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The School Band Camp 1

Characters: Me,18 Ben,14 *This Story is copied and edited from a blog  *

Every year our school would hold a camp for the school band. I am currently a senior at the school and plays the trumpet in the band, also I end my school term in less than a year. The camp is like what you expect it to be, bonding sessions and campfires. During this camp, I spotted this cute boy who was 4 years my junior. His name was Ben as I got to find out about this name later. Ben was half Asian, well tanned and had nice toned legs that were smooth and hairless making him a cute little twink.Being the senior of the school had it’s perks as we got to choose who to sleep with. Obviously, I chose to share a tent with Ben.

Night had befallen in the woods and Ben was already asleep after supper. Taking the chance, I reached up his PE T-shirt which he was sleeping in and lifted it to reveal his chest and nipples. I caressed his body feeling his developing abs. Afterwards, I began to lick his nipples it was not long before he developed an erection. I began to stroke his erection through his PE shorts….he was not wearing any underwear as his hard cock tented in has shorts.Reaching his privates through the legs of his oversized shorts which had lots of room .I groped his balls. Afterwards, I started to masturbate Ben. His cock was uncut and about 5 inches in size and thickness….it was also wet and hard leaking pre-cum.

I looked at his cute Asian face to check if he was still asleep which I knew it was fake. I gave him a light kiss. I then began jerking him off till he came……shooting warm cum all over my hand and inside his shorts. He moaned softly as he came. My hand was covered with his cum, I took it out his shorts and licked his warm cum off….it tasted so salty and creamy. My own cock wet and leaking from all that excitement. I pulled my shorts down and toke ay cock out. I took his hand and masturbate myself by wrapping his hand around my hard cock… I knew he was awake as at some points I felt his hand squeezed my cock with his hand. I fucked the hand wrapped around my cock. I was getting close to cumming.I took one of his dirty smelly shirts covered with his scent and smelled it. Moving his hand up and down as my cock slide in and out…I came in his hands. Warm jets of cum shot out landing oh his hand and me. Spent and tired, I laid there with his hands still around my dick, and still smelling his shirt and touching his body… I dozed off and only woke up an hour later.My shorts were pulled up, my body was clean from cum… his hands were over me… I looked at him… and kissed him on his lips. Hugged him and went to sleep…
He smiled at me like nothing happened the next morning…

pipsqueak216  asked:

I want Ruby to talk to everyone about what happened! Team RWBY campfire pow-wow session. We got that little scene with Jaune but I feel like it wasnt enough. I want more girl friendship pls. and also for Ruby to talk more

I’d love to see Ruby be a leader again!! I feel like if there are problems with Blake and Yang Ruby will be like ‘pull it together, work things out, we have work to do’ and stuff

“This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” by Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses) // Originally by Talking Heads 

When Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) and Ben Bridwell announced their new covers album, Sing Into My Mouth, I kind of immediately assumed that I knew what to expect. Dusty, laidback, country-tinged acoustic beauties of whichever song was chosen. Hearing the duo’s take on the Talking Heads’ classic, “This Must Be the Place”, I realize that I wasn’t far off the mark - but, I was also perhaps being too dismissive. The sound, though familiar, hugely works and the result is as pretty as can be while giving off a sort of latenight campfire jam session between two incredibly talented guys. It’s a lot of fun and i’m very curious what some of the other covers are going to sound like when the album drops on July 17th.

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