I gotta say, this would probably be a pretty interesting camping trip. This incredible quote comes from Rachel Andre and her amazing son Jack from Austin, TX. What’s even more awesome about this quote is that 3 yr old Jack reviews music and this was a review of “Warm Beer and Cold Women” by Tom Waits. I must meet you Jack. You are awesome. Thanks Andre family!!!

VSSL Shelter

Not that we would ever wish the following upon you, but imagine yourself stranded on a snowy mountain, battling with gale force winds and freezing temperatures. There is nothing in your vicinity to make a viable shelter from and you are, rightfully so, scared for your life. If this is one of your worst nightmares, please, read on about a practical solution to this problem. It is called VSSL Shelter and it is a great emergency shelter for the situations that don’t turn out like we planned.