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Relationship Status: Single 
Favorite Color: Green
Last Song I listened to: dunno, radio didn’t say
Favorite TV Show: Stargate SG1
First Fandom: dunno, never even heard the word till i joined tumblr.
Hobbies: target shooting, archery, games, cooking, and camping 
Books that I’m currently reading: The Savior by Nick Ragland and Tom Schwettman
Favorite Book: Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
Worst Thing You’ve Ever Eaten/Tasted: some noodle dish they served us in basic training, no idea what it was called just glad we weren’t in the dfac for it.
Favorite Place: Somewhere secluded in the mountains. 
Pet(s): Family just got 2 dogs a week ago

I’ll tag… nobody, y’all are free from obligation.