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Vegan Backpacking Eats!

1st pic: Vegan S'mores made with Dandies marshmallows and I got the Speculoos cookies and vegan chocolate from Trader Joe’s. I usually cook them up but these are also quite tasty straight out of the bag.

Alix and I picked up a bunch of dehydrated vegan backpacking meals at REI. It’s kind of nice to be able to grab these in a hurry.  The lentils, rice with indian spice are good. You can rehydrate this meal in the bag but I always like to cook it in my pot and add some extra seasonings. If you don’t like cleaning your pot you can also eat out of the bag.

I like the kettle chili quite a bit. We let the chili rehydrate in the bag. It was fine but next time I’ll cook it in my pot. I’m not sure if I added too much water but it seemed like it. A common technique to thicken meals out in the field is to add some dehydrated potato flakes. This time I added some nutritional yeast and it did the trick.

And scrambled tofu is pretty much what I aim to have every morning I’m camping & backpacking. If I’m going out for multiple days I can’t always do this but heck it’s really tasty and easy to make.  My alternate version of scramble tofu where I cook it all in the same pot. What’s in the seasoning? Mostly nutritional yeast, salt and pepper. I add a few secret ingredients but it’s really only a secret because I’m always changing the recipe.

The Backpacker’s Pantry Louisiana Red Beans and Rice was quite good. I let it rehydrate in the bag as I cooked the tofurkey dogs. Then I added the beans and rice to the pan and cooked it on low heat for a couple of minutes. Then I take off the heat, cover it and let it cool down for a few more minutes. I  offended my friends from Louisiana when I sprinkled some Daiya on top. You just don’t add cheese, vegan or not to red beans and rice. I won’t do it again, it was a one time thing! I’ll keep trying new variations and techniques with my food but I’m extremely happy with what I make on the trail. I have a couple longer trips planned where I’ll be dehydrating my own food and I’ll post some photos of that. And I should of posted about Ramen and Oatmeal. It’s super cheap and easy to make on the trail.