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I’ve submitted Fanimecon panels!

Bunnysuit Boot Camp:

With the continued popularity of bunny girls in anime and popular culture, have you ever wondered how to make your own bunnysuit cosplay, but were befuddled by creating such a heavily structured garment? Join cosplayer fabrickind to learn the basics of patterning and sewing Playboy-inspired costumes and other corset-like but non-reducing garments.

Sewing with Knits:

Knit fabrics are comfortable, versatile, stretchy, and essential for form-fitting garments like bodysuits, but many sewists can find such stretch fabrics daunting. Come learn from cosplayer fabrickind special fabric choice, sewing, and patterning considerations when working with knit materials.

Cosplay Makeup 101:

The right makeup in cosplay can instantly improve a look, especially on camera, regardless of your or your character’s gender. But with so many types of products on the market and possible makeup looks, how do you know where to begin? Join cosplayer fabrickind to learn the basics of makeup types and application for a variety of cosplay looks.

Hope I’m accepted!

15. vous jeter dans la foule et “slammer” dessus
43. tirer une fléchette sur une mappemonde pour choisir votre destination
45. vous enfuir d’un restaurant sans payer
62. rejoindre le club de ceux qui se sont envoyer en l’air à plus de 3000 km
81. vous faire virer d’un bar
96. être figurant dans un film
97. parcourir le monde en camping-car
—  101 Choses à faire avant de mourir - Richard Horne

TL;DR - “I need locking up.”

Fanimecon panels submissions are currently live, and I’m debating submitting a couple. Of these topics, which are people most likely to want to attend?

Fabric Choice: Laces and Trims
Bunnysuit Boot Camp
Cosplay Makeup 101
Sewing With Knits  

I’m willing to bring back Planning Your Cosplay, but I’m giving that one at my next con and kind of want to change it up instead of doing it three cons in a row. Always willing to bring back Fabric Choice and Foundation Garments, but I did those last Fanime and would rather do something different unless there’s high demand for them. 

these are all new topics that I haven’t given before. I’m leaning towards Laces and Trims and Bunnysuit Boot Camp (I mostly just like the title :P), but what would people want to see?

Niall Smut: Camping 101

Requested by: streetglam

The soft breeze flickering the fire and making it burn for longer than expected relaxed you. With smores, your friends and Niall every problem you faced during the week vanished.

The woods were dark and the air started getting chilly making your cardigan help very little.

 “Here,” Niall’s green plaid shirt was draped over your shoulders.

“Thanks Ni,” you smiled gratefully and pulled it closer to protect you from the increasingly cold weather. Most of your other friends returned to their tents as soon as the wind showed up and others were simply tired after kayaking for half the day but you and Niall were the only ones left and it felt nice.

Niall was shivering and doing his best to keep his teeth from chattering but you noticed and got the hint.

“Time to return to my tent. It was nice hanging out with you Niall- it’s not often we get to leave everything behind and just be there together. Thanks for staying.”

He waved his hand showing it was no problem and with one last goodbye you lowered your head trying to enter your tent.

“Umm Y/N?” you backed up and looked at his ruffled hair like he had run his hands through it one too many times.

“Oh the shirt! Sorry,” you walked over to him stepping on some twigs and noisy leaves giving him the shirt back but he grabbed your hand and held it in his.

“It’s not that- I just- wanna come in my tent for a bit?” he was out of breath but for the first time in a few hours you felt like the shine was rising early.

“Sure, the night is still young after all,” he chuckled and lead the way to his blue and much larger tent.

There were a few half drunk water bottles and beers here and there but mostly his tent was neat and well stocked. He even had a mini TV.

“Yeah I can’t miss a game. Got to be there for my boys,” he tucked his hands in his pockets and sat on his small but cozy portable mattress. After analyzing his other belongings you sat next to him and contemplated whether he just wanted a chat or make out plus more fun stuff.

“So why-” he reached a hand to your left cheek leading it to his face and kissed you briefly before looking at you checking if that’s what you wanted too.

You concentrated on the little feeling left of his lips on yours and definitely wanted more. The collar of his shirt was now in between your hands and his kisses were just where they needed to be.

His shirt preferably would have been on the ground by now but the weather did not allow that and warmth was a necessity.

“Not the best place or conditions to do this but…” Niall unbuckled his pants and you undid yours.

“We’ll make up for it when we get back,” you chuckled and eased yourself on his lap and kissed him firmly on the lips running your hand through his light hair.

“You’re fantastic, you know?” he breathed quite heavily and brought your bare hips directly above his to tease you more than he’d done all night long with gentleman-like gestures like the shirt, and switching burnt marshmallows with his so you got the best bargain.

He turned you over and whispered in your ear, “You up for something different?” you nodded and he rolled you on your side with him facing your back but pressing himself where you needed him.

He slid your panties down with only one finger and slid into you. It may not have been a thought he’d been thinking, but it was a better way to maintain the heat. It was sexual cuddling benefiting the both of you. Niall kissed along your jaw and smoothed out your hair along the pillow mumbling how good you felt and how he’d been waiting all day for this moment, unsure it would ever happen.

You definitely had never tried this way of making love but as much as it was different it was equally enjoyable and it allowed you to hold onto the hand of his resting on your hip to signal when to accelerate or stop.

Although your friends were camping right next to his tent, you counted on their sleep and stifled as many moans as you could but it was tough when Niall’s grunts were so deep and strong that they just incited you.

He came before you but he kept going making sure you did too which you did just a few minutes later.

The breeze that seemed so terrible an hour ago was actually perfect in the enclosed tent now full of heat, sweat, and smiles.

“It’s pretty scary outside, might as well sneak a bit of sleep with me.” he moved over leaving you enough room to hug him and sleep resting your cheek on his chest tracing up and down his small muscular lines as you fell asleep to the noise of whooshing wind, a shaky plastic tent and Niall’s delicate snores.

The next morning quick tapping against the tent woke the both of you up and your friend Samantha spoke, “Y/N I know you are in there! And we though the animals were out here, turns out they were with us all along!” you giggled against his chest.

“Better leave if you want to maintain your innocence Sam.” Niall’s morning voice resonated through the tent and for some yards outside but Sam just laughed and gave you two twenty more minutes before breakfast was ready.


omgeezy like seven years ago I learned to use iMovie and went camping in a giant fucking teepee and this wee music video was produced out of that experience.

Camping 101…

Remember that camping trip I mentioned to you earlier this month? Well, the time has come & the family and I are irl heading North for our 1st one ever. I’m really giddy on new experiences. I enjoy nature so much and looking forward to this adventure.

So, forgive me ahead of time for the non-sim pic-spam. I’ll try to hold off most pictures for a final journal entry of “Good Company.” Most of you already know my style.

Much Love,

p.s. Enjoy your Holiday!