camping out in it each night

This is probably not going to be funny to anyone other than me (or possibly other camp counsellors) but I cannot stop laughing

So towards the end of the session, most camps do a thing called Colour War, where we’re all divided into two teams, and compete in events over the course of a view days

Each year, there’s some big “break” that signifies the beginning of the war, and you never know when it’s going to happen or how it might occur

Last year, they had a magician come out one night and he broke (announced) the colour war at the end of his show. The year before they had fireworks over the lake.

I just found out that another camp had Paris Hilton, Shaquille O'Neal, Tobey Maguire, Time Flies, Darren Criss and Justin TImberlake break theirs.

We had a magician

If this were Cheaper by the Dozen 2, we are the Bakers and they are the rich Murtaughs across the lake

Context: All right, so this was my very first time ever playing D&D. I was playing a half elf cleric and I don’t remember everybody but I know we at least had one Paladin and two Rangers and I believe there may have also been some other sort of fighter. Our group was setting up camp when we became surrounded by about 20 wolves.

We managed to whittle them down to about 5 but we all started rolling 3s and 4s, missing wolves and taking damage from both them and each other.

DM: (to me) “A wolf lands near you after leaping at the paladin, readying itself to lunge again.”

Me: (ooc) “Crap, I’m out of spells! Fine, I take my staff and swing it like a golf club at its head!” *Rolls the first nat20 of the night*

DM: *rolls and facepalms* “By some stroke of luck, the strike severs the wolfs head clean from its body and send it sailing over the trees. The sight of their companion’s demise sends the remains wolves fleeing in terror.”

*cue silence for 30 seconds*

Paladin: (ooc, laughing hard enough to fall from his chair) “Guys! The healer just became the tank!”

Long Overdue//Bellamy Blake

The past couple weeks had been hard for you and your boyfriend Bellamy. The camp needed a leader and Clarke needed you in medical so you were always busy. The two of you only saw each other when you were going in and out of your tent and during the night when all you had energy to do was sleep.

It was frustrating but neither of you was to blame either and that made it worse. When Bellamy told you that Murphy was taking over for a few days, you were way more excited than you had cared to admit and the next day when you woke up, Bellamy’s arms were firmly wrapped around your waist.

Today was the first of hopefully many that you would get to spend all day with Bellamy and as much as you didn’t want to leave his side, Clarke needed you to check on some patients for her. “Babe, noo.” Bellamy groaned as you untangled him from you. 

“I know, I know, but I have a few things I need to do this morning and then I’m all yours.” you promised and kissed his forehead. After you’d gotten dressed for the day you put your hair up and began working on your boots, Bellamy’s eyes on you the whole time. 

He patted the spot next to him on the bed and you sat down to tie your shoes. “Are you sure you can’t stay (Y/N)?” he pouted, scooting closer to you and lightly massaging your shoulders. “Yes, Bellamy, I’m sure.” you said, trying to keep your attention on today’s tasks.

His hands made their way down to your chest and you leaned away form him. “Bellamy stop it.” you whined as his big hands circled your breasts. No matter how badly you tried to ignore him, your body continued to melt into his touch. “That’s it baby, let go.” he soothed and laid you down on your back.

When his hands came to a stop, you sighed. “Okay now I need to go.” You went to stand up but his hands guided your shoulders back down to the bed and your head back onto the pillow. “We don’t have to do anything today, (Y/N), just let me take care of you.” he purred into the crook of your neck.

Next, he made his way down to your feet, slipping your boots off followed by your jeans. His eyes traveled down to your panties and his hands followed. He began placing kisses along your thighs, trailing a pattern up to the border of your underwear. 

His dominant hand rubbed your clit while the other pinned you firmly to the bed. “You’re so wet baby.” he let out in a low tone and you began to rock your hips into him, following the rhythm his hands had set for you. Grabbing his hair, you guided him down to your heat.

“Sorry, Princess, but I want to hear you beg for it.” he teased. “Please, Bell.” you pleaded, immediately giving into him in order to feel more of his electrifying touch. His lips kissed you sloppily between the legs and he moaned into you, the vibration of his voice pulsing through your body.

His mouth worked your sweet spot while his fingers pumped in and out of your entrance, pleasure flooding your system. Your grip on his hair tightened and you pulled him closer. “Yes Bellamy, oh my God I am so close!” you exclaimed. As soon as you were about to climax, Bellamy pulled away. 

Before you could object, his eyes met yours with a smirk. “I want to finish with you. I want to watch you.” he explained and spread your legs even further apart. Positioning himself above you, he lightly kissed your neck, adding just the right amount of tongue and nibbling.  

You felt him smile against your neck as you moaned and you reached down and guided his huge member into your entrance. As he filled you he threw his head back and released a moan. “Look at me.” you commanded and you obliged. “Remember, (Y/N), I’m the boss.” he warned, quickening his pace. 

He kept his eyes locked on you as he pumped harder and harder, your hips once again matching his rhythm. “Oh fuck.” he groaned. “Yes, Bell, just like that.” you panted, your breathing becoming faster and faster. His eyes licked with yours again and he began slamming himself into your G-Spot.

“I’m…so…close.” he struggled to get out in between thrusts. Moaning into each other out your climaxes smiling and shaking, Bellamy filling you. He kissed you roughly before taking his place beside you. “Wow, that was…” you couldn’t even finish your sentence you were so out of breath.

“Amazing? Invigorating? Long overdue?” he panted. A grin covered his freckled face and his curls clung to his forehead with sweat. “All of the above.” you answered, returning the grin and kissing him again. “Is it too soon for round two?” he asked, still out of breath.

“God I love you.” you laughed and climbed on top of him.

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okay but do you know what angers me. Jason and Reyna were best friends for years. Like, parallel to Percabeth best friends probably. Before Hera, they probably had movie nights and sparred together and she probably won at everything and when one had the flu the other would make them stay in bed all day and run up and give them soup every few hours. They’d take turns buying each other hot chocolate and Reyna would experiment with cooking Spanish food for them and Jason would feel like he had to give something back so he’d cook for her and set the kitchen on fire and they’d end up ordering pizza. Jason and Reyna knew each other for years and when he was missing, Reyna would have been out of her mind with stress. Not only was she running this entire camp on her own, but her best friend was missing. And then, he comes back, and she probably hadn’t slept that night and she’d left that bit out of her braid because she knew he liked it and Jason ignored her. She watched Percy and Annabeth run to each other like this was all they’d been waiting for for two thirds of a year - which it was - and she watched them kiss and hold hands and Jason ignored her. Reyna probably accepted that he had a girlfriend. She’s not an unreasonable or jealous person and I 100% think that she went “okay, we’re still friends like always”. But Jason ignored her and showed Piper around the city and barely acknowledged the years of friendship they’d had and it angers me a lot okok

ho ho ho time for holiday headcanons

  • pre-serum stucky stealing a christmas tree from the side of the road a couple days after Christmas. it’s brown and this close to death but it doesn’t matter, because it’s the principle of the matter. it isn’t christmas without a tree so they celebrate on the 28th instead of the 25th every year and it becomes their thing.
  • wartime stucky on mission with the commandos during christmas. morale is low because everyone wants to be home with their loved ones, so when they make camp on the night of the 24th, it’s at the base of a pine tree, and steve stays up all night drawing pictures for each of the howlie’s based on descriptions they’ve each given him over time of their relatives, and hometowns, and all that. (for his picture to bucky he draws them pre-war stealing a christmas tree from their neighbor’s trash heap. bucky definitely does not get emotional except he really does)
  • steve spending christmas with the avengers his first year out of the ice. it’s weird and it brings up so many painful memories but it smells like cookies that remind him of his ma’s, and clint stuck a pair of antlers on his head for reasons still unbeknownst to him, and natasha is sitting next to him looking just as Soft™ as he knows she can be all curled up in a huge sweater and it’s nice and he’s lonely for His Normal but this is more than he could have ever asked for
  • post-hydra bucky and steve living together yet again because where else would they go in this strange weird world. they have money to afford a Real Tree and Real Presents but christmas shopping overwhelms bucky and steve’s never really let go of that depression era mentality that says to hold on to his money for “important things” so him and bucky spend christmas laying on the sofa together, going back and forth between watching hallmark movies and admiring the tree steve drew on the living room wall (it’s his apartment he can do that now).
things people in each of the countries I've lived in think are normal, but really aren't
  • Australia: "was that a rat or a spider"
  • Canada: poutine
  • China: a VIP card from Domino's Pizza
  • Egypt: waiting until the goats are gone to take out your garbage
  • Germany: every word is actually four smaller words in a trenchcoat
  • Russia: summer camps holding techno dance parties four nights a week
  • UK: "minor delays due to a signal failure"
  • USA: a "regular" soda that's too big to fit in a cupholder
Not as bad as I thought

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Summary/Original Request: One day you join Bellamy’s group out exploring the woods, when you all then get surprised by the acid fog. Bellamy doesn’t hesitate and pulls you with him towards a cave where you’re safe. You stay there for the night but it gets terribly cold, so you and Bell cuddle close together and keep each other warm. 

Warnings: None
Word Count: 1550
A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind!! :) And I hope you like it!

It had been late in the afternoon when Bellamy had summoned a small group from the Camp to investigate further into the woods with him. 

He had carefully chosen the people he thought could be of use, some of them carrying knives and sharp objects they had torn off the dropship to defend themselves if needed. Bellamy, his gun securely kept in his jacket, walked close behind (y/n) the whole time, keeping her in sight. 

Now that it was steadily becoming dark they were on their way back, after having tried to gather more information about the Ground. Or – how they probably should start calling it – their new home. For Bellamy knew, there was no returning to the Ark. At least not for him.
Thus, Bellamy had decided that it was best, if they knew as much as possible about it. One could never know when the extra knowlegde might come in handy.
After all, within the few weeks they had been on the Ground, he had seen more definite dangers than he could list.
And he wouldn’t accept anyone else being hurt by them. Especially not Octavia. And definitely not (y/n).

His possibilities had been letting her stay at the dropship with the others and more precisely with Murphy, or taking her with him, where he at least knew he could protect her. His decision had been easily made. He didn’t trust Murphy and his friends as far as he could throw them.
Actually he had wanted to take Octavia with him also, but she hadn’t agreed on coming. And so he had decided, that she was safe with Clarke, rather than out in the woods with him, where she would probably end up running off alone.

Slowly their small group made their way through the woods, and though their initial enthusiasm had vanished, they were still more than wary about their surroundings.

Suddenly (y/n) stopped. „What is it?“, Bellamy asked, stopping right next to her, shoving his hand into his jacket, ready to pull out his gun.
But she didn’t answer, and instead put a finger to her lips to shush him. Bellamy looked down at her, before lifting his head, straining to listen to whatever she just had heard. And then he did, too. A horn.
„What is that?“, she asked and turned around, but seemed to get an answer to her question almost immediately, as her eyes grew wide. Quickly Bellamy turned around too, finally realising what was happening. 

„Acid fog!“, he shouted, and out of instinct grabbed (y/n)’s hand, pulling her with him, before he started running as fast as he could.  
He saw the others all running in different directions, trying to find shelter. But in this moment he couldn’t care for all of them. Now he had to save himself, and even more important – he had to save her.
„There are caves over there“, he cried over his shoulder, as both ran as fast as possible without tripping, away from the fog, that had already drawn close enough to waft around their feet. Bellamy could already feel the slight burning sensation spread over his skin.
Finally they reached the caves. Just in time Bellamy pushed her inside, following her as deep as they could inside it.
She panted heavily, supporting herself against the cave wall, lifting her head to look at – or rather – past him. „Are you sure it can’t get inside here?“ Panting as heavily as her Bellamy nodded, putting his hands on his hips, until he managed to catch his breath again.
A few minutes (y/n) sighed, and sat down on a small rock formation. „Looks like we’ll be in here for some time.“

Bellamy just nodded. He had just realised that this meant, he would be alone with her. But as quickly as it had come, he had swallowed the thought again. It was no time to be thinking about his feelings for her.

Over the past few days he had found his eyes drifting to her figure more and more often, his body conscious of her presence without meaning to, and even though he had tried to avoid her as best as he could, this feeling seemed to grow steadily. But he also knew, that she didn’t approve of most of his actions. Therefore she would most likely turn him down. And this was the exact reason he didn’t tell her. 

Frustrated Bellamy kicked a small pebble through the cave, before sitting down also, staring at the opposite wall, deeply wrapped in his thoughts.
„When do you reckon it is safe to go outside again?“, (y/n) asked into the rather uncomfortable silence that had formed.
Bellamy stopped staring at the wall, and turned his gaze to her instead.  He shrugged.
„A few hours I guess.“
She stood up, and went through the room, stopping in front of him, before she sat down on his side. „I guess this means we’ll spend the night.“ Bellamy nodded, clenching and unclenching his fists at the thought. Sighing she leant back onto the cave wall. „Cozy.“

(Y/n) had stood up again, and was now pacing the small room, much to Bellamy’s annoyance.
It made him nervous. 

„Would you stop that, please.“
She stopped for a moment, but just placed her hand in her pockets, before continuing to stroll through the small cave. „(Y/n). Please“, he said again, leaning his head against the cage wall. „You should try to sleep a bit instead.“
She nodded, but didn’t look very convinced. And she didn’t sit down. Bellamy opened his eyes and looked at her.
Not before that he realised suddenly that she was shivering. 

„You are cold“, he said, both a statement and sudden explanation for her pacing through the cave.
Licking her lips in slight embarrassment, (y/n) nodded.
He hesitated, but then scooched over a few centimeters, gesturing for her to sit down. She seemed suspicious. „Sit down“, he said, staring at her, until she eventually did as she was told.
Hesitantly she sat down beside him, making him very aware of the fact, that her shoulder was touching his. And as embarrassing as it might have been for both of them, this wouldn’t help much to improve the fact that she was cold.
On that account Bellamy carefully placed an arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. First he felt her body stiffen at the sudden physical contact, but not long after that she started to relax against him.
„Thank you“, she murmured.
Bellamy nodded. And then he sighed. „You should try to sleep now.“

And to his surprise (y/n) indeed did rest her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes. Bellamy couldn’t get himself to avert his gaze, as he watched her slowly reaching out for the hand he had slung around her shoulder, taking it in hers.
Gently stroking the back of her hand with his thumb, Bellamy leaned back, so she could lie more comfortably against him, all the while anxious not let go of her hand.
Slowly he rested his head on hers.

A few minutes later, though, she shifted, causing him to lift his head again, and look down at her. Gently she squeezed his hand, and he returned the pressure, as he watched her turning to face him.
Weakly she smiled up to him, making his heart miss a beat. All at once he realised how close his face was to hers, and was painfully aware of every part of his body that touched hers.
And before he knew what he was doing, completely forgetting the fact that she had probably wanted to say something, he crossed the remaining distance between their faces and pressed his lips softly on hers. 

Barely had his lips touched hers, when she completely surprised him by returning the kiss.
Gaining confidence out of her response Bellamy put more pressure on the kiss and felt her smiling against his lips. 

After he reluctantly pulled away from her, he rested his forehead against hers and slowly opened his eyes, directly gazing into her (e/c)irises.
She let her eyes wander over his face, before a smile started to form around the corners of her lips.
„I love you“, Bellamy breathed, gently resting his free hand on her cheek. Her eyes widened slightly at his words, as she leaned into his touch, her lips parting slightly. But just as soon, her featured relaxed once more into a smile and her lids fluttered closed.

„I love you too“, she whispered, before opening her eyes again, letting her lips brush over his again.

Gently Bellamy stroke his thumb over her lips and cheek, before pulling her close to him once more.
After they broke the kiss she shifted back into her earlier position, closing her eyes as she relaxed against his body. „Maybe staying the night isn’t as bad as I thought“, she whispered, before her breathing slowly became steady as her body relaxed against his.

Bellamy pulled her closer, resting his chin carefully on her head, after pressing another kiss on her hair.

He never thought he’d admit something like this, but maybe the time on the Ground wouldn’t have to be as horrible as he had expected. At least not with her around.

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Ok but imagine little first year Bokuto and Kuroo meeting during their first training camp and HATING the shit out of each other after Nekoma and Fukurodani’s first match. Kuroo almost punches Bo, Bo tries to trip Kuroo unsuccessfully at some point and Kuroo won’t stop calling Bo a piece of shit. Everyone is getting annoyed with them and the last night of the training camp they get locked in the bathroom together, forcing them to talk to each other and resolve the unnecessary conflict between them. Three hours later the door is unlocked and Bokuto had his head nuzzled to Kuroo’s neck, sobbing about the one time he asked someone out and got rejected, and Kuroo is like “Bro, I wouldn’t reject you.”

more things about the Anastasia musical (because now I’m obsessed):

instead of just being worried about getting in trouble for having blue travel papers instead of red, the group has to leave the train because Bolsheviks begin to remove and shoot anyone with white passports (aristocrats and others who are wanted by the government), which is what they have (others have green)

Dimitri gets his own song about growing up in St. Petersburg and it’s really nice. it sounds similar to the first half of You and Me But Mostly Me from Book of Mormon. you get a little more about his backstory, about his father who died in a labor camp for being against government.

the song they made out of Dark of the Night (they used the bit where Rasputin is summoning demons from the reliquary) is soooo good. it’s sung on the train by people who have no choice but to leave their homeland (Russia) forever.

Anya can speak French because Russian aristocrats would speak to each other in French

Rumor in St. Petersburg comes back a few times as a recurring theme, which I really liked. (think Valjean’s arrest/Fantine’s Arrest/The Runaway Cart from Les Mis)

there’s this other great recurring theme (usually sung by a chorus I think) about Russia becoming a new country because the tsar is dead which is both triumphant and eerie. (it’s a lot like This is the Hour from Miss Saigon, actually, both in sound and subject matter)

Anya goes savage on a group of drunk men who are hitting on her

Anya has a breakdown during Learn to Do It because they’re trying to cram so much information into her

Dimitri gives Anya the music box as a gift for working so hard. it’s what triggers Once Upon a December. Dimitri doesn’t present it to the Empress at the end, Anastasia has it and shows her.

the Empress only goes to see Anya basically because Dimitri calls her out for being a bitch for refusing to see her even though all she wants is a family (and yeah the Empress is pretty mean in the show)

Dimitri is called a prince multiple times. His friends call him the Prince of Petersburg, the Empress calls him a prince in character for turning down the reward, and Anya calls him ‘her prince’ at the end, and I guess he sort of becomes one since they elope?

when Anya elopes with Dimitri, the Empress and Gleb tell everyone she died with her family, instead of the movie where everyone knows she was found and alive, even if she wasn’t presented to the public. the musical version makes for a slightly more realistic ending, because no one knew for sure if the real Anastasia was truly alive or dead (until 2007 anyway).

little Fenris and Anders friendship things that we missed out on:

• Fenris waltzing up into the clinic and Anders bracing himself for impact when Fenris mumbles, “Do you have a cure….. for hangovers.” Anders giggles and shakes his head. “No one can know about this, mage.” Anders ultimately helps him with his alcoholism.

• After they set up camp for a night, Fenris stays on watch first, but Anders can’t sleep of course so he sits near the fire and writes. They both keep glancing at each other. “What are you writing?” “My will for when you finally kill me.” “Fair enough. Where’s your negative amount of coin going?” “All to my cat.” Fenris chuckles, and clears his throat.

• Either that same night or another, Anders asks, “Do you mind if I try something?” “What, like stay quiet?” He reaches out for Fenris’s neck and naturally Fenris gets in an aggressive stance, but Ander’s raises his hands, “Healing magic. That’s all, promise.” Fenris clenches his teeth as Anders lays a hand on his neck and illuminates the tattoos. “What’s that… what’s that feel like?” Fenris sits back down and gazes forward. “Get back to your writing, which is also too loud, by the way.” Anders grins. It had felt relaxing.

• Them getting tipsy with the crew in the Hanged Man and what starts as an argument turns into them doing impressions of each other, which turns into them making fun of themselves and everyone can’t stop busting a gut laughing. Before they leave, Anders comments, “We sound… ridiculous, most of the time, don’t we?” Fenris smirks. “Only you.”

• They get so used to each other’s movements in battle, for whatever reason Fenris blurts out what he’s expecting his comrades to do, and that includes Anders. “BURN THEM TO ASH, ANDERS.” Afterwards Anders just, “Did you…… did you really scream ‘burn them to as–’” “No one can know about that, mage……….. ” Varric from the sidelines, “Literally everyone knows about it, broody.”

• Anders apologizing about saying anything regarding Fenris and Hawke’s relationship. “Happiness… is something we both haven’t had much of.” “Well… thank you, mage.”

• Anders asking how Fenris carries his massive sword. “I’ve carried a heavier weight for years.” “I… I get that.” “Also my seething rage fills me with might.” “I… also get that.” Fenris asks what’s it like twirling a pole around. “Well… Hawke doesn’t seem to mind my skills.” Fenris slaps Anders upside the head.

Justice expressing his intense opposition to slavery in front of Fenris, sparking a long, involved discussion between Fenris and Anders about their beliefs, where they came from, why they did the things they did, do the things they do, and coming to somewhat of an understanding of each other.

the nights are always cold and the fires are always warm and alex sits close to john, close enough that they brush against each other but far enough that no one would be suspicious.

fires spread in a line, dotted across the sand. they’re vulnerable here, out in the open - but the fires distract from the camp in the trees, and that is how they justify them. few men balk at being assigned to keep watch by the fires. no one has been killed beside one yet, and it’s warmer than a tent. other men, soldiers not assigned to watch, warm themselves beside fires of their own before going off to sleep, and the shore lights up at night, a string of fires not unlike precious gems threaded together.

and here, beside their own fire, alex can laugh with john and drown in his voice. the sky wheels above them, and their toes are freezing despite their heavy stockings, and they smell horrible after so much time spent tramping through mud and rain, but it’s a clear night and the ocean air fills their lungs and in this moment they’re invincible.

one by one, the fires die out. alex can hear sand being kicked over the closer ones. as each jewel winks out, he draws closer to john, and before long the only fires left, the ones manned by other soldiers on watch, are so far away they couldn’t possibly see much of anything from that distance.

alex takes a chance. he seizes john by the cravat, kisses his lips firmly, and then settles back and takes john’s hand.

the fire dances in John’s eyes. “what was that for?” he asks. the corners of his mouth curl upward.

and alex smiles, settles closer against the chill, and says, “just because i can.”

A Concept: Summer Camp Twelfth Night AU

        Olivia and Orsino are the coolest kids in their respective cabins 

       Sebastian and Viola get in a canoeing accident at the camp across the lake and wash up, each assuming the other made it back to camp 

        Malvolio is That One Kid who always sucks up to the counselor like “come on guys, cabin cleaning checkup is tomorrow!”

         Sir Toby smuggles booze into camp and convinces Sir Andrew to snort sugar, pretending it’s cocaine 

          Orsino drags his cabin on nature hikes that they hate and they hang out in the forest smoking weed while he complains about how hot Olivia is 

          He shows he’s into her by playing douchebag pranks on her cabin, TPing it and flour bombing her, etc 

          He tries to send Viola to infiltrate her cabin to pull the Ultimate Prank (and maybe quietly tell Olivia how he really feels and to lowkey apologize for his assholery but idk) but she’s like “FINALLY the only guy here who isn’t a total dick" 

          Sebastian and Antonio sneak into the dining hall at mealtimes and infiltrate arts and crafts activities and make out in the forest Feel free to add on!

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I'm curious. What are your headcanons for how each character does Black Friday?

I’m assuming you mean modern AU.

Queenie- at Sephora, Bergdorf and Bloomingdale’s at 2 AM, shopping for herself and others, will elbow someone if need be

Tina- Ann Taylor Loft cyber Monday sale

Jacob- in a food coma by 9pm Thanksgiving night

Piquery- has people go out to get her a plasma TV as she tweets generic patriotic messages to the public

Abernathy- camped out in front of Best Buy and doesn’t even understand why

Sam- spent Thanksgiving at a bar, “comforting” crying women who don’t have a family feast to attend

Newt- drops $300 on (cyber Monday)

Credence- to poor to give a fuck about frivolous sales

Graves- too rich to give a fuck about frivolous sales, pretends it’s because he is above capitalism but definitely had the help cook lobster tail with his turkey

Grindelwald- goes to sales just to laugh at human desperation 

I think someone should take me on a date to see the longest ride, then we can park the truck out in the middle of no where and dance to Brantley Gilbert and George Strait songs with the light of the camp fire reflecting off our skin, then we can cuddle up and fall asleep in each other's arms in the back of the truck, and then wake up entangled in the blankets of the truck and watch the sunrise...

Now if only I can find someone to do that with..

Sweeter Things

Around camp, Nico and Will are really only seen playfully bantering with each other. So little other details about their relationship are known and many campers wonder why they’re even dating in the first place if all they do is bicker.

But really, they only bicker when they’re in public, as that’s all Nico’s comfortable with everyone seeing. There’s so much more to their relationship.

And it’s not just in the touching and the kisses and the late night make out sessions. It’s in the sweeter things as well. It’s in the comfort that they give each other and the whispered “I love you”’s and moments like right now.

Moments where the two of them are alone and just laying on Nico’s bed. Maybe Nico has his head resting on Will’s chest and Will has his fingers running through Nico’s hair, but they’re just talking - talking about nothing until they run out of things to talk about. But even then it doesn’t matter, because in moments like right now, all they need is each other.

All Nico needs is Will close and the knowledge - the hope - that he is truly loved by the boy lying next to him and that Will will never leave him. And that is all Will needs as well.

Both of them know this as they lay there, side by side in comfortable silence. They don’t need anything else.


{i know, i know, i don’t post anything for almost a month and then i come back with this thing that’s so short it’s not even considered a one-shot. forgive me. also, just a reminder to please keep sending in prompts! i know i haven’t answered any in awhile, but i swear i’ll get back to it soon…}

Imagine Daryl growing out his hair just for you

(gif not mine credit to the original owner/ Found it on google)

You’ve been part of the group for a while now. Over time you got to know each and one of them and got along pretty well.
Perhaps the only person you didn’t really liked was Ed, Carol’s abusive husband. Which to be honest was understandable.

At night you would camp out with the group and got to talk to them even more. Daryl Dixon had actually caught your eye at first sight. He was good looking and surprisingly nice and kind. Each time you were both alone he would open up to you and you got to know him even more. And you did the same as well by talking about your past and your family.

To Daryl you were someone he could talk to and he was really comfortable with you for some odd reason.

One day while helping the women do the laundry, Amy and Andrea got in a silly debate about who was the best looking guy within the camp. That’s when Amy nudged your elbow and asked

“Be honest Y/N who do you think is the best looking guy between Shane and Daryl?”
As you blushed you replied “They’re both handsome. But I personally like guy’s with longer hair so i guess i’ll have to go with Daryl…and to be honest I think he’d look even better growing out his hair”

The sisters laughed at your answer and Amy agreed with you.

However what you didn’t know was that Daryl just walked past behind you when you said your answer.

As time passed you noticed that Daryl’s hair got even longer than before and you had to asked him

“Hey your hair’s getting a little long . Don’t you plan on cutting it? I mean you used to have really short before…"

“Well actually I know someone who actually prefers me over someone else just because of my hair. She also said that I’d look even better with longer hair.” He said while smirking and looking straight into your eyes.

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Ali wants to tell Ash "I love you" but she's super nervous and just yells it at her

Ali and Ashlyn had been friends since the moment they met. It had taken Ashlyn long enough to ask Ali on their first date. Deep down, Ali knew that she loved Ashlyn from the moment she saw her but telling her that was a whole other issue. They had been officially together for less than a month. Most people waited to tell the person that they were with that they loved them. Sometimes it took years. Ali didn’t want to wait years. She had already waited long enough.

They were in the middle of national team camp, so it wasn’t exactly the most romantic timing. Ali texted Ashlyn late at night and asker her if she wanted to go out to dinner after practice the next day. Ashlyn immediately responded and said that’s she’d love to.

Ashlyn was glad that she was going to have some time alone with Ali. They saw each other every day at practice and they hung out whenever they had time off, but it wasn’t the same with all of the other girls hanging around. Ashlyn had to restrain herself from telling Ali that she loved her the moment she introduced herself. Ashlyn never believed in love at first sight but when she saw Ali Krieger she knew that she would never love anyone the way she loved Ali.

Ali knocked on Ashlyn’s hotel room door and Heather answered.

“Oh, hey. Ashlyn’s ready but she just got a call from her brother.”

“No worries. I’m not in a rush.”

Ali and Heather stood in the hallway for a few minutes while Ashlyn talked to Chris. Ashlyn was always on time, especially when it came to her and Ali’s dates, but Ali knew that she didn’t get to see Chris very often so it was important for them to talk as much as possible.

Five more minutes went by before Ashlyn finally appeared in the hallway. She smiled when she saw Ali. “Sorry it took me so long. Chris was telling me about his new car.”

Heather retreated back into the room and told the two girls to have fun and make sure they were back before curfew.

“Don’t worry about it. I know you don’t get to see Chris a lot anymore.”

Ashlyn’s heart melted at Ali’s thoughtfulness. “He says he misses you and can’t wait until we can all hang out again.”

“I miss him too. We definitely have to plan something so we can all spend some time together.”

Ali was trying to hide her nerves as she talked to Ashlyn. The restaurant they were going to wasn’t very far away from the hotel and it was a nice night so they decided to walk there. Ashlyn thought that Ali was being a little more quiet than usual, but when she did speak, there was nothing out of the ordinary. She quickly brushed off the thought and moved on.

Normally, Ashlyn and Ali would hold hands or link arms as they walked along, but Ali kept her hands in the pockets of her jeans. Her sweaty palms would automatically give her away. Ashlyn didn’t seem to notice as she slung her arm around Ali’s shoulder and pulled her close. They made it to the restaurant and were seated in a corner booth in the back of the building. Ali thought it was perfect because they wouldn’t have to worry about any interruptions.

Ashlyn was halfway through her story when she realized that Ali wasn’t paying attention.

“Ali?” Ali’s head snapped up when she heard her name. Ashlyn reached across the table and grabbed her hand. “Are you ok? You seem kind of out of it tonight.” The small circles that Ashlyn was rubbing on the back of Ali’s hand with her thumb did wonders for Ali’s nerves. The second she looked into Ashlyn’s eyes, the raging storm in her mind was completely calm.

“Sorry, baby. I’m fine. I think I’m just tired from practice today.” Ali smiled when she saw the concerned look on Ashlyn’s face. “I promise I’m fine. Tell me your story again. I’ll actually listen this time.” Ali said with a wink.

“-it was the third year in a row that I had a black eye for picture day! I was beginning to think that Chris was doing it on purpose, I mean how many times can he hit me in the face with a baseball before it stops being an accident? My mom tried to cover it up with makeup but it didn’t really help. My dad said it made me look tough though, so I didn’t really mind. I got Chris back the next year. I actually didn’t mean to hit him, but at least I wasn’t the only one that had a black eye for pic-”


Ashlyns horror story about picture day was interrupted when Ali yelled that she loved her. As soon as the words came out, Ali’s hands flew up and covered her mouth. Her eyes were wide with shock, almost like se couldn’t believe what she had just said. Ashlyn’s mouth was hanging open as she stared across the table at Ali.

“Ash, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it. No! I meant it. I totally meant it that’s just not how I meant to say it. I asked you to dinner because I wanted to be able to tell you without anyone else around but I was really nervous and then when you were talking, all I could think about is how adorable you are and how much I love you and I just couldn’t wait any longer to tell you. I am so sor-”

“I love you, too.”

Ali stopped talking and cocked her head to the side. “What?”

“I said I love you too, Alexandra… or were you not paying attention to that either?” The tone of Ashlyn’s voice let Ali know that she was just messing with her.

“Oh.” Ali smiled and nervously tucked her hair behind her ears. “Well… I love you… and you love me. So, I’m glad we cleared that up.”

They finished their dinner and made their way back to the hotel. Ashlyn walked Ali back to her room and gave her a quick goodnight kiss. It was almost curfew so they had to get ready for bed as quickly as possible. Ashlyn started to walk down the hall towards her room but before she got there, she turned around to see Ali opening her door.

“Hey, Al?” Ali looked up at Ashlyn slowly walking backwards down the hallway. “I love you.”

Ali’s door was already halfway open when she smiled and said. “I love you, too.”

Ali stepped in her room and before she could close the door behind her, Heather had already leaped into her arms and was yelling excitedly. “Ashlyn just said she loved you! This is amazing!”

“Actually HAO, I told her…”

Heather hopped out of her arms and looked at Ali with a look of confusion. 

“You what?”

Ali knew that she wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight because Heather would not let her rest until she heard every single detail about how Ali finally told Ashlyn those three special words.

Let’s run away together, away from the city lights, where no one knows our names yet. And we can see the stars at night, we’ll camp out in the open, warming cold skin by the fire, tell each other hopes and dreams, and all of our desires. We’ll own nothing more than we need, watch sunrises colour the sky. Learn what we’re really here for, away from society’s eyes, this journey will be scary, but we’ll leave without a plan. And I know it will be alright, as long as you’re holding my hand.
Plans to Seduce Ernst Before the End of Camp by Hanschen Rilow

Prompt: Ok, so, I know we’re roommates and very close to each other and whatever, but while you were out I was searching my socks under your bed since I thought they may have fallen down during the night from my top bunk bed and I found THREE ENTIRE FILE FOLDERS all named “Plans I should put in act to finally seduce my hot roommate” and I would VERY like to know the meaning of this

Ernst adored summer camp. He had written five whole letters to his mother and brothers about how much he loved it. He loved the people there, and the fresh mountain air, and the homey camp food, and the activities that filled his days.

But most of all, he loved freetime. The two hours he got to spend doing whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted. Today the plan was to go kayaking with Ilse, Wendla, and Martha. But in order to even step out of his cabin, he had to find the ever elusive socks.

At this point, the brunette had torn apart most of his side of the cabin, avoiding going onto Otto and Melchior’s side because they were already out enjoying their free time.  Ernst was in the process of lifting up his own mattress on the top bunk and searching under that. Through the slits, he saw a pair of big blue eyes staring at him from the bottom bunk.

“Ernst, really,” Hanschen drawled and a shrug. “You can borrow a pair of my socks. No need to destroy our room in your search.”

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