Concept: We’re staying in a log cabin. It’s a perfect spring day; not too hot nor too cold. I’ve just made us some tea and we’re sitting on the front porch together looking out at the lake. The water is still and it reflects the blue sky and the many trees all around us. Everything is quiet. Everything is peaceful, and my heart feels as warm as the cup of tea in my hands.


A hike across the United States on the Pacific Crest Trail, compacted into 5:00.

I’m going backpacking/camping in April,

And I have no idea how to:

  • light a fire/start a fire
  • filter water
  • poop in the wilderness (do you use tp or something else? or nothing? it can’t be nothing)
  • bathe in the wilderness
  • set up my tent (bc it didn’t come with poles, in my defense, so i haven’t had the opportunity to try to set it up – i’m working on finding some)
  • brush teeth in the wilderness
  • pack a backpack
  • compress my sleeping bag enough to fit into a backpack
  • find and/or prepare gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian (or pescetarian) camp foods

I know nothing guys. NOTHING. I feel so naive and basic, no lie. Luckily I’m going with someone who spends 90% of his time outdoors and in the wilderness, so that will be helpful, but I also don’t want to look the absolute fool. It’s a three day, two night hike, so I need to figure my shit out, stat.

Any advice is welcome. :)