campfire meals


Campfire Meals: Easy Breakfast Tacos


  • tortillas
  • eggs
  • potatoes
  • meats of your choice
  • veggies of your choice
  • olive or veggie oil
  • spices


  • campfire
  • disposable grilling pans
  • tongs and oven mitt
  • knife and cutting board
  • cast iron skillet
  • metal spatula
  • aluminum foil


  1. Start your campfire.
  2. While fire is catching, chop or slice potatoes (we used red potatoes). Chopping into bite-sized chunks is better for use in tacos, though slicing normally creates crispier potatoes, great for a side dish.
  3. Dump potatoes into a grilling pan and drizzle oil over them. Sprinkle spices on top.
  4. Cover pan with aluminum foil and carefully shake to distribute oil.
  5. Place covered potatoes over fire.
  6. Next, it’s time for eggs. Pour a little oil into the cast iron skillet and tilt around to distribute over bottom of pan.
  7. Either crack eggs directly into skillet or into a cup (which means you can scramble them, whisk in milk or cheese or veggies, etc. in the cup) and use the spatula to scramble. Campfires cook fast, so stay nearby.
  8. Dump finished eggs into another grilling pan and set aside (or in a cooler area of the campfire so they don’t get overcooked).
  9. For the meats, either cook in the skillet as well or lay directly on the campfire grill.
  10. Warm tortillas over the fire, mix everything together in said tortilla, add cheese or additional toppings.
  11. Enjoy!
Dimples [OQ]

Missing year. Dimples Queen, as the title might suggest, to go along with all those feelsy behind-the-scenes pics today :)

“Help!” he exclaims dramatically, arms windmilling, “Help!” A foot well-placed just shy of a branch pitches him forward, caught by the Queen.

“Oops!” he says, grin rueful, set in dimples she’s seen elsewhere, while she fusses over bones not broken, skin unscathed. Then, his solemn apology, to appease his father’s grim approach.

She soothes his sorrys, states she can’t accept them—says the same when Robin insists he thank her for the timely rescue with a simple campfire meal for two.

“Three,” he amends at Roland’s forceful throat-clearing, and where those dimples are concerned, she never could say no to his.

How to cook a pizza on a campfire

It’s easy to enjoy great pizza even when the delivery guy is miles away. Cooking pizza over a campfire is not only fun, it’s delicious too. Plus, the kids can get involved in the process. If you’re tired of hot dogs and s’mores, cook some pizza over a campfire.

How to cook a pizza on a campfire was originally published on Lets Fix It