DIY Member Invents a Super Compact Tent Using PVC Pipes - Assembles In Less Than 5 Min!

"There was a local inventor’s contest for kids and I wanted to enter. I love building and making a tent came to my mind. I wanted to make a tent that could be put up very easy. 

I talked to my dad about things I could use and we came up with pvc pipe. I drew designs and we thought this one would work. My dad helped me by cutting the pvc pipe. When it came to the cover I knew I wanted something heavy, so this is the material we settled on. My grandma helped me sew it.

In the end I was really happy and proud because I worked really hard and the final product really worked! You can really put it together in less than 5 minutes! The backpack it can fit in is cool because it has wheels, but I can carry it on my back. I have the umbrella on top (I didn’t make it, we brought it) because there is a little hole at the top when you put up the tent frame and cover. I like the hole because you can look at the stars at night, but if it is raining you can just stick the umbrella on top.”

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Sexy DeGroot by Blackmoonrose13

To see the video click the source there is a link to the video, Please watch it

Sorry if the quality is kinda eh because I had to remake the video because the first version the song is blocked in america and a bunch of places….but yet I can easily find the said song….in the original video readily on youtube….internet.

This is actually a gift trade thingy for an awesome friend.

She requested for some Demo and Spy. I needed some idea she said something with Demo flexing and Spy getting all ahhh….I did something close enough.

I was going to do it on the lakeside map but I was wanted more beach less ocean but eh I need a beach map you know a just basic nice beach. Is there anything out there yet?

Any way I decided to use blu so they can stand out some more.

Added Sniper because it felt empty in that section, also in my mind adds a little more humor to the situation. Sniper all like That should be be Spy is oggling. Or That should be me Swooning over Demo body. Viewers choice.

I hope you guys like it and tell me your thoughts and all that.

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