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DCP Bucket List!

This is the start of my DCP bucket list. I’m picking and choosing from ones I have seen elsewhere! Also, I’m going to make a separate list just for food!

1) Visit all 4 parks in one day

2) Spend an entire day, open to close, at every park.

3) Go to MK for the Welcome Show

4) Watch the Wishes fireworks

5) Go to at least on VoluntEARS event

6) Go to a Magic Backstage event

7) Drink around the world at Epcot

8) Meet all the characters

9) See the Festival of the Lion King

10) Be the Rebel Spy on Star Tours

11) Go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge at night

12) See every parade and show at Disney

13) Go to a Rope Drop at each park

14) Go to a park alone

15) Go to a park and don’t go on any rides

16) People watch

17) Go to the parks on a rainy day

18) Have family and friends visit

19) Take a photo in front of each park landmark

20) Watch a custodian paint a water picture

Magic Kingdom specific:

21) Buy a balloon on Main Street

22) Curtsy with the Princesses

23) Find PUSH the talking trash can

24) Frontierland Hoedown

25) Get pixie dusted from Castle Couture

26) Get a picture on an empty Main Street

27) Make a wish in the wishing well

28) Ride all 3 mountains in one day

29) Take a behind the scenes tour of the park

30) Take the ferryboat instead of the monorail

31) Try pulling the sword from the stone

EPCOT specific:

32) Take a picture in the phone booth in the London Pavilion

33) DiveQuest

34) Do the Behind the Seeds tour

35) Get a passport and visit every country for stamps

36) Pick a pearl in Japan

37) Sit in the very front row of Soarin’

38) Take a picture inside Bruce’s mouth at The Seas with Nemo and Friends

39) Take the Around the World Segway tour

40) Do everything in Innovations East and West

Hollywood Studios specific:

41) Do the animation class

42) Experience Character Palooza

43) Get a high score on Toy Story Midway Mania

44) Go on Tower of Terror daytime, night, and raining

45) Make a lightsaber at Tattooine Traders

46) See both Fantasmic showings in the same night

47) Sit in the very front row at Fantasmic

48) Be on the Backlot Tour

49) Walk through One Man’s Dream

Animal Kingdom specific:

50) Check out the Backstage Safari or Wild by Design tour

51) Dance in the Harambe Village street party

52) Do the Wild Africa Trek

53) Be a part of the show at Festival of the Lion King

54) Go on Kali River Rapids until completely soaked

55) Go to the petting zoo at Rafiki’s Planet Watch

56) Ride the first Kilimanjaro Safari of the day

57) Ride Expedition Everest multiple times in a row

58) Play in Dinoland

Downtown Disney specific:

59) Design your own shirt at Design-a-Tee

60) Get lost in World of Disney

61) Go bowling at Splitsville

62) Go to DisneyQuest

63) La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil

64) Ride the Characters in Flight balloon

65) See a movie at the dine-in theatre

66) Stroll around DTD at night

67) Visit Basin and wash your hands with the scrubs

68) Rent a platoon boat

Resort specific:

69) Archery at Fort Wilderness

70) Campfire & singalong with Chip and Dale at Fort Wilderness

71) Campfire at Animal Kingdom Lodge

72) Explore the Boardwalk at night

73) Stay at a fancy resort for one night

74) Get leis from the Polynesian

75) Go parasailing or jet skiing in Bay Lake

76) Go to a movie night

77) Have a spa day at Saratoga Springs or Grand Floridian

78) Have tea at the Grand Floridian

79) Jellyrolls dueling piano bar on the Boardwalk

80) Go around Seven Seas Lagoon

81) Relax in a hammock at the Polynesian

82) Ride the resort monorail all day

83) Take a carriage ride at Fort Wilderness or Port Orleans Riverside

84) Visit every resort

85) Visit the Wedding Pavilion

86) Watch the Electrical Water Pageant from the Poly

87) Watch Wishes from the beach at the Poly, Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian, and California Grille at the Contemporary


88) Check out ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

89) Learn to surf at Typhoon Lagoon

90) Plan mini golf at Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland

91) Swim with sharks at Typhoon Lagoon

92) Take on Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach

93) Be the last guest in a park

94) Become a Galactic Hero

anonymous asked:

Tbh i think mal wouldnt like the idea of kids. Evie wouldnt be either but i havr a feeling she'll come around to the idea and have at least two bbys to fawn over... Carlos would definitely want a kid, I think. Just to prove his mum wrong. That he is nothing like her... But then he has his dogs so idk... Jay tho... I think, like evie & mal he'd be hesitant of the idea, scared of becoming his dad... idk i just want all the angst headcanons ok

Omg don’t ask for angst headcanons I will give you angst headcanons. That’s my jam, yo.

Mal meets so many kids as The King of Auradon’s Official Girlfriend. During photo ops she poses stiffly beside the orphans and the cherub-cheeked merchant’s children. They ask her questions about her magic, about her hair, about her life. Mal never knows how to answer them, so she just smiles, and puts her hand on the child’s shoulder, and pretends to be someone she’s not.

The worst, the worst, are the babies.

Somehow all it takes is one too-brave mother foisting her three month old into Mal’s arms during another photo op. Mal smiles, and holds the baby, and pretends to be someone she’s not. After that more mothers come forward. Some of them ask for blessings. Most just want pictures.

Audrey likes to “suggest” under her breath that maybe Mal’s resentful on account of wanting to curse the children. Ben dutifully defends Mal, says that it’s not like that. Audrey shrugs.

It is like that. Every time another squirming, innocent bundle is placed in her arms Mal thinks of a hundred curses. Her tongue feels thick, her arms feel heavy, and her magic nips at the back of her neck with impatient need. Every time, she bites it back. She smiles, and gives the baby back, and pretends to be someone she’s not.

Evie remembers her childhood. She walks an empty corridor leaving the library late at night and mirror mirror echoes in her footsteps. Then she’s running running running never quite fast enough to outrun her memories.

Sometimes she catches herself in the mirror, smoothing her hands over her enviably taut middle, her mother’s voice saying stretch marks, you’ll never get rid of them, you’ll never be fairest. Young now, slender now, beautiful now. She’s never given birth.

When she promises herself she never will, she’s not sure if that promise is for her vanity or for the sake of the children she’ll never meet.

Jay works at a tourney camp during the summer. He coaches kids through field goals and tentative friendships and campfire singalongs. He picks up petulant eight year olds and throws them over his shoulders and spins and spins and spins until they squeal with delighted protest. He teaches them all to pick locks and pockets.

It’s fun until it’s not.

The kids whisper about homesickness. They miss their parents. Their siblings. Their best friends. They miss chocolate chip cookies and movie nights and a bed that smells like them. They miss and miss and miss and miss and—

During the hours after lights-out he calls Mal. He sits tucked against a tree, knees drawn up towards his chest, and tries to put into words how he doesn’t miss the Isle, not at all. He doesn’t miss eating rotten food, sleeping on the floor, thieving for both his food and his floor. He doesn’t miss the Dragon Hall. He doesn’t miss the Market. He doesn’t miss the Junk Shop. He doesn’t miss waiting for magic enough to make his father love him.

If he doesn’t miss the Isle, why is he homesick?

Carlos finds the kids with bruised souls and wary eyes. He can pick them out from a mile away. He comes to them, Dude trotting at his heels, and stops a good two feet away. He squats, and smiles, and shows them his scars.

Over the years he brings them home, these broken children that Auradon never did get around to acknowledging, and gives to them a small universe of dogs and books and inventions. Gripping their shoulders with warm hands, he introduces them to Mal and Evie and Jay. Ruffling their hair, he tells them that they’re pack now.


Daily photos – I think I already posted one for yesterday, but I took a better one last night at our annual family singalong campfire. (It was so hot, I can’t believe we actually made a fire. The purists insisted.)

Today’s photo is of the arugula in the backyard, which has gone to flower. The bees seem to love it (and it’s still edible – not too hot or bitter – which was a pleasant surprise).

I found a list of solangelo headcanons when i was going through my drafts so thought i’d share

  • Often Nico will shadow travel to catch up with Will and Will will be like “DOCTORS ORDERS WERE TO CUT THAT OUT!” and Nico just puts on his best puppy dog eyes and says “I just wanted to see you sooner…” And Will gets all flustered
  • Will writes Nico a haiku poem every week and he’s just as bad as Apollo and Nico will straight out tell him it sucks but he always says “A for effort” and gives Will a kiss out of sympathy and now Will writes bad poems on purpose, Nico of course has figured it out but Will feels so clever that he lets it go on anyways
  • Will teaching Nico archery
  • Will and Nico subconsciously flirt but are oblivious the the fact that they like each other  so Jason is always like “Operation get Will and Nico together commence” when he sees them bc he’s like the biggest solangelo shipper
  • Will gives Nico a present and he opens it and it’s a shirt that says “Don’t call me Death Boy” and Nico’s like “the fuck is this?” and then Will proceeds to rip off his jacket to reveal a shirt that says “If found return to Death Boy”
  • Will and Nico are actually hella big nerds and cosplay together as ships
  • Nico is actually an amazing poet so Apollo comes to Will like “Son, you cannot date this boy because he writes better poems than me” (Will does anyways)
  • Will will take a toy bow and arrow and glue hearts onto them and proceeds to shoot Nico saying “You have been hit by cupids arrow, you are now in love with me” and Nico’s like “I guess that arrow finally took effect..” (from when he was shot by cupid)
  • They hold hands during the campfire singalongs and think they’re being so subtle but honestly you could be standing 30 feet away and see they’ve got it for each other
  • Will likes to sneak into Nico’s cabin at night bc Nico gets lonely and likes having a cuddle buddy and since Nico doesn’t have to share his cabin things tend to escalate quickly ≖‿≖
  • The first time Will made/heard Nico laugh he just stopped dumbfounded for a solid minute as his face burst into the biggest blush you’ll ever see