camping kitten

Hey! Finally got around to writing the Max and Fem!Reader who finds a cat! I hope you like it!

Triggers: Cursing

Y/N had felt homesick since she arrived at camp. There was nothing entirely wrong with the place, other than it being so run down… and unclean… and the fact that it was a scam. But, Y/N didn’t want to let that bother her, she had tried to be positive. David and Gwen were both good people, she didn’t wanna cause trouble for them. The other campers were also nice and there was never a day without something interesting happening.

That might be where the problem was. They were always around other people. And, while Y/N was getting to know everyone quickly, she still wasn’t super close or comfortable with anyone. It was slightly tiring to get up every day and have a completely packed day. They felt like they weren’t able to have any time to themselves or to be themselves, they couldn’t talk to anyone about it either. She didn’t want to talk to anyone about it either because she felt as if she was just not adjusting well.

Nevertheless, Y/N was craving the comforts of home more and more.

Currently, she was sitting nudging at the dirt with the toe of their shoe. David had gathered them around a campfire pit for some ghost stories, not that she was listening. A few campers had already gone to bed, and she figured it was about time she turned in as well, she’d had enough activities for today.


After getting up and questioned by David on whether she felt she could make it to her tent alone, Y/N had started her walk back. She couldn’t help the sigh of relief that left her. It was weird, she constantly wanted to be away from people, but would immediately feel lonely once they were.

As they were mulling over the day, they suddenly froze at a soft sound that filtered into the air. She stood still for a moment, wondering if she imagined the noise, probably just her mind being overactive after David’s attempts to scare everyone. But, before she shook it off and could take another step, another mew got her attention.

Y/N turned to some bushes, where the sound had come from. She crouched down, remotely hesitant to be crawling around on the ground, but she pushed forward into the undergrowth regardless. With some trouble and tangling of her hair in twigs, she found the source of the noise.

On the ground, she was now face to face with a beautiful kitten. The little thing had a sleek black coat and glowing green eyes. Eyes which were now gazing into Y/N’s as its tail swished back and forth.


Y/N couldn’t help the delighted squeal that left her mouth as she stretched her fingers towards the kitten, wiggling them in hopes that it wouldn’t be scared off.

To her delight, the kitten leaned forward, sniffing at her fingers a bit before nuzzling its head down against them. With some coaxing, the kitten was soon in Y/N’s lap, purring affectionately as she scratched behind its ears. She was suddenly reminded of her current position when she heard twigs snapping and people approaching.

Not wanting the creature to get scared off, she hugged the kitten to her chest, shimmying up and peeking over the bush. It was Max and Neil, the pair heading to their tent.

Neil was yammering on about something to do with Harrison while Max just walked beside him, an uninterested look on his face, his eyes seeming unfocused as he tuned the other out.

As Y/N saw the pair, she couldn’t help but look down at the cat, who peered up at her. With those glowing green eyes. It clicked then, the pair having already passed.

“Max,” She whispered to the kitten, deciding that the boy had very cat-like tendencies, and now that she had named the kitten, there was no way she was getting rid of him.


She’d taken to hiding the kitten in her tent, she felt bad for keeping him confined to a small space, but the lethargic ball of fuzz seemed fine with napping all day. She wasn’t certain if animals that weren’t meant for therapy were allowed, but she didn’t wanna risk having to give them up or have them become the new camp mascot, so for now, it was her little secret.

It sure kept her busy. She would leave activities a few minutes before they ended so she could stop and see the kitten to make sure it was okay. She had taken sand from the beachy part of the lake and made a mock litter pan. And she was keeping pieces of her meals to feed him. At breakfast, she would take her bacon and put it in her pockets, immediately after she would excuse herself to the restroom and feed him. She couldn’t see him between lunch and dinner, so she usually got more food then, wearing her jacket to dinner no matter how hot it was.

She thought she was being sneaky, but one camper had taken notice of her little habits. Max tended to pay attention to the way people acted at the camp.  So, he noticed when she started missing some of the activities and when she stopped eating as much. At first, he assumed she was hoarding food and planning an escape, trying to find the best route.

But, after a few days of the behavior, he got worried. Eating less and becoming a recluse weren’t usually good signs. So, one night, when she slipped away from the campfire before anyone else, he feigned exhaustion and decided to follow her.

Y/N hadn’t exactly been social since she arrived, but she was still nice to everyone, and Max could tell she was trying her best to adjust despite not wanting entirely to be there. Her first week had driven him mad. Every time he would ruin one of David’s activities, she would always make the counselor feel better by acting as if it was still interesting. It had been annoying at first, but he couldn’t lie. He thought her determination to make others happy was somewhat sweet, especially when she was far more subtle with it than anyone else.

He tried to tell himself he simply wanted in on her escape as he followed behind her, keeping his distance. This wasn’t because he was concerned or anything, he was looking out for himself and only himself. But, Y/N just went straight to her tent. Nothing suspicious, no weird stops, no secret bag. Why had she been withdrawing if nothing was going on?

‘Did she see me?’ Max thought as he slowly approached the tent, mindful of anything on the ground that could crunch and rustle to give him away. No, she couldn’t have seen him, he was amazing at staying hidden. Maybe she really was just sick or something, being in a new environment could have been the reason for her not feeling well. Max was just about to leave when he heard Y/N start speaking, her voice was soft as if she whispering. He couldn’t quite hear her. “… you… day… Max.”

He didn’t realize it but he had been leaning closer to the tent to try and make the words out better, and upon hearing his name, he knew she had to have seen him and was quick to try and get away. His shock, however, made him lose his balance, fumbling and falling right in through the flaps she hasn’t zipped.

He tried to scramble up and explain as Y/N’s loud gasp hit his ears, but once he was on his knees, he froze. There, sitting on the ground was Y/N, a kitten in her arms looking at him with disinterest at being interrupted. His eyebrows shot up and he opened his mouth, but was quickly shushed frantically as Y/N made her way to the tent opening, zipping it up hastily.

“Don’t yell! I can explain.” Came from her lips, the situation striking Max as ironic, as that was what he had been planning to say.

“You have a fucking cat?” He questioned. Obviously, she did, but it was the only thing he could get out. All this secrecy and weird behavior, and she’d simply been hiding a kitten. She gave a tight smile and nodded, making her way over to pick the aforementioned animal up, he gave a small hiss as he was plopped onto her lap, but quickly settled, rolling over slightly and stretching his paws forward, his claws extending as he made himself comfortable.

Y/N knew Max wouldn’t be someone to tell on her, unless he felt it would somehow get him something he wanted. But she still was anxious about the prospect of losing her cat.

She would tell the cat about her day once it ended, it had become very therapeutic, reminding her of her pets at home and allowing her to feel less stressed in the new place. The cat had become something for her to take comfort in, making things easier to adjust to, she felt she was more ready for the day when she left him in the mornings.

As she held him, tears welled in her eyes. “You can’t tell anyone.” She pleaded, scratching the kitten’s belly as she tried to make her case. “I don’t want him taken away, and I’ve been taking very good care of him. He’s super sweet, he wouldn’t hurt anybody, and no one seems to have a bad reaction, so I don’t think he’s triggered any allergies.”

Max cut her off by raising a hand and rolling his eyes, uncomfortable with how emotional she had gotten. “I’m not gonna try and make you get rid of your pet,” she seemed to visibly relax at this, a quiet thank you leaving her lips as her eyes dropped back to the kitten.

They sat in silence for a moment.

“So,” he started, leaning forward so his elbows rested on his knees, he propped his head against one of his palms, smirking at Y/N.

“You named him Max?”

Y/N flushed, looking a bit sheepish.

“Well, yeah… You remind me of a cat. I mean, you act like you hate David, but you glow when he praises you” She trailed off, lifting the cat once more, this time holding him out to Max before he could argue with her previous statement. “Besides, look at him, he has your eyes.”

Max stared at the cat, it blinking back with lazy eyes. He couldn’t help but agree that his eyes were a very similar shade to the felines. Realizing that Y/N was intending for him to take the animal, he awkwardly took the kitten in his hands.

As he held it, he couldn’t help but smile. No reason Y/N didn’t give the thing up. It was a fuzzy ball of cuteness.

However, his affection was short lived as the cat suddenly dug its fangs into the hand he was going to pet him with.

A loud curse left his lips as Y/N gasped and instantly started apologizing, hands extending to take the kitten from him.

“I’m so sorry! He’s never bitten me before! I guess he’s not a fan of guys!”

She set the now purring demon onto the cot, the Max’s seemingly glaring at one another.

However, the original Max’s attention turned to Y/N as she gently grabbed his hand and started to clean it, pulling out some band-aids to patch him up.

“I hope this doesn’t change your mind about telling.” She said nervously.

Max just shrugged it off, blushing at how close the two were. “Nah, I’m no asshole. I get it. Cats are pricks anyway. You let them have your name and they still turn on you.”

Y/N giggled, finishing up with his hands and smiling at him. A thank you was just about to leave her lips when she heard David yell about curfew and tent checks. She gasped loudly, shoving at him.

“Go! Go! I’ve gotta hide him.” She managed to shove him out, stopping for a moment to give him an appreciative gaze. “Thank you for being cool about this. You can come back tomorrow and watch him eat, it’ll be our little secret.”

With that, she zipped up her tent and got to work making sure the kitten would be out of site when Gwen checked her tent.

Max was left standing outside, a smile tugging at his lips.

Their little secret.

He was glad he hasn’t found Y/N trying to run away now, this seemed so much better.


a daily life with david’s new family 

You can say that daniel is a house (mom) dad, he cleans and makes food for max and david.  He tries not to poison his new family. lol, there was a time where daniel forgot he was making food for david and thought he was making it for someone else and put poison it in. poor david he was sick for days. 

Max only eats the food david makes, only when david is not home or didn’t make food, he would eat daniel’s food then . And they have two dogs and one some kitten.  

Draw your OC group meme.

I always see these memes for just one character so here’sone for a group of OCs to draw them interacting together and such. Draw one a day or whenever you feel like it or have your followers, friends, and anons send you numbers; whatever you like.

Feel free to use this for fanart, too.

Introduce your OCs (optional)

1.     Line them up. Let’s see their height differences.

2.     Wearing what you’re currently wearing.

3.     In formal clothes.

4.     In school uniforms.

5.     In their underwear.

6.     In swim suits.

7.     Dress for a hot summer day.

8.     Dressed for winter.

9.     Wearing ugly winter holiday sweaters.

10.   In Halloween costumes.

11.   Wearing flower crowns.

12.   Wearing silly hats.

13.   Sharing a really long scarf.

14.   In sexy armor.

15.   In practical armor.


17.   At meal time.

18.   Sleeping.

19.   Dancing.

20.   In a band. (if already in a band draw them in a different genre of music)

21.   Playing a sport.

22.   With a box of kittens.

23.   Camping.

24.   Movie night. (what movie or genre?)

25.   Game night.

26.   Reading.

27.   With action figures of themselves.

28.   At the mall.

29.   Tea time or coffee break. (or both)

30.   Building/in a fort. (made of anything you want)

31.   Running.

32.   In a water gun/balloon fight.

33.   Putting on a play.


35.   Aged up or down. (or both)

36.   As a magical girl team. (one that exists or original)

37.   As animals. (If they are animals draw them human)

38.   As RPG classes. (Warrior, Cleric, Wizard, Bard, etc. Like Dungeons and Dragons classes)

39.   Each as a ‘sona. (witchsona, gemsona, etc.)

40.   As characters from a movie.

41.   As characters from a TV show.

42.   As characters from a videogame.

43.   As stick figures.

44.   As Lego mini figures.

45.   As merfolk. (if already merfolk then as humans.)

46.   In any time period in the past.

47.   In a futuristic time period.

48.   With the rage face that fits each of them best.

49.   GROUP HUG!

50.   Draw a sequence or comic. (any length)

Notes: I’ve noticed I’ve been leaving out Loghain, and I will gladly add him if someone requests it.


Alistair Theirin - He was always more of a dog person, ever since he watched his cat swallow a pigeon whole. Those kind of things stick with you, ya know. They don’t just go away after a while. In fact, if anything, that moment had been burned into his mind. He was positive he had watched the cats jaw unhinge. But when he stared at the small feline in the Wardens hands, a soft ‘Awww’ had slipped out. With a stealthy look around, to make sure the dog wasn’t looking, he gave the feline a small scratch on the head. The warden wouldn’t be getting the kitten back, ever. Soft mewls could be heard from the inside of his shirt or the helmet tucked under his arm.

Alistair Theirin (Romanced) - He didn’t know what was cuter, the wardens hopeful face or the kitten in her palms. Haha who was he kidding it was definitely her. He would tilt his head down, pressing a soft kiss against the wardens mouth, mumbling a soft thanks as he picked her up and the kitten. 

Zevran Arainai - Felines were truly elegant creatures. All long, sinew limbs, slipping through small cracks and crannies, fast to strike and even faster to run away. How could this animal not represent him completely? Well, other than a crow, of course. He would chuckle at the Warden, taking the kitten with one hand and looking it over. “Although, I am charmed, I will have to decline, my dear Warden. Although I am absolutely charmed with the little beast and of course, you as well, I can not accept a living thing. I am a Crow, do you not remember? Well, ex-Crow, which is worse! The poor thing would not last a week with me.” He’d then deposit the kitten back in their hands and head off before they could force the feline back in his hands.

Zevran Arainai (Romanced) - He would hesitate, staring at the small kitten. It was small, vulnerable and weak in his hands. And young. So, very young, orphaned and now in his care. He’d gently turn it onto it’s back, running a finger up and down it’s stomach as it mewled. “I will accept this gift, My Warden.” He said softly, a rare, small and soft smile on his face. And then his smile would grow lascivious. “I do love p-” He’d chuckle as he was smacked softly on the shoulder. After, he would sit alone with the kitten, humming. It would be nice, to have something to remember the warden by.

Leliana (Romance/nonromance) - The soft gasp that would leave her lips would be between something akin to shock and something akin to wonder. “Really? you really mean…?” Her hands would go out, pulling the kitten to her chest, practically cooing over the thing as if she were it’s feline mother. She’d press a soft kiss to it’s wet nose and her eye’s would twinkle, glancing up at the Warden. “Thank you. Almost as cute as Schmooples.” (If Romanced) “Almost as cute as you.”

Morrigan - “If you are unable to take care of the beast yourself, Warden, do not push it upon me under the guise of a gift. If I had wanted a pet I would have my pick of the entire forest I dwelt in.” She would deny the cat outright, but the kitten would disappear from the Wardens tent the night. In the morning that kitten could be seen padding after Morrigan, bumping into her ankles and purring. Her face would go red when stared at and she’d huff. “What? What? It is not my fault that the beast follows me! Keep your gaze to yourself.”

Morrigan (Romanced) - She’d be amused at first, gently prodding and petting the kitten slowly and softly. “Why do I need this creature when I already own you? Tis pointless, My Warden.” She’d reach over, gently petting the hair with a chuckle on her lips. “You are much more fun then some feline. Though, if it will please you, I will care for the creature.”

Ohgren - Ohgren would grunt, eyes narrowing. “S’that’s what one a those look like?” He’d reach out, snatching up the kitten. His face would fill with alarm as it mewed and he’d be gentler, cupping it in his hands. “Shit. It’s softer than a nug. Probably tastier.” The Warden would squint, hands twitching for the feline. “I ain’t gonna eat it! It’s not even fattened up yet, Stone…” He huffed, holding the kitten away from the warden. Despite his comments, he never ate it, and it grew up to be a great attack cat. 

Shale - Shale would look disinterested, walking away. “It kills birds.” That would stop Shale right in their tracks. They’d slowly turn around, holding their hand out. “If it finds pleasure in destroying in the feathered ones, then I will take it.” Shale is commonly seen with the kitten on their shoulder, and just as promised, bats away any birds that may try to poop on the Golem. 

Sten - He would grunt, eyebrows furrowing. “Why would you give me such a thing? I have no need for it.” He would scowl when it mewled at him, begging to be pet. “Take it away! It’s…looking at me like that.” Of course Sten would eventually relent, but looking none to pleased about it. The kitten grew up to be the most spoiled thing in THEDAS. Somewhere, Leliana is whispering ‘Softie!’ And Sten is groaning. 

Wynne - She would not mind taking the gift, smiling and giving a small nod. She’d be flattered, really, but. Despite her motherly nature, she would have no idea what to do with the feline. In fact, she’d be downright awkward. What did it need to eat? Why couldn’t she change it’s sleeping schedule so it could be easier to travel, not having a sleep cat in her arms or on her shoulders? Of course, she’d get the hang of it, happy for the gift. Someone to keep an old woman company.

Dog - He would snuffle at the kitten, nosing it until it fell over. The dog would gently take the nape of it’s neck into it’s jaw and would wander off with it’s new charge, lounging around the camp with the small kitten in between the dog’s paws, ruffing softly whenever someone came too close. 


Notes: This is adorable. I find this adorable. Does this make me egotistical?