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Tips To Surviving Band Camp

Hey everyone! So as the school year is coming to an end, marching season is beginning. This of course means band camp! Whether you’re a rookie or a returner, it’s always nice to know what you’re getting into and have some reminders.

1. WATER! Drink LOTS of water! This is probably the most important thing. Stay hydrated, drink water every chance you get, because you’re going to be out in the hot sun on the turf all day. Most people bring those big water jugs, make sure you drink AT LEAST one of those in a day, two would be even better. Drink a lot at night too so you’re hydrated in the morning too. 

2. Sleep! You’re gonna be exhausted at the end of each day, so make sure you take care of yourself and get the sleep you need to stay healthy during camp. I know I went to my drum major’s house and fell asleep during dinner break last year XD You want to have the energy you need, which is gonna be a lot, so don’t be staying up till 1 or 2 am watching netflix if you know you have vis block at 7 am.

3. For my trans and nonbinary friends, DO NOT bind during band camp! Trust me, I am in the same boat with this one. As much as I know you want to pass, it’s not safe or healthy to bind in those conditions. You’ll restrict your breathing at a time when it matters most. I know it’s gonna suck, but your health and safety is more important.

4. Don’t blow your chops out! Sometimes you really wanna practice, or over practice, but trust me if this happens you won’t be helping yourself. You wanna be able to come to camp every day ready to play your best, and you won’t be able to do that if you over played the day before. Know you’re limits and recovery time, especially for all you lead trumpets.

5. Eat. Whether you’re in drum corps or a high school band, you all need to eat. This goes along with sleep and water, but you need the energy. If you go jazz running around the field in 100 degrees whether with no food in your stomach, you’re gonna throw up or pass out. Stay healthy and take care of your body and make sure you’re getting the nutrients and protein your body needs for an activity like this.

6. When it comes to health and safety, just know your limits. If you’re not feeling great, sit out. You director will understand. Your health always comes first. And if something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to tell someone. Also, I know a lot of people have injuries. Make sure you don’t push those. Wear the knee brace or the elbow brace, wrap your ankle, do whatever you can to help yourself and sit out if it hurts. Don’t push yourself too far.

7. Now that the health and safety stuff has been addressed, social interaction! A lot of you rookies may go in not knowing people, and I understand how scary that can be. Take it from someone who couldn’t even talk to the two girls marching next to me for the entirety of band camp, it’s so much better if you just talk to them. Talk to other freshmen, talk to your section leaders and drum majors, talk to the upperclassmen! We want to get to know you too, and we know it’s hard at first. Band camp is the beginning of a great journey and you’ll make so many friends, you have nothing to be worried about.

8. DON’T LOSE YOUR DOT SHEETS OR MUSIC!!! Seriously. If you lose them, we have to go to the band room and make copies, then you’re behind because you didn’t have all the materials. It makes it easier on everyone if you keep track of everything. It’s also good to show that you’re responsible.

9. Listen to your techs, section leaders, and drum majors. They know what they’re talking and they were put into their positions for a reason. If they tell you you need to fix something or to stop messing around, listen. They’re doing what’s best for you and the band. You learn so much from them too, take every opportunity you get when they give you tips for improvement.

10. HAVE FUN! Like I said earlier, band camp is just the beginning. Do things with your friends! Go out for lunch or dinner together, get to know everyone, have a little fun with your rehearsals. A lot of schools do games at band camp and get into it! It’s so fun to just relax and goof around with people. Do things with your section, talk to people. Just have a good time! These people are gonna become your family and give you an amazing experience.

Bonus (11). A lot of people are reblogging this and adding SUNSCREEN! I cant believe I forgot that haha but yes! Sunscreen is super important! Even if you don’t burn easily, wear it! Reapply every 1-2 hours if I’m being honest. Getting burned sucks!

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Small devotional acts.

  • Take a nighttime walk*
  • Go stargazing*
  • Get a good night’s rest*
  • Wear/have more blue goldstone
  • Learn a new star or constellation each week
  • Stay up late, do something you enjoy without fearing the dark*
  • Sleep with your windows open
  • Burn a candle that represents the stars when you’re in a place where they aren’t visible
  • Sleep in every once and a while
  • Watch an astronomy documentary
  • Be extra polite to those that have to work the night shift
  • Wear dark colors
  • Learn about which animals are active at night in your area (not just the obvious nocturnal ones)
  • Go for a night drive
  • Go camping - sleep outside at night*
  • Do divination at night
  •  Listen to music with your headphones in. Tune out the world sometimes
  • Use silver, black, and gold glitter
  • Plant some flowers that only bloom at night
  • Use a star/constellation app
  • Read the House of Night series*
  • Watch the evening light fade away into darkness – even if it’s only through your window
  • Wear more things with the stars or planets on them
  • Defend someone who is vulnerable*
  • Turn your electronics off a couple hours before bed each night 
  • Drink an herbal tea with cinnamon before bed
  • If you’re staying up late already, make your night productive. Complete some homework, tidy up your room, etc.
  • Keep a dream journal
  • Learn how to identify owls by their calls
  • Make the night sky your screensaver/home screen
  • Wear scents that remind you of the night
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

*Were contributed by the lovely @sanctuarywitch

“Will I be the lead?” || Finn Wolfhard

Request: none

Characters: Finn Wolfhard x reader, Wyatt, Josh, Jake

Tense: 3rd person

Summary: Finn is back home and has some time to spend with his friends. Talking on rooftops, skating on the streets and sleepovers in the gardens.

A/N: In terms of this storyline, Finn and Wyatt have known each other for a while and all characters became a friendship group

Finn was finally back home after filming for over a year; he hadn’t seen his friends in that space of time until now. He got into his house to find Josh sat at the dining table eating leftover pizza from the Wolfhard’s fridge. He turned and smiled, mouth full, and waved as he got up quickly. He engulfed Finn into a hug and as he did, Finn noticed Wyatt sat with Jake. The two came and joined the hug, creating a large group hug. Finn stood looking around slightly.

“(Y/N) will be round later,” Wyatt said. “She has some things to do,” Finn nodded, somewhat embarrassed that Wyatt knew exactly who he was looking for.

The guys all sat around and talked for ages, mostly about nothing in particular, just general nonsense. They were all sat outside in front of Finn’s house on the front porch: Jake and Wyatt sitting in a swing seat, whilst Finn and Josh sat on chairs opposite.

“Yeah, but hypothetically speaking, you can’t just take it out of its shell, like it would kill it,” Wyatt spoke seriously, even though the subject they were discussing was completely random. The others nodded in agreement, humming like the topic was an actual debate of some sort.

Finn stroked his chin. “Yes but if it was then covered in, let’s say, the armour then it would be protected even more and it wouldn’t die, because it would replace the shell,” Josh clicked his fingers and nodded vigorously.

“No the bones of it are attached to it, it would destroy it then bleed to death,” Wyatt elaborated. “Armour would then make it worse and it would already be dead,” he said.

“If it’s attached,” Josh said. “Then why can they retract into their shells?”

“For this particular topic,” Finn said, sounding like he was from a posh and upper class area. “I’m going to say it wouldn’t kill it because this is complete fantasy, not reality,” everyone laughed.

“Fine,” Wyatt rolled his eyes jokingly. “But it’s able to retract because it’s the limbs of it, it has space in its shell to just go into itself.”

They were still sat on the front porch, when they noticed (Y/N) skate over. She stopped, picked up her board and then made her way up to the guys. Finn’s face instantly lit up, the two ran to each other, instantly hugging. The other guys shared glances with one another and then with Finn’s brother who was stood inside the house, but was definitely watching.  

“You got taller,” she laughed as she now had to look up at him slightly. “I’m pissed,” he shrugged, laughing along with her. He couldn’t help but think why she had her beanie covering the entirety of her head, showing no hair apart from one tiny strand which he could’ve sworn was an odd colour.

“I haven’t skated in a while,” he said, referring to her board. “Do you mind if we do?” he asked, everyone else was up for it.


“Your balance is better than it was,” she laughed. “You’re actually good now,” he looked at her and smiled.

“Learnt from the master,” he pointed in front of him towards Josh. “Which would be him,” She flicked Finn’s forehead and he pretended to be injured.

“Such a baby,” she rolled her eyes and skated away from him, causing him to get back on his board and follow her jokingly. He had one arm out in front and the other on his chest.

“Breaking my heart,” he said which made everyone laugh. They all started to skate towards (Y/N)’s house, which was where Finn’s parents now were.

Finn’s parents were close with (Y/N)’s, which was why Finn and her were as close as they were. They all stumbled into the house, heading straight for her room. Josh threw himself on her bed, Jake following suit, Wyatt took a beanbag chair whilst Finn took her desk chair. She sat on the floor, like she usually would whenever they were altogether as a group.

“The sunset is so nice,” (Y/N) said, looking out at the sky through the window. Everyone hummed in agreement.

“Remember when Wyatt almost fell off the roof?” Jake spoke up, barely able to get his words out through laughter. “Cracked me up so much.”

“Those times we’d sit on the roof and just make fake answers to actual questions,” She said, also barely audible through laughter. “I miss those times.”

“Let’s do it now, then,” Finn suggested, spinning around on the chair. Nobody had taken notice that he’d been doing it as soon as he sat down, more than likely the 10th time he’d spun around. “Why reminisce about doing it when we could just do it now?” He stood up, stumbling slightly with dizziness. He held out his arms and stayed still, “I’m all good.”

She opened the windows and one by one, they all crawled out the window to sit on the roof. All were laughing, talking about anything that came to mind, yet again nonsense. Finn’s eyes kept diverting to her unintentionally, which Josh had picked up on.

“Okay, okay,” she laughed. “But I know what I know,” she shook her head, stomach aching from laughing.

“Which is nothing?” Josh asked, causing her to reach over Finn and hit his leg. “You kneeded permission to do that,” you looked at him emotionless, whilst Finn sat laughing. Finn was finding anything and everything funny that night on the rooftop.

“I’ve done legitimate research,” Jake said, speaking with a serious tone. “There are a couple of things you don’t understand- also the world is flat,” he interrupted himself with his statement. Josh squealed a trailed ‘what?’ as Finn just stared from Jake to her and then back to Jake.

“And the moon landing was fake,” Wyatt pointed out. She raised her eyebrows in amusement.

Josh piped up, “Dude, I’m just glad that people are, like, being straight up with me for once, because I’ve never heard any of this shit,” everyone laughed.She patted his back in a joking comfort. 

“I’m gonna go get a drink, anyone want anything?” She said, everybody shook their head, carrying on with their discussion, as she climbed back into the house through the window, heading downstairs. She went to the fridge and pulled out a Coke can. She took off her beanie, the hat that had been covering the entirety of her hair, and she placed the hat neatly on the dining table. She made her way back upstairs and as she walked into the room, Josh turned round from the roof. Widened eyes, he turned back round to the others. She climbed through and joined them in the place where she was originally sat.

“Oh, wow, you’re hair, it matches the sky,” Finn smiles, chuckling at his own statement, speaking softly. The sky at that very moment was a pink colour, something that happened at sunset. “I like it, it suits you.” All she could do is smile back, stroking her hair in flattery. Finn then kept making eye contact with each of the other guys, almost questioning if they knew she’d dyed her hair whilst he was away. It wasn’t a big deal to him but it had surprised him.

The group had eventually come down from the roof and were now in her back garden, putting up a tent. Finn and (Y/N) were planning to camp out in her garden for the night, after much begging to their parents. The guys had offered to help, knowing full well that the two of them putting it up together would take them until morning.

“No you need to give me that pole,” Wyatt shouted over to Josh who was stood opposite. “No, the other one,” Josh kept purposely picking up the wrong one, just to frustrate him. “Yes, thank you,” he caught the pole and attached it.

“It’s feeding time,” Jake said eagerly, referring to the part of pushing the poles through the material, which would keep the tent up and in place.

“I’ve already eaten,” Josh said seriously, everyone stopping and turning to him, hoping to see some evident look on his face that he was joking. They all found nothing. “I’m joking,” he reassured everyone.

Soon enough, the tent was up and secure. They’d all helped with sorting out the inside as well. The other guys had left after giving their goodbyes to the two friends and their families, who were sat inside. Finn and (Y/N) went inside to grab food, and then came back out to go into the tent.

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” she said, breaking the silence. “About a year, you look good, though.”

“So do you,” the two laughed at their conversation. “We sound like 35 year olds,” she nodded as she laughed.

“Yeah who lost touch after a break up and just reunited.”

“Oddly specific, but pretty movie-like,” Finn took a bite out of the chocolate bar in his hand.

“I love movies,” she said. “I wanna make some one day.”

“Will I be the lead?” he asked, sounding hopeful.

“Obviously, no one else would even need to audition, it’d be yours automatically,” she furrowed her eyebrows in a pretend ‘duh’ tone.

“What kind of film would it be?” He loved hearing her ideas for films or shows, he always admired her creativity which is why he was so interested in watching other directors do their jobs. It wasn’t always for his benefit, but for hers.

“I’m thinking an indie road trip,” She said, putting her arms out in front of her, acting as if there were a screen there as she paced out the words. “Pastel colouring, emotive music-“ She listed, tapping her fingers as she counted.

“Maybe some love?” he wiggled his eyebrows causing her to laugh.

She shook her head. “All platonic.”

“I love you,” Finn laughed. She smiled. “Always have this thing about you, you have such a creative mind, and I love it. This is why we’re friends,” He kept a constant eye contact, almost wanting her to believe he was telling the truth. “Talking about creativity, why’d you dye your hair?”

“I’ve always wanted to,” she explained, becoming self-aware. “I don’t really know, rebellious, I guess,” she shrugged. “I missed you,” she changed the subject.

“I missed you too,” his smile faded to him biting the inside of his lip. “But all you have to do is watch me in shit and you’ll be okay,” he tried making her feel better.

“I literally cried at stranger things two, dude,” she laughed, almost immediately regretting saying it, but her mouth was speaking before her mind could process the words needed. “It just reminded me of you coming back, you know? Emphasises how much you miss someone. This place isn’t the same without you.”

“Really?” he asked, surprised. He had thought that she would’ve been off doing things with new people or having more fun lately. “How so?” He was intrigued.

“People are so boring, they never want to do things like what we do. They don’t get me the way that you do, nobody has ever gotten me like you do.” Finn smiled.

“You’re a pretty hard person to understand,” he joked. “That’s why we get along so well.”

“How long are you here for?” she asked, lying on top of her sleeping bag. Finn copied, lying on his in the opposite direction. The two were top and tailing, Finn occasionally putting his foot on her face which caused her to tickle the underneath to get him to move it.

“I’ve got some interviews,” he explained, staring at the top of the tent. “So maybe two days?” he could hear her sigh. He instantly changed the subject as he noticed the raindrops on the tent material. “I remember you tried to convince everyone in our class that raindrops were God’s tears,” They both laughed. He sat up, eyes fixated on the droplet, and flicked the tent which caused the raindrop to fall.

“You’re so interested in the strangest of things,” she said before she was quickly eager to flick an oddly shaped droplet. The two spent the next few minutes focused on the raindrops, neither speaking but only giggling at their actions.

They both then sat back down, facing each other. “We’re such kids,” she shook her head, laughing to herself.

“Who says that’s a bad thing?” Finn questioned rhetorically. “I mean, it’s not like we’re 20 year olds, we’re kids. Can’t grow up too fast,” she was in awe of his mind-set. A part of her couldn’t wait to grow up and be independent, but being around Finn always influenced her to stay grounded. “So have you met anyone?” he jokingly asked, but was also somewhat serious.

“You know me, Finn,” she shrugged, speaking with a posh accent, “I don’t meet people. What about you?”

“Oh no no,” he copied her with the posh accent, “I try to stay focused on my career and my school career,” he chuckled, an arrogant and posh tone. “I don’t see the point because I have my time to find someone, I am just a kid so,” she tried not to laugh.

“Why, that’s because you feel whole, Sir,” she said, again a seriousness hidden within the words.

“I feel whole?” he asked, still keeping the joke going. She nodded.

“Yes, like you have something to fill up the gaping hole of emptiness,” Both stopped laughing and Finn had now caught on that she was being serious.

“And you have this gaping hole?” He asked her, concern evident in his voice and no accent this time, feeling slightly sad that his friend was feeling this way.

She didn’t speak for a few seconds, her mind functioning to find the right thing to say. “Sometimes,” she shrugged. “I mean, I have my insecurities and times where I feel like I need someone to make me feel real, which is crazy because I’m not even that old,” she laughed slightly, humourless but filled with embarrassment. Hearing herself say it she thought it sounded stupid.

“Well, you’re amazing and you don’t need anyone for you to know that,” he smiled, attempting to give comfort and reassurance. “Apart from me of course,” she smiled back this time. “And if you’re gonna be with anyone it’s obviously going to be with me,” he said, not really thinking.

“Finn don’t,” she said quietly.

“What?” he asked, worried.

“Just,” she sighed, “Don’t.”

“Did I say something wrong?” she shook her head. “I did, didn’t I?” She shook her head again. “You’ve gone all quiet, I obviously have,” he became frustrated both at her lack of talking and at himself for not knowing what he’d done.

“Now we really do sound like 35 year old exes,” she muttered, causing Finn to laugh. “I’m sorry, I just had a bit of a moment,” she shook herself and Finn copied, almost mimicking her in a comforting way.

“It’s okay,” he said, giving a slight side smile. “I understand.”

Finn and (Y/N)’s mums had come out to check on the two when they overheard parts of their conversations, they decided to walk back in, sharing a hand to the chest and mouthing the word ‘aww’. They were in the kitchen, (Y/N)’s mum making some tea whilst Finn’s sat at the kitchen counter.

“It’s nice to see them together again,” Finn’s mum spoke up. “He was talking non-stop about her and how he wanted time with everyone,” (Y/N)’s mum rested against the counter by the kettle opposite.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she smiled. “She’s been down lately,” she explained, sighing slightly. “School is becoming some sort of chore, she’s really not enjoying herself here at all. I don’t know how to help, it’s really difficult.”

Finn’s mum was always close to (Y/N)’s and with any situation, she was eager to help out. She was always there for advice and to take over if it ever got too much. She walked round and hugged her. “You know you can always talk to me.”


“Yeah but if the chicken was to run away, then what would you do?” She asked Finn, raising her eyebrows as she threw the small bouncy ball towards him. He caught it, threw it between his hands a couple of times as he thought. He looked upwards, something he did when he was concentrating and was deep in thought. He stopped, looked to her and pointed with the ball still in hand.

“Um, I,” He stopped, shaking his head and retreating from what he was about to say. He copied his actions as before: looking up and throwing the ball between his hands. He sighed. “You make this too difficult, (Y/N).” they both laughed. Finn threw the ball back to her, she caught it after 4 tries of catching as she unintentionally bounced it to try and keep it in her hand. Finn began to laugh hysterically, falling on his back and clapping. She threw the ball at him.

“Shut up,” she whined. “Stop laughing at me,” he started to roll around, still laughing and unable to stop. He then sat up, holding his stomach and gradually stopping from laughing.

“You make me laugh so much,” he said, smiling and holding the ball.

“What by me embarrassing myself?” She pretended to be offended. “That’s just hurtful.”

“No,” he said plainly. He was running over the right words in his head. “Just- Just you being you,” he put the ball down. She picked up a packet of twizzlers, pulled one out and began to eat it. “You’re the best person I’ve ever met and will ever meet, no doubt about it. I talk about you all the time, man,” She choked on the sweet, coughing then swallowing it again.

“Oh Jesus,” she said, hand on chest. “Sorry,” he waved her off then started to pat her back to make sure she was okay. “I just thought that you kinda forgot about me- well not forgot but like just didn’t really think about me.”

He widened his eyes and shook his head vigorously. He moved back to where he was sat, opposite you. He had his legs up, his hands intertwined with each other and rested them around his knees. “You’re always on my mind,” he laughed. “So much it’s come naturally to just think about you and for everyone on sets to groan if I even start to say your name,” She smiled, biting the inside of her mouth.

“That means a lot,” she said. “I think about you too.”

“Good otherwise this would be awkward,” he laughed, the two hugged. It was a much more sentimental hug, the type where you knew that you wouldn’t see someone for a while so you wanted to get the most feeling from it. It was quite a long hug, almost as if the two hadn’t realised they were still hugging and as if time itself was going slowly.

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The Rat Guardian

Context: We had set up a small homebrew while we were out camping for the night. Our task was to capture a dragon priest for interrogating. Along the way, we ran into a couple rat nests.

DM: You manage to break down the door.

Me: I’m going to grab a handful of rats off our female hill dwarf as we leave.

DM: Okay, you grab some rats in each hand and you guys head through. However, since you all made that noise with the rats and fire, two dragon priests and six kobolds have now prepared an ambush.

Male hill dwarf fighter: I roll for intimidation. *rolls a total of 22*

DM: All right, so these guys see an angry dwarf come barreling in with bits of his beard on fire and swinging around a great axe. These guys look about ready to shit theirselves, and one kobold up and runs. They were supposed to have advantage against you guys, but the tables have been flipped. You guys get advantage.

Male hill dwarf fighter: I go for the first kobold I see with my axe. *goes on to cleave it in half*

Me: I throw the rats in my hand at another kobold.

DM: Okay, so you throw these little buggers at the closest kobold to you, some of them a bit on fire, and they just start tearing into him, ripping chunks out of him. So, yeah, he’s dead.

Elf cleric (ooc): You’re the rat god!


Human cleric (ooc): Kobolds quiver before them!

Me (ooc): FUCK OFF!


Pairings: Steve x f!Reader


A Captain America x Reader one where the Avengers go camping and they get lost?

Pietro has created a chatroom.

Pietro has added Y/N, Thor, Bucky, Natasha, Tony, Bruce.

Pietro: Y/N. Whyyyyyyyyyy, whyyyyyyy did your boyfriend decide camping would be a good idea?!

Natasha: It was actually mine, Thor and Bucky’s idea.


Bruce: No one forced you to come, Pietro. So stop complaining.

Tony: Actually I forced him to come because I know how much he hates camping.

Pietro: Are you telling me the rest of you actually accepted to camping of your own free will?! Whyyyyyyy Tony?

Tony: I knew his suffering would be entertaining.

Natasha: Damn, Stark. I never knew you had it in you.

Tony: Gotta make up for the lack of tech somehow.

Y/N: Pietro, you’ll enjoy this trip. Trust me. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Pietro: We have been walking for hours and we still haven’t reached the campsite yet.

Thor: We have seen an abundance of cute animals, there is much deserved fresh air after many days spent on the jet after Clint consumed bad tacos, we are getting exercise in this trek - my pecs look impeccable, and we are in good company!

Pietro: 1. The only good thing out of this is the animals. 2. This isn’t my type of exercise ;) 3. Tony basically kidnapped me. He is not good company.

Bucky: Pietro is right, we have been walking for hours. We should be by the campsite by now.

Bruce: Question, why are we using our phones to communicate if we’re together?

Y/N: Because Steve is just… so happy. Look at him. He’s enjoying this so much.

Pietro: I may be bitter about this trip but my complaining would ruin it for Steve and he deserves a break.

Bruce: Ummm… Y/N?

Y/N: Yeah, Bruce?

Bruce: There’s a very large, angry looking bug on you. Don’t move.


Natasha: It’s gone! Calm down. You’re okay, you’re okay. I promise not to let any bug near you. Since the boys are pretty much cowards, I’ll take on the role of bug destroyer.

Bucky: …it was so big nat… so terrifying… you are our hero.

Y/N: Where did it go though…?

Bruce: Oh it’s entangled in Thor’s hair now.




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Sally Headcanons

-Sally feeling so helpless as her son takes on the world, and there’s nothing she can do, but he’s just a child and it’s not his job.
-But she doesn’t say anything to him, because he shouldn’t think she’s anything except caring and loving. Because anger is not something she should feel.
-Percy coming home, and Sally feeling so, so mad. Not at him, at the world, and the gods and everyone expect Percy. Everyone except her damaged, little boy.
-The first day he’s back sleeping in his own bed, she sleeps through the whole night without a nightmare.
-Waking up, and that dreadful feeling filling her stomach “where is my son?” but he’s there, he’s with her and he’s safe.
-She cooks so much food, and cleans his clothes and does everything she can because now she finally has someone to do it for.
-And Percy worries for her, and feels so guilty for the stress he’s put her through but he’s “my son, and I don’t care how stressful things are, I’ll always look after you.”
-Things settle down, and when the house is too silent she doesn’t panic that he’s gone. They have karaoke baking sessions together, and Annabeth supplies baking advice (and singing tips).
-Sally realizes Annabeth gets the same anxiety she does sometimes, and soon all 3 of them travel to therapy together in Paul’s car.
-Sally meets the demigods, and adopts them all as extra children (especially nico). She and Jason read tabloids together, Sally and Hazel write and draw with each other and give constructive criticism. Frank is her favorite (not that she’d ever say it out loud). They have movie nights, and Sally loves the bustle and activity and finally being able to look after them.
-She’s relieved to meet Reyna, who is responsible and is the only person (aside from Annabeth) she trusts to keep her children safe.
-She and Percy turn the apartment into a makeshift hostel for demigods that would otherwise stay at camp for years on end.
-Sally being everyone’s mom.

dating kj apa | (would include)

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- you love it when he lets his bead grow up

- “you look so hot, and rough”

- watching him playing his guitar

- “babe can you film me playing the guitar for a sec”

- asking him to give you guitar lessons and totally sucking

- “it’s too hard!” “you’ve almost got it babe”

- kj would always mention you in everything, including interviews, he loves to brag.

- teasing him about his red hair, but secretly loving it

- never being able to be mad at you

- “god you’re so adorable”

- forehead kisses on forehead kisses

- late night cuddle sessions

- always takes you to see your favourite bands/artists when they tour near you

- constant banter

- “for the love of god- kj you just aren’t daddy”

- getting to meet the entire riverdale cast

- everyone would love you guys as a couple

- being his date to all his events

- having to third wheel whenever cole & kj were together

- you’re his princess

- going to set to visit kj

- whenever he was back with you he took you out every single weekend

- being silly/goofy together all the time

- constant facetimes when he’s away

- ass grabbing

- “kj! we’re in public” “baby i know you love it”

- barley any fights

- melting when he calls you baby girl

- kj constantly posting photos of you on his instagram and even on his story

- netflix all day

- make out sessions

- literally everything in your entire relationship in passionate

- spending as much time together as possible before he has to go back to work

- visiting new zealand with me

- “jeez it’s freezing!”

- cuddles on cuddles on cuddles

- long hugs

- borrowing (stealing) all of kj’s clothes

- watching him drool as you walk around in nothing but your underwear and one of his shirts

- playing with his dog

- “you’re the cutest doggie in the world”

- jealous kj so much jealous kj

- “quit looking at my girl” “my girl?”

- teasing

- long kisses

- piggy backs when your feet start to ache

- pestering him to sing to you

- catching him recording you as you dance around in the bathroom

- over protective kj

- chill nights in

- going camping and turning your phones up and disconnect yourself from the world but not each other

- lots of disposable cameras

- laughing so much your stomach aches

- massages his head when he was trouble sleeping

- back scratches

- taking goofy pictures together and of each other

- “you’re such a dork”

- wakes up to cuddle you in the middle of the night when you wake up from a nightmare.

- watching riverdale with him and watching him make out with cami

- “is this awkward?” “nah i’m kinda jealous”

- going to coachella with him, the riverdale gang and he’s other guy friends

- “your girlfriends smoking” “shut it”

- constant present and surprises and not to mention flowers

- buying you a puppy so when your home and he isn’t you won’t be all alone.

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Context: All right, so this was my very first time ever playing D&D. I was playing a half elf cleric and I don’t remember everybody but I know we at least had one Paladin and two Rangers and I believe there may have also been some other sort of fighter. Our group was setting up camp when we became surrounded by about 20 wolves.

We managed to whittle them down to about 5 but we all started rolling 3s and 4s, missing wolves and taking damage from both them and each other.

DM: (to me) “A wolf lands near you after leaping at the paladin, readying itself to lunge again.”

Me: (ooc) “Crap, I’m out of spells! Fine, I take my staff and swing it like a golf club at its head!” *Rolls the first nat20 of the night*

DM: *rolls and facepalms* “By some stroke of luck, the strike severs the wolfs head clean from its body and send it sailing over the trees. The sight of their companion’s demise sends the remains wolves fleeing in terror.”

*cue silence for 30 seconds*

Paladin: (ooc, laughing hard enough to fall from his chair) “Guys! The healer just became the tank!”

So I had cause to rewatch episode 3 of Critical Role today, and that one has some Dang Good Moments:

  • The world’s most awkward assassination. Vex has her very dramatic and badass “We’ll rescue her, and we’re going to kill your god!” line, and then everyone just sort of looks at each other awkwardly for like five full seconds of silence, and Vax just sort of grins with a “?????” expression and finally slits the duergar’s throat.
  • All the various watches standing guard at night fail to roll well enough to figure out what’s up with the seal of Bahamut carved into the wall over their camp, so it’s just a long procession of, “Huh, that’s pretty.”
  • Scanlan sneaks alone into a war camp and gets front-row seats to the brain-sucking extravaganza.
  • Vox Machina actually comes up with what might be their best and most successful plan yet: use Hallucinatory Terrain to slightly extend a chasm overlooking a 1000-foot drop and lure the enemies into charging forward. It still involves Grog calling it a “rim job”, Vax flicking double-birds, Vax nearly losing the flying carpet permanently, Vax nearly dying, and a lot of confused yelling, but hey, that’s about par for the course.
  • The Wrath of Vex, Prequel Edition: “You lost our flying carpet, you unconscious bastard!”
  • Vex and Keyleth rebelling and stealing the carpet to go check out a cave.
  • Vex and Keyleth managing to make friends (allies) with a mind flayer. Keyleth gives him a tulip. Scanlan sings him a song based on “Sexual Healing”, which he enjoys thoroughly. Everyone tries to name him Clarence. What is this show.
  • My favorite thing is this room full of professional voice actors doing a full-body sympathetic cringe every time Matt pulls out his throat-destroying Clarota voice.
Girl Next Door

Y/N had grown up next to Harry her whole life, he had only been two years older so they got along like peanut butter and jelly, ever since Y/N and Harry could walk they had been attached at hip. He came over and would have a tea party with her, she would tug at his curls, attempting to put a crown on him, he never minded. She would run over and play soccer with him, kicking the ball around, getting mud all over her.

Harry, and everyone else, thought of her as the perfect girl next door. Her father, a lawyer, her mother a stay at home mom, a helicopter mom. She watched her daughter all the time, making sure she was studying and getting the right marks at school. She pushed Y/N to join everything and anything she could. Y/N, of course, listened. She was active in middle school, she was on student council and drama club, between those two and studying she hardly saw Harry, and the two started to drift apart.

In high school Harry had found his group, a group Y/N did not like, and her parents hated. They made Y/N cut all ties with the Styles boy. Harry had traded in his soccer ball for drinks, he traded in his silly puns for sex, and his clean skin for tattoos and piercings. Y/N at first was upset, but then she found herself too busy to care.

Y/N had started at the bottom, literally. She began as a base for cheering, and by her sophomore year she was a flyer. Her junior year she was voted as caption, which her mother loved, but Y/N, not so much. With being caption, class president, and vice president of drama club she found herself overwhelmed. Her school life began at seven am and didn’t stop till one am, she forced herself to stay awake and study, keeping college in mind at all times.

Every once and a while she would peek out her window, where she could see into Harry window. When they were little they would write notes to each other, holding them up to window. When they reached middle school they would call each other, but sit by the window and watch each other as they spoke into the phone, Harry would watch as she would giggle at a stupid joke, and stick her tongue out at him. She would watch him run a hand through his long brown curls, which he now had chopped off. Now when she looks over the room would be empty, the lights off, or she would catch him smoking out the window, blowing out the toxin into the air. When Harry looked over she was always sat on her bed, studying, or she was at her desk working on another essay. Things weren’t the same anymore.

Before Y/N would tell Harry everything, on her worst nights, when she just couldn’t sleep, Harry would climb into her window and hold her close. They would whisper to each other, coming up with plans for the future. Y/N and Harry would run off to New York, where Y/N could be a dancer on Broadway, and Harry would find his career in music, they would be the best of friends, sharing an apartment and laughing all the time. They would run out and one am and get Chinese food and walk Times Square, they would camp out to watch shows, it seemed so simple, so real, at the time. Now she’s left alone in her room, not being able to sleep, the tears leaving her eyes every night.

“Hey,” Jade places a hand on Y/N’s shoulder, grabbing the girl’s attention.

Y/N hadn’t even noticed how she drifted off, staring at her former best friend. He leaned against his locker, arm draped over a girl’s shoulder, a smirk on his lips as he looked down at her. She was giggling, her cheeks red as she trailed her hand up and down his chest.

“Sorry,” Y/N blushed, closing her locker and turning to the blonde, “what were you saying?”

“The girls and I are going to get our nails done after school if you want join!” Jade smiled, gripping her books.

Y/N smiled softly, “oh I wish,” she pouts, “but I have rehearsals.”

“You’re in need of a break,” Jade says, “how do you live?”

“I’m not sure,” Y/N responds, a breathless chuckle leaving her lips.

The bell rings and she turns, “I’ll see you tonight at the game,” Y/N called, walking down the hall.

She waves to a couple of people as she walks to her class. Once Y/N reaches her room she slips into her seat, pulling her note book and pen out. Harry walks into the room, walking all the way to the back where his friends sat. His eyes land on Y/N, she’s doing what she has done for years when she was stressed, twirling her hair around her finger and then lightly tugging on it.

Harry can’t help but admire her body in the uniform she’s wearing. She had grown up for sure, the blue and white fabric hugged her body, showing off her tiny waist and her nice handful of boobs, Harry was sure if she bent down he would be able to catch a glimpse of her bum. He frowned when Scott pulled up the chair next to her, shrugging off his letterman jacket and kissing her cheek. Just like the perfect caption of the team and girl next door she had the perfect boyfriend.

Harry hated Scott Edelman more than he hated anyone else in the world. The guy seemed to make everyone smile, he was nice, and perfect for her, but Harry never trusted him. Scott’s hand would sometimes slip lower than Y/N wanted, and sometimes his eyes would linger on her chest when she wouldn’t notice, but Harry did, he could see it from down the hall.

“How was your morning?” Scott asked, tapping his fingers on the desk.

“It was good, I went for a run, nothing big, Mr. Brown is killing me though. He just edited my essay and I have to go home and fix it tonight after the game,” Y/N answered, rubbing her forehead, “what about you?”

“It was okay, does this mean you aren’t coming over after the game?” Scott frowned.

“I’m sorry,” Y/N says.

Scott sighed, leaning back. Anytime he invited Y/N over and she knew his parents weren’t home something always came up, and he was getting tired of it.

“Are you actually going to sleep with me or are you going to be a stuck up prude for the rest of your life,” Scott whispered, anger clear in his tone, “if you loved me you would sleep with me.”

“It’s because I love you I’m going to give you this warning,” Y/N says, her voice low, she leans over so her lips are next to his ear, “if you so much as touch me when I say no, or keep pushing me to sleep with you, I will kick you so hard in the dick you won’t ever be able to please yourself again let alone another human being.”

She pulled away, sitting back in her seat, her eyes on the board as the teacher begins to speak. The rest of her day goes by quick, rehearsal dragged on too much for her liking.

Harry hardly attended football games, but tonight was different, and he was thankful his friend dragged him out. He had promised Nina, the girl draped around his arm earlier, that he would take her home after the game, but he couldn’t focus on her. Instead, as always, his eyes drifted to Y/N. She was in the air, two girls gripping her ankles, her right hand on her hip, her other up in the air as she smiled at the fans in the crowd.

“She’s hot, I hear her and Scott are getting it in after the game,” Niall remarked, handing Harry the flask he had hidden in his jacket.

Harry takes it, letting the alcohol fall down his throat, “nah, she’s too much of a prude,” Harry shakes his head, chuckling, “she’s all about waiting for marriage.”

“Boring,” Niall rolled his eyes, everyone around them stood up to cheer, “are you hanging out with Nina afterwards?”

“Maybe, she’s getting a little too clingy for my liking,” Harry sighed.

“She a good fuck?” Niall raised an eyebrow, grabbing the flask and putting it back in his pocket.

“She’s okay, maybe I’ll ring up Stella,” Harry said.

“I’m gonna go smoke,” Harry says as halftime rolled by.

He walks down the stairs and goes down the alley way to head towards the school. He stops, hearing a small sob, a sob he heard too many times in his childhood. He peeks around the corner to see Y/N pressed against the wall, Scott has her arms pinned over her head, kissing her neck.

“Stop,” she pleads.

Harry feels his blood boiling, his fist tightening, but before he can act she does it herself. Her knee bending, and kicking up in between Scotts legs. Scott groans, backing away, and she shoves at him, making him tumble back.

“Don’t ever touch me again,” she yelled, sniffling and wiping her eyes, “or I’ll report you for harassment.”

Harry watches as she walks briskly towards him, she freezes, seeing him in front of her. Her eyes are glossy, her lipstick is smudged, cheeks pink and puffy. She looks scared and her hair is slightly a mess, her arms crossed over her chest, hugging herself. They stand, eyes connected, she can’t help but not look into the same green eyes she used to love, the same eyes that would watch her dance around her room.

She drops her head, walking past Harry, her shoulder bumping into his arm. Harry sucks in a sharp breath, walking towards Scott, he hits his side, a quick and hard kick making Scott groan, “if you so much as look at her, I swear to god, I’ll kill you myself,” Harry says, spitting near his head.

Part Two

FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 6

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

(I’m going to cover Iris and Aranea in this post. Will get around to Cindy and Luna soon!)


  • Their first interaction:
    • Iris: *Calls while Gladio is replacing one of the Regalia’s tires*
    • Sora: “Gladio, it’s Iris”
    • Gladio: “Answer for me, would ya? Tell her we’ll be in Lestallum tomorrow”
    • Sora: “Okay.” *Answers phone and delivers Gladio’s message to Iris*
    • Also Sora: *Ends up talking to Iris for an hour about fun things to do in Lestallum*
    • Gladio: *Big brother instincts conflicting with his understanding that Iris has been though a lot and it helps to have someone closer to her age to talk to*
  • Sora and Iris hit it off!!
    • Fast friends!!
      • Go shopping together!
      • People-watch together!
      • Make moogle plushies together!
        • Sora’s sucks
    • When Iris wants to come with them on a hunt, Sora is the only one who has no problem with it
      • He trusts that she can handle herself, and knows that she’ll be totally safe with them
      • This pisses Gladio off
    • She reminds him of Kairi. So spirited and independent and spunky! :) 
  • When Iris goes to get her Amicitia family tattoo, Sora tags along with Gladio
    • The conversation goes:
      • Gladio: “Don’t you have something better to do?”
      • Sora: “Uh NO. Iris needs emotional support”
      • Gladio: “Isn’t that why I’M going????”
      • Sora: “You’re an emotional-support pool floaty. I’m an emotional-support raft stocked with a week’s worth of provisions”
      • Iris: “Sora was great when I needed someone to vent to after Kravyn broke up with me”
      • Gladio: “AFTER WHO DID WHAT”
    • Sora goes into that parlor fully expecting to be there if Iris wants someone to hold her hand
      • But he ends up trying to hold HER hand because WHOA WHY IS THERE BLOOD I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WOULD BE BLOOD
        • (Sora is moderately hemophobic)
        • Gladio slaps his hand away when Sora reaches for Iris’s hand. The tattoo artist is working on the shoulder attached to that hand
          • Gladio: “Watch it, kid! Let the artist do his work!”
          • Also Gladio: *Lets Sora hold his hand instead*
            • (Also Gladio: “Don’t tell the guys about this, or I’ll punch you so hard you’ll travel through dimensions and end up back on your home planet”
            • Sora: “Uh ok”)


    • Her first interaction with Sora:
      • She literally drops from the sky and lands on Sora’s face
        • Yes he is more or less incapacitated during the group’s first encounter with her
          • But he wakes up near end of the fight and uses Graviga to yank her out of the sky and slam her face-first against the ground
            • She manages to get away but her nose is broken as shit
      • Ignis examines him at camp that night and discovers that Sora has a mild concussion and a broken nose
        • The first thing these two do when they meet each other is break each other’s noses
          • This is a WEIRD RELATIONSHIP
    • When she joins the group during Gladio’s temporary absence:
          • Sora: *Upon seeing something cool in the tomb* “Whoaaaa… what do you think that is?”
          • Aranea: “Well, it’s—”
          • Sora: “I was asking the people whose opinions actually matter to me thank you bye you can literally leave”
        • Sora falls in battle. Aranea slaps him across the face to snap him out of it. Sora casts Aeroga and sends her flying across the room
          • They are like cats and dogs okay these two do not get along at first
      • After they go their separate ways, Sora is still pissy but unsure how to feel about her. She helped them, yeah, but she works for the bad guys. If she was really so good, why would she be helping them?
        • Sora more or less ignores her whenever she jumps into the party during random encounters 
          • Beats the sass, I guess
            • This boy is confused and this lady tried to hurt his friends. He doesn’t know what to make of her
    • During Chapter 12:
      • Sora is a complete emotional wreck. Prompto’s in trouble and everything is just so awful. He finds a spot on a hill near a field of sylleblossoms, away from the guys
        • Areana finds him and walks over. She keeps her distance, but she talks to him
          • Sora is resistant at first.
            • But he’s so upset… he can’t help it…
              • He bursts into tears. Aranea doesn’t say a word. Just stays with him as he cries
                • When he’s done, she says, “There. You’ve had your time to cry about everything that’s gone wrong. Now it’s time to get the hell up and do something about it.”
                  • Sora: “Aranea… I-I… you…”
                  • Aranea: “Save it, kid. Don’t you have somewhere to be right now?”
                    • Things are different between them after that
    • During the long night
      • Sora names his chocobo Highwind and Aranea WILL NOT LET HIM HEAR THE END OF IT
        • Sora: “Gimme a break, Ara, it’s what my best friend wanted to name a raft I built when I was like 12 that we wanted to sail to another world”
        • Areanea: “That you wanted to what”
      • The two of them team up on hunts and they’re actually a pretty damned good duo
        • Aranea striking from above to catch an enemy by surprise, pinning them in place while Sora rushes up behind and delivers the killing blow
        • Sora using Aeroga for the forces of good this time by launching Aranea even faster around the battlefield than she could go on her own
        • They’re fucking devastating okay
          • RIP anyone unlucky enough to face them at the same time
Stranger Shenanigans

Happy Fluff Friday! Hope this helps to make up for all the angst yesterday :)

The day after graduation, Steve’s dad catches him kissing Jonathan Byers.

They’re sitting on his bed, talking about the various grad parties from the night before and trying to decide which movie to take Nancy to later (Steve wants to see Rambo and Jon’s vote is for Cocoon and they’ve already taken the kids to The Goonies). But Steve gets distracted by the curl in Jonathan’s lip and soon leans forward to brush a soft kiss against it. When he pulls back his dad is standing in the doorway, face turning crimson. The boys freeze and Richard Harrington still stands there. In the pit of his stomach, Steve knows this is the worst reaction. Yelling would be okay. He knows what to do with yelling. Instead they’re locked in a staring contest until his dad says, in a quiet but deadly voice, “Get out of this house.” He doesn’t have to say it, but Steve hears it anyway - forever.

His mother simply watches him walk out the door with her nose scrunched up as if she’s smelled something foul. Good riddance, he thinks, as he tosses a stuffed duffel bag and backpack into the trunk of Jonathan’s car. Jon doesn’t say anything as they drive off.

Steve sleeps on the couch at the Byers’ that night and while he’s distracted by Will and El, Jonathan has a hushed conversation with his mother and Hopper. Steve is heading to Indiana University in the fall, but that’s months away. They know there’s no way Ted Wheeler is going to let the boy stay in his house. Hopper is a little harder to convince than Joyce but it doesn’t take much. He knows Steve has nowhere else to go.

The next morning they invite Steve to stay with them for the summer. He laughs and rubs his head and uses all his willpower not to cry in front of them. Later, under the dark of night, he’ll silently sob into Jonathan’s shoulder.

A family meeting is held to discuss the change, something that is new for Steve. But there will now be six people (and one dog) living in the house and some adjustments need to be made. Eleven, still not completely used to the concept of having a family, is obsessed with family meetings. The idea that she would be included and listened to never fails to amaze her. So when Joyce calls them to the living room for the meeting, El’s eyes light up and she pulls on Steve’s sleeve eagerly.

“Come on, we have to get a good seat.” Steve learns that the corner of the couch is her favorite spot and is touched when she insists that he sit next to her.

After some deliberations, Karen is called, and by the end of the weekend they’ve swapped El’s twin bed for Mike’s bunk beds. Will moves into El’s room and takes the bottom bunk, where he likes to burrow away in the dark. El prefers the top where she has air. For the first week Joyce has to come in every night to shush them as they giggle away. But they’re the best at comforting each other after their frequent nightmares, so the arrangement works out well. Steve moves into Will’s old bunk in Jonathan’s room and Hopper gruffly comments that he should make sure to stay up there. Jonathan blushes but Steve waggles his eyebrows at him when the chief’s back is turned.

It’s not long before Hopper is no longer surprised to see Nancy’s car in the drive when he gets home from work in the evenings, along with a pile of bikes in the yard. When he walks in the door there are anywhere from four to nine teenagers strung about the house.

“Why are you all here? The Wheelers have a basement! Why don’t you ever go there?”

Without missing a beat Dustin answers, “But then we’d miss you.”

The mornings quickly take on a routine. Max awakens at the crack of dawn and escapes her house to skate over to the Byers’. She lets herself in with the spare key, which she keeps finding no matter where they hide it, and makes coffee. She’s found that ever since she started making the coffee in the mornings, Hopper no longer chastises her for “breaking in.” By the time the first person is awake (usually Hopper or Jonathan), she can be found at the kitchen table, eating last night’s leftovers and probably drinking milk from the carton. Joyce and Will are generally the next ones to emerge. Joyce drops a kiss onto Max’s head, who scowls but Joyce sees right through her. The adults leave for work, along with Jonathan, depending on his shift schedule at the diner. Max and Will settle in for cartoons.

Once it’s past 11, Max has permission to wake the remaining two. She’ll throw a pillow at Steve’s head and yell, “Wake up, douchebag!” until she hears a grunt in return. Then she’ll quietly enter El’s room, filled with the girl’s soft snores, and gently climb up to lie next to her and cuddle. She learned long ago never to wake up El too quickly. And she still teases her about the time that El addressed her as “Mike” while half-asleep (she loves to tell the story in front of Mike, who quickly turns into a tomato).

Max makes up for her early mornings by napping in the hammock every afternoon. El lies beside her, voraciously reading.

The teens all have summer jobs. Nancy is a counselor over at the day camp, which wraps up around 4pm. If Jonathan is working, she’ll stop by the diner on her way home for a coffee. She always apologizes for her appearance but he thinks the windswept hair and faint salty smell of sweat and the splotches of finger paint on her arms only serve to make her cuter.  Jon has been taking as many shifts as he can to save up for New York in the fall. Steve works at the movie theater, and usually brings home extra popcorn. He’ll walk into the house to see the kids sprawled around the living room watching late night movies and they fight over who gets to hold the popcorn.  

But the kids aren’t even in high school yet. Besides the occasional lawn mowing or babysitting job, they have a lot of time on their hands. When Hopper gets annoyed with them he threatens to send them to Nancy’s camp.

“But that’s for babies!”

The kids are good about helping out around the house, and often cook dinner so the adults don’t have to (well…more like so Joyce can’t). Jonathan and El handle cooking - she loves the idea of making things for herself, of making choices, of having the freedom to play with recipes. Jonathan helps to make sure her creations are still edible.

Steve and Will handle the dishes each night. Steve wears yellow rubber gloves and an apron, a gift from Nancy who just couldn’t pass up the chance. He’ll flick soap bubbles onto El’s nose. When Max teases him about his gloves, he ruffles her hair with the sopping wet gloves.

At the end of July, Max and Will find a tiny orange kitten behind the shed. Her fur is soft and her face is flat and she fits perfectly in the pocket of Max’s sweatshirt. Will isn’t sure if his mom and Hop will go for it, and it doesn’t take long for him to get El to let them hide the kitten in their room. They name her Breakfast - “it’s like a code name!” - and take turns sneaking milk and table scraps from the kitchen. She curls up with Will every night as he falls asleep and then climbs up to join El before she wakes up.

Jonathan can tell that something is up - Will isn’t the best at keeping secrets. Maybe a week goes by before Will walks into his room to find Jonathan and Steve sitting on his bed, Breakfast attempting to climb into Steve’s hair. Max is on his heels and between begging (Will) and threatening (Max), they convince the older boys to keep their secret.

But Hopper slowly starts sniffling more and more, and one day when El forgets to close the door all the way, Breakfast tries to join the family at the dinner table. Neither adult is pleased with the surprise, but three pairs of puppy eyes eventually win them over.

(Steve’s puppy eyes almost lose them the kitten.)

Steve keeps trying to slip money to Hopper and Joyce, not wanting to feel like he’s taking advantage of them. They’ll let him pick up the groceries sometimes but refuse any cash. He tries to help in other ways, with chores and household projects.

One day, when the house is exceptionally loud and messy, he apologizes to Hopper in the kitchen. He’s always afraid he’s going to overstay his welcome. But the chief sighs and takes pity on him.

“I know I complain about all the kids and the noise in here but, truth be told, I’d take it over living in that silent trailer any day.”

The end of summer creeps closer and closer and suddenly it’s there - it’s time for goodbyes. They have one last breakfast before Jonathan and Steve finish packing the car. Hugs and gentle punches are exchanged and everyone tries not to cry.

Max pulls on Steve’s sleeve. “You’ll stay with us at Christmas, right?”

Hopper wrinkles his brow. “What do you mean us?”

Steve simply grins. “Yeah, I’ll be home for Christmas.”

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” 2/3 - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The Joker kidnapped you over a week ago, and your family is starting to really panic. Chapter 2/3. 

Warnings : Violence, because we’re talking about the Joker here…Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as the first part ! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think :).


(My masterlist blog here :


A few hours after your capture, you finally met him. For real. And it was the most terrifying thing you ever lived. 

A wall opened up on the side of the bedroom, and Harley Quinn entered first. Her face was swollen, all sort of shades of blues and purple. Some green around the chin. Black around the eyes.  And behind her followed the clown. 

He pushed the ex-shrink out of his way brutally, and she tripped and fall with a loud thud. He didn’t pay attention to her at all, circling around you like a shark. 

You held your breath in, he was getting closer. 

Harley was still on the floor, not moving, and though she was crazy and tried to kill your husband multiple times, you couldn’t help but feel pity for her. You knew she genuinely had a mental disorder, she wasn’t a complete psycho, a wild dog with rabies like the Joker. You knew she was helplessly in love with the clown, and in return, he was nothing but abusive…You just felt so sorry for her. 

But only for a few seconds, because now, the Joker was so close to you that you could feel his breath on your face…

-Hello there. 

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TMNT Boyfriend Headcanons

First official post on Tumblr. Here we go. 
♡Leo is the kind of boyfriend who would buy you flowers and chocolates when you’ve had a crappy day, and who loves sending you “I love you more than the sun loves the moon” messages
♡Raph is the kind of boyfriend who is soooo insecure, but when it comes to you, you are the most beautiful and wonderful person in the world. 
♡Donnie is the kind of boyfriend who buys you gifts and presents for every occasion, and tells you that he loves every five seconds. 
♡Mikey is the kind of boyfriend who would pull pranks on you, but immediately apologize with pizza and cuddles. 
♡For dates, all of the brothers would consult each other (and April and Casey) for what they should do. 
♡Leo would probably make you a nice picnic on top of the TCRI building and you guys would stargaze and talk about everything. 
♡Raph would bring you a bunch of his favorite movies to your apartment, and you’d have an entire movie marathon.
♡Donnie would take you out for a night out on the town in the Shellraiser. 
♡Mikey would take you camping out in either the sewers, or at the farm house. It’s actually pretty romantic. 
♡All of the brothers are worried about your safety. 24/7.
♡If you are dating one of the bros, you are definitely going to be best friends with his brothers. 
♡Expect a lot of teasing, as well.
♡All of the guys have nicknames for their S/O.
♡Leo calls his S/O by their full name a lot, but likes to call them Love, Kitten, and Flower as well.
♡Raph calls his S/O Shortie and Babe
♡Donnie mostly calls his S/O Princess, with the occasional Honey or Dear.
♡Mikey calls his S/O many nicknames, but mostly Bae. 

That’s all folks!

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Tomorrow at 2pm the police will move in on Oceti camp to forcibly remove water protectors from the treaty land that has been home to thousands over the past few months and rightfully belongs to the people of the Standing Rock Nation.

I know the courage and the resolve of the water protectors. I honor the community and the prayers. I sense the anticipation and the support. Faith, determination and bravery are burning in hearts like the fires that keep people warm this last night around camp.

Whatever happens, we continue to move forward. We continue to stand to defend the sacred. We continue to support one another as a community.

We each have our purpose and while it is heart wrenching for me to not be there, I must trust in my guides to lead me to be where I am supposed to be to serve in the best way.

This movement has inspired all of us to step up and speak out. For everyone on the ground, you are warriors, thank you. For everyone dressed in uniforms; you can make a different choice.

Thank you to everyone who helped clean up Oceti. Thank you to everyone who has braved the winter. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support. Thank you Standing Rock.

Mni Wiconi
Lolly Bee

Yuri is not a virgin

I think that while Yuuri is somebody who’s super shy when feeling are involved, he is not when it comes to sex. Bisexual!versatile!experienced!Yuuri is my jam. Here me out:

  • When he was 16 he figured all the sex stuff out with Yuko, they wanted to do it with somebody they liked and trusted but with no pressure of some big love. It worked out for both of them.
  • When he was 17 he went to some training camp. One time after practice he and some other boy jerked each other off in the showers.
  • After he moved to the US some girl asked him to study for an important exam in a class they shared. When they were cramming the night before the girl said she was stressed af, he offered a hand. He fingered her, she blew him. They didn’t kiss but stayed study buddies till the end of the class.
  • He and Phichit had a casual thing, very infrequent thing going on almost since the beginning of ther roommateship. It was Phichit who introduced him to toys.
  • He was JJ’s first kiss.
  • He went back to Chris Giacometti’s room when they met at a competition. Chris deepthroated him and he came quite quickly. Chris thought he was cute up until he made him cry when he ate him out.
  • 6 months before the fatal Grand Prix he performed next to Sara Crispino. Nobody will ever know, but after they stumbled upon eachother still high on performance adrenaline they kissed to celebrate the success. And continued celebrating long into the night.
  • When he gets together with Viktor, he gets performance anxiety for the first time. Viktor assumes it is his first time and tries to reassure him, says he will be gentle and that they don’t have to do anything he’s not ready to do. Yuuri realises what Viktor assumed and he remembers wait, I already did this, I’m good at this and makes his boyfriend come three times that night.

BONUS: Because of circumstances in which they sleep with Yuuri, as well as his meek demeanor, all of his partners, apart from Phichit, think they’re his first and only.

ALSO: I imagine all the skaters playing ‘never have I ever’ after the GP where Yuri wins silver. And consider this: everyone’s faces where Yuri drinks glass after glass and doesn’t get drunk during the first round only because this year he’s drinking apple juice.

imagine #7

character - Newt

words - 1172

warnings - n/a

description - You and Newt are dating, but Newt thinks you like Minho more than him.

a/n - @brooklynalpha requested an imagine with a jealous Newt, but I think I made it a little sadder than it was supposed to be…

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Just friends

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: something fluffy? Like, taking years to ask you out even though you both clearly liked each other for a while?

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

It was your usual weekly get together with the boys and the 8 of you sat around outside talking. You couldn’t remember who’s idea it was to camp outside for the night but you weren’t complaining. Despite the house being two feet away, the weather was really nice. It was a little cold but the sky seemed to be lit up with the few stars you were able to see.  

“I swear it was like I wasn’t even in the room anymore.” You sighed. 

Jimin burst out laughing. “Maybe it’s because you’re so quiet. I swear that stuff only happens to you.”

Jin laughed as well. “You’re shy too!”

“Yeah but I’m also hot. There’s no way they wouldn’t notice me.” Jimin said, smirking, causing all the other boys to groan.

“Anyway, are you guys hungry yet? The bonfire is ready.”  Hoseok added. 

You nodded. “Yeah I’m kinda hungry.”

Hoseok and Jin went in the house to get stuff for dinner and you moved over to Yoongi who was just sitting on his phone, cuddled up in a blanket. 

“Are you not having fun?”

He looked up from his phone. “Oh, no. I’m just tired and I feel like we should be preparing for our comeback since it’s so soon. It’s weird sitting out here.”

You watched his face, noticing he seemed more nervous than tired but you couldn’t place why he would lie about that. A bit of cold air blew down your back and you shivered, covering your arms with your hands. 

“But we always do this sort of thing.”

Yoongi seemed to be distracted by the fact you looked cold instead of answering you back. He moved his chair closer to sharing his blanket with you.

“Why did you come out here wearing shorts? I feel like you’re doing this on purpose.” He joked, placing your half over your legs. You blushed.

“Yeah sorry…”

As the night starts to go by a few of the boys decided to go to bed leaving you, Yoongi, Jungkook, and Taehyung still awake. Jungkook looks over at Yoongi.

“Can you go in the house and get my phone? I think I left it in there.”

Yoongi stands up from his chair, leaving you with a puzzled expression. He would have never agreed to that before.

“Y/N, can you come with me?”

“Yeah sure.” You say as you get up as well, following behind him into the house. 

“What’s the matter, are you scared now that it’s dark?”

Yoongi looked back at you, stopping in his tracks. His face was plastered with a serious expression and he exhaled. 

“…it was just a joke? What’s going on with you-”

He took a few steps closer to you, making you stop talking. His head tilts away from you as if he wasn’t trying to make eye contact with you.

“I don’t usually do shit like this but-..You’re an exception. It seems like you’re an exception for a lot of things. I don’t want to keep pushing this back anymore because i’m sick of it. I’m sick of playing around with the fact that i’m in love with you, that I keep writing music about you, that i’m tired of not being about to hold your hand or kiss you when I want. Jungkook only asked me to get his phone so I could be in here alone with you. I wanted to ask if….you’d finally go out with me?”

You stood there speechless, watching his ears turn red.

“Please say something already.” He muttered.

Your hands came up from your sides and made their way to the sides of his face. The split second the two of you made eye contact he leaned in to kiss you. Although you did initiate it suddenly you were aware of how loudly your heart was beating in your chest. When his lips finally pressed against yours you could feel your cheeks get warm. It wasn’t a secret to either of you that you liked each other but it was a whole other thing hearing it out loud and to be able to kiss him. His hands grabbed against your waist, only pulling you in tighter. 


“What are you worried about? Nobody’s even in the house..” He groaned, now kissing on your neck. 

“It’s not that. Jungkook is standing in the doorway with a flashlight under his face.” You laughed. 

Jungkook smiled at Yoongi, giving him a thumbs up. He knew he was dead in the morning but at least his joke made you laugh. 

anonymous asked:

top 5 reasons why you ship bokuaka? bc i see it only like a onesided bokuto thing

top five reasons to ship bokuaka?

Trust me anon bean, if there’s a non-onesided ship, this ship is Bokuaka! It’s a common problem that, in my opinion, is rooted in the poor characterization of Bokuto’s character and in the fact that their relationship is often misunderstood. But let me elaborate even more: 

1. Because they are the center of each other’s universe. Everything Akaashi does, he does for Bokuto. If there’s a person Bokuto always seeks, that person is Akaashi. Let’s just face that if Akaashi really was the manipulative and condescending setter he’s often accused to be, Bokuto would avoid him like the plague. If Bokuto was just a dumb ball of muscles, Akaashi would never invest literally all his energies on him. Instead, they both pour an incredible amount of love and devotion on the other, they make each other feel better… HONESTLY, if this is not love…

Originally posted by imthesixtysqueen

2. Because they balance and support each other. At first glance, they do are a strange couple, but I think they work perfectly together. Akaashi grounds Bokuto and Bokuto inspires Akaashi in every way possible in return. They also rely on each other, mutually. Bokuto needs Akaashi’s emotional and moral support, he needs his strength and reassurance, but this doesn’t mean Akaashi is there to spoon-feed him. On the contrary, he’s always the first to call out his extraness and his tantrums. At the same time, Akaashi is devoted to Bokuto’s constant improvement and never ever ever said a bad thing about him behind his back, he was always there with that smug smile talking about how great he is, and is ready to fight whoever dares to say the opposite. No one is as proud of Bokuto as Akaashi is, and they are each other’s biggest fan.

Originally posted by acekeith

3. Because they have amazing chemistry. They have the definition of polar opposite personalities, maybe that’s why they fit so well. They are amazing partners on court and are that kind of couple that never argues. Despite everything, they barely even banter and never, ever, an insult left their mouth. Of course, they get frustrated with the other sometimes, but that’s only natural if you mix Bokuto’s teasing personality with the perfectionist that is Akaashi Keiji. Overall, I think that if there’s a thing that they never fail to bring in each other’s life, that thing is pure excitement. Not to mention that they are also competitive AS HELL. You’ll see…

Originally posted by suzaruru

4. Because they deeply care and understand each other. Bokuto is not an easy partner, at all. He’s loud, demanding and unstable but Akaashi is the only person able to always manage him so well, no matter the situation. He knows, understands, and can handle him in a way no one else does. Akaashi cares about his ace, A LOT,  and even if Bokuto doesn’t show the same amount of concern towards Akaashi, this doesn’t mean he cares less about him. I just think that Bokuto (who’s not dumb for the love of god), knows Akaashi so much to understand that he just doesn’t need or want all that attention. He knows Akaashi is there for him whenever he needs him, and the same thing goes the other way around.

5. Because they naturally gravitate towards the other. The setter/ace relationship is very strong on its own but, let’s face it, these two boys are literally glued together. They attract each other so much it’s almost impossible to find them alone, they even hang out together in school despite being from two different years. Take the summer training camp as another example. If you see Bokuto in a scene, chances are that Akaashi is right next to him or looking at him from afar (with the softest smile on his face. We see you -Kashi, we see you). Not to mention that canonically Akaashi fell asleep on the ground next to Bokuto, rather than leaving him alone during the captain’s card games night. I MEAN. 

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once upon a show | jjk

summary: starring on we got married is cool. starring on we got married with world-class idol jeon jungkook is more intimidating than cool, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.
pairing: jungkook x female reader
word count: 2k
genre: fluff
warnings: none
a/n: i’ve been having such jk feels lately. never tried my hand at idol!verse, so we’ll see how this goes. requested by anon <3

When you walked into your manager’s office and she sat you down, telling you that you had just been invited onto your very first show as an up-and-coming actress, We Got Married, you were ecstatic. We Got Married! There’s nothing more entertaining than shoving two famous people together in random domestic scenarios and seeing how they react.

Then she told you who your fake TV-show husband would be, and your face dropped.

Jeon Jungkook?

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