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scusa la domanda stupida, ma ti prego di rispondermi sono disperata! da due anni cerco di seminare girasoli nel mio giardino che mi piacciono tanto ma puntualmente non mi nascono, perché? e pure prendo sempre i semini più belli sui campi che ho intorno, aiutami ti prego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mmmm… non capisco l’anonimato, ma vista la disperazione….

Allora le cause possono essere molteplici, prima su tutte l’epoca di semina, da me in centro Italia la semina del girasole si fa da fine marzo a fine aprile, cercando di trovare le condizioni più o meno ottimali (umidità del terreno temperature superiori ai 12 gradi di notte e tante altre variabili che non ti sto a  elencare). Poi, come semi ti consiglio di comprarli e non di prenderli dalle calatidi presenti nei campi, perché oramai quasi tutte le varietà di girasole che vengono seminate (industrialmente) sono ibride. Ultima cosa, il terriccio quello per i vasi per intenderci non è proprio indicatissimo, meglio un terreno più grasso (che trattenga l’acqua) e che sia ricco di elementi nutritivi, spero di esserti stato di aiuto, buona semina!

Hey guys, I just want to give everyone a heads up about the Power Rangers movie and Trini’s sexuality! The press definitely over-hyped it over the past few weeks. While it’s discussed, it’s super brief and she does NOT use the word lesbian. The whole scene is up to interpretation, though, because she discusses her family’s need for labels and how much it annoys her immediately after that. IMO, it seems in character for her not to use a label based on that, though obviously I would have preferred it to have been discussed a little more concretely.

I still really recommend the movie, though. I won’t get into too much detail unless it’s through non-anon asks/messages.

And if anyone is worried about it being too unlike the original series, don’t. While it’s been updated and made more relevant for modern teenagers, it’s still got the heart and soul and campiness of the original series.

The way I see it, Prince Lotor could either be a great opportunity for serious drama or just an absolute Team Rocket-style shitty villain, and either way I am 110% ready to see Voltron dropkick him into space.


A supervolcano near Naples may be waking up

  • Campi Flegrei, a supervolcano near Naples, Italy, and dormant for close to 500 years, appears to be reawakening, scientists say.
  • According to a study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, rising magma could cause a release of gas and fluid that may lead to an eruption.
  • If that happens, as the Washington Post reported, it would spell disaster for the 500,000 people living around it.
  • Giovanni Chiodini, a volcanologist and the lead author of the study, said while it is impossible to predict with certainty when and if the supervolcano will erupt, the caldera requires immediate attention.
  • The volcano has erupted twice in the last thousand years: in 1198 and 1538.
  • In 2012, Italian authorities raised the alert level from green to yellow due to volcanic uplift. Read more

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why is 2010s the era of turning campy dumb games into ‘gritty’ games

the gaming industry keeps forgetting writing class 101 in their efforts to make a ‘mature’ gaming experience, whatever that means. i feel like writers are missing basic components of storytelling. you don’t need 'down to earth’ and 'super believable settings’ to sell a story, what sells a story is having believable characters. having things be dark and gritty beginning to end make a narrative monotonous, you need light to contrast dark so that when something bad does happen it sticks with you.

that being said, its okay to have your game be that way. theres a market for those games. but it seems like established franchises believe that moving into that territory is an improvement which is not always true, and the environment of the industry puts graphics/vr ahead of writing.

it’s funny compared to the animation industry where we’re taught that the best works are ones that leave an impact on both young and adult audiences.

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LeFou being gay wasn’t treated as a joke!!! He is questioning Gaston pretty much as soon as Maurice turns up talking about the Beast. He literally questions him to his face and then, after Gaston leaves him during the fight, betrays him and even saves Mrs Potts and helps rid the castle of the attackers! And at the end he dances with a man, and he’s happy, guys! He’s not mourning Gaston, he’s accepted into the castle and is happily dancing with a man! And not in a jokey way! And the man wasn’t wearing a dress contrary to popular belief, if he was then it clearly came off because they are both just two men on the dance floor. Yes, LeFou is quite campy but the director and many actors are gay so I’m going to go by the information that they weren’t making him campy in an offensive way but to make him more of a fun loving character!

“don’t watch stranger things, watch the get down instead!”

………you know you can watch both right. like this isn’t an either/or situation. netflix does not force you to only pick one (1) original show to watch per year. you can have it all.