lincoln hurled a guttural snarl at her.

“We need Clarke’s help, she’s got more experience with this stuff than all of us combined.” *yn* announced, tearing her eyes from Lincoln to look up at Bellamy.

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(p1) hey, im a white artist planning a fantasy/sci fi oneshot comic that'll be around 10-15 pages (this is important bc i wont have much space ill have to flesh out characters & backstories). i have read the entire magical native american tag and im concerned abt falling into that trope-i have a "shapeshifter" character who im basing off nahua peoples (i did research on shapeshifting lore & found the nahual, which i thought was fitting) however, she doesnt have magic or like an extra strong

connection to nature, she has a mask built with technology and was designated as a “guardian” of her city. the only other character who is being drawn in the story is a black woman who IS close to nature and knowledgeable about flora/fauna bc she is loves it and studies it. im worried this isn’t enough of a subversion/aversion of the trope, though, and i would appreciate a critique/advice. thanks for all the work you do on this blog by the way!!

Magical Native American (Nahua): Portraying Culture vs. Trope

This is another case of “the stereotype has roots in cultural practices”, which means you might superficially appear to be falling into a trope but if you want to respect the full depth of culture you have to use it.

Some Indigenous cultures do indeed have shapeshifting as part of their practices. This isn’t made up, and is often fairly important within the religion (on either side of good or evil). As a result, depending on the Indigenous practices you use, you can indeed have Native shapeshifters that aren’t just Magical Native. Cutting it out because you want to avoid the trope isn’t the way to go, because sometimes, yes, stereotypes do have roots in history. See: Stereotyped vs Nuanced Characters 

The key is to make sure it’s cultural. Instead of just taking any old beliefs about how shapeshifting works, the role of shapeshifters, and the concept of “Natives are so advanced"— you take their actual full contextual practice and build that into your character. This means you legitimately create a Nahua shapeshifter with all of the little quirks and trappings that would identify the culture to a savvy reader.

So, you will need sensitivity readers from the Nahua, because unfortunately research you find online is often appropriated/has been twisted around to fit the concept of Magical Native within new age circles. The fact you don’t have her powers be extra strong is a good sign, but I would make sure you’re not cutting out cultural practice by having her be indifferent to nature— again, this is something that is often part of the legal definition of being Indigenous, so having an Indigenous person be indifferent about their home rings false. (We just treat environmentalism a little bit differently— we won’t necessarily pack up camp to make it look like we were never there, because nature is meant to be lived in, not kept "uncorrupted”)

Indigenous cultures have animal powers. Indigenous cultures have nature powers. The difference between Magical Native and an Indigenous person living their culture is the Magical Native is white people’s ideas about what those practices involve, and an Indigenous person living their culture is based upon an actual set of practices that are as close to reality as possible. So long as you keep that in mind, you’ll be fine.

~Mod Lesya


5.11 Rush 72 Bushcraft/Bugout Bag, with Westen Bundeswehr Klappspaten (West German Army Folding Shovel), Council Tools Wood-Craft Pack Axe in Maxpedition Universal Baton/Flashlight Sheath.