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Tybee Island - Feb 2015 by Lindsay Appel

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Sterek Prompt: Smoke, Laughter, Bitter

Taking Sterek Prompts Tonight!

Stiles poked at the embers glowing bright and hot beneath the campfire grill, just to see the sparks swirl into the air. This was the part of a fire he liked best- when the flames had died and the smoke had cleared and the heat just radiated from the pit, shimmering the air. It was the best kind of fire to cook on, as the heat evened out without fire to lick up at the foil-wrapped packets of food they’d made earlier in the evening.

Beside him, Derek was roasting a marshmallow on a stick he had carved into a point with one sharp claw. Stiles wasn’t about to argue about eating dessert before dinner. Time was kind of meanless on this camping trip. So far they had mostly been sleeping when they were tired, eating when they were hungry, and picking up activities when the fancy struck them.

Stiles had earlier challenged Derek to a contest, to see who could catch a fish first- a fishing pole or a werewolf’s claws. Stiles hadn’t really expected Derek to accept the challenge or to take it seriously, but it was worth tromping all the way down to the nearby stream in order to watch Derek slip on the slimey river rocks and plant face first into the water. Stiles had laughed so hard he’d nearly fell in right beside him.

Derek had not been so graceful as to stop from pulling him anyway. Stiles found he couldn’t be bitter about the impromptu dip in the icy water, at least not after Derek had hauled him over and kissed him senseless. Especially not after Derek had helped warm him up when they returned to their tent.

Now there were two cleaned fish in one of the foil packets, wrapped up with onions and butter and lemon they had brought with them for just such a purpose. The other package was full of sweet potato cubes and more butter, and Derek had almost finished roasting the first of many marshmallows. Stiles could not think of a better way to end their trip than snuggling up to eat, and watching the fire burn down until they fell asleep together.

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For the high school AU, how about Sanvers celebrating some kind of milestone in their relationship (6 month anniversary, etc.) and having a nice date? Ooh, and there's a solar eclipse next week so maybe Maggie and Alex can do something special together since Alex loves Astonomy.

Sanvers High School AU Part 11 - Posted on AO3 as well

A/N: This one jumped the queue because timeliness. So enjoy and remember, if you’re going to look up at the eclipse, make sure you’re wearing certified glasses! And excuse any mistakes on California geography…I had to make some guesses about where Midvale might be.

A/N 2: This exists in the same high school AU universe as all of the rest, save for the party ones, but we’re jumping forward a bit in time to the summer after graduation (last we saw these two, they were checking out colleges together in Chapters 64 and 68). Since they got together pretty early in the school year, they’re closer to a year than any kind of 6 month anniversary, but we’ll have them celebrating their last week together before leaving for college.

Chapter Text

“And you’ll be safe?” Eliza asked, looking sternly at Alex.

“Yes, Mom,” Alex promised for what felt like the twentieth time that day. “It’s only going to be for one night.”

“You know I have to worry; it’s my job.”

“I know,” Alex finally relented. “But I promise, we’ll be back tomorrow night. And we’re only a couple of hours away if you need anything.”

“And you’ll watch out for your sister?”

“I’m perfectly capable,” Kara announced, bounding down the stairs and landing next to Alex, her duffel bag already packed and ready.

“I know, dear,” Eliza sighed. “Now when are James and Maggie getting here?”

As if on cue, a loud knock on the door echoed through the living room. “I’ll get it!” Kara yelled, bounding to the door and swinging it open to reveal Maggie and James standing together with matching grins.

“Hey, Little Danvers,” Maggie waved, stepping inside as James gave Kara a kiss hello. “Good morning, Eliza!”

“Good morning, Maggie. Are you all packed and ready?”

“Yep, our backpacks and camping gear are already loaded in James’ car,” Maggie answered, reaching out to help Alex carry her things out as well.

Once they got everything packed into the trunk and after one more round of goodbyes and promises to be safe to Eliza, they were off. Alex didn’t even fight Kara for shotgun, content to snuggle with Maggie in the backseat, even if it meant Kara got to control the music for the entirety of the trip.

“So, how excited are you for the eclipse tonight?” James asked, looking in the rearview mirror at Alex, their resident astronomy nerd.

“Very,” Alex answered. “I mean, it’d be cooler if Mom would have let us go up to Oregon to be in the path of totality, but at least we’re getting out far enough away from the light pollution of the cities and towns that it should seem pretty dark.”

“You leave for Stanford this week, Alex,” Kara reminded her sister, craning back to look at her.

“Yes, and I’m already packed.”

“Still, I’m sure she just wants to spend time with you,” Maggie chimed in. “Plus, now you have all that extra time to help me pack.”

“Ugh, fine,” Alex relented, sighing dramatically, even though she knew that Maggie’s aunt was working extra shifts that week to be able to take time off to drive Maggie up to National City University to help her move into the honors dorms and go to the Parent’s Weekend events, which meant that she and Maggie would probably do a lot more making out than packing.

“So, Alex was telling me this is the first time this has happened since the 70s,” Kara told James.

“1979,” Alex chimed in from the backseat, though she sat back, knowing she had already told them all pretty much everything she knew.

“Mhm,” Kara nodded. “And did we all remember our glasses?”

“I’ve got ours packed,” Alex told Maggie. “And I gave you yours,” she said, looking at Kara.

“I know, I’ve got them,” Kara said.

“And I’ve got mine,” James noted. “Now, do we want to play some games to pass the journey?”

Two hours of carpool karaoke, I Spy, 20 Questions, and a rather limited round of Truth or Dare later, they got to the campsite and quickly made their way to the space they had reserved at the top of the hill, right in the middle of one of the larger clearings—a space Alex assured them she had pre-vetted and would be perfect for their late afternoon viewing time for the eclipse.

“Do we race for setting up the tents?” Kara asked, arching an eyebrow in challenge at Alex.

“May the best couple win,” Alex added, offering her hand out in a bet to Kara, even as both James and Maggie shook their heads and rolled their eyes. “And no cheating, Kara,” Alex added, looking pointedly at her sister, who shook her head; she knew to be careful about using her powers out in public.

But, once the games began, neither Maggie nor James was willing to lose, so they all took off, quickly claiming their spots as they got to work on the tents.

“Pole!” Alex yelled, holding out a hand as Maggie fumbled in their bag.

“Base first!” Kara yelled to James, who had started trying to build the frame.

“I don’t know why this stupid stake won’t go into the ground,” Maggie grumbled, trying to put all of her weight into her effort and getting nowhere.

“You might have hit a root system,” Alex suggested, feeling rather proud of herself for not snapping, even if it did look like Kara and James might win. “Here, let me help.”

“Thanks,” Maggie muttered, wiping the sweat off her forehead and the back of her neck as she stepped back to let Alex take over. She had intended to start working on the frame while Alex got the stakes into the ground, but then Alex looked so good—her muscles being put to work as she got a little sweaty.

“Want a hand? Need someone to spot you?” Maggie flirted, her hands wrapping around Alex’s waist.

Clearing her throat, Alex turned around in Maggie’s arms. “If you want somewhere to do anything tonight, you’ll get your butt in gear and help me win this bet.”

“Roger that,” Maggie sighed, turning back to the bag of equipment that would theoretically create their dwelling for the night.

After another half hour or so, Kara gleefully called out, “We win!”

“Ugh, whatever, if we didn’t have trouble with the stakes, we totally would have won,” Alex grumbled, working with Maggie to secure the last of their anchors.

“At least it was a respectable second, Danvers,” Maggie tried comforting Alex, patting her shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah, second out of two. Now let’s get everything in our tents so we’re all ready in plenty of time for the eclipse.”

“Wow,” Maggie sighed, relaxing into Alex’s chest as they both watched the moon slowly slide in front of the sun, blocking out all but a small sliver of it as a premature night fell on the campground.

“Thanks for being here,” Alex whispered as she hugged Maggie closer. As amazing as the experience would have been no matter what, it felt that much better to be seeing it with Maggie in her arms.

“Wouldn’t miss it, Danvers.”

And they were both too wrapped up in each other, in the moment, to notice Kara making silent “aww” noises and pointing at them until James finally got the hint and snapped a few pictures of them in addition to the eclipse.

Alex insisted on sitting through the whole experience, even as the sun gradually reemerged—only to set what felt like moments later—while Kara and James eventually got up to go find a few more good sticks to get the fire going again.

“You two lovebirds ready to help make dinner?” Kara called from the fire she and James had finally got going.

“Yeah, yeah,” Alex called back, kissing Maggie’s cheek before finally dragging herself up and stretching. “What’s for dinner?”

“Hot dogs – and don’t worry, we got plenty of veggie ones for you, Maggie,” Kara answered, beaming at Maggie.

“Could I get one of those too?” Alex asked.

“Really?” James laughed, never knowing Alex to choose the vegan option unless Maggie had cooked for her.

“I don’t need food poisoning,” Alex shuddered, earning a glare from Kara and a knowing laugh from James.

“I suppose we don’t all have Kara’s stomach of steel,” he mused.

“You’re all just jealous,” Kara huffed, helping James to get the hot dogs set up on their small campfire grill.

While Kara and James took care of cooking the hot dogs, Maggie helped Alex to mix up a pitcher of lemonade and find a few good sticks for cooking their (vegan) marshmallows later.

While they sat around the campfire roasting marshmallows, the conversation shifted from the scary stories they’d been telling (much to Kara’s disappointment) to the three seniors’ discussing the classes they’d signed up for, the dorms they’d been assigned to, their future roommates, and their fears about college. Knowing how close Alex would be made the conversation a bit easier on Kara, though she was still sad thinking about how lonely Midvale High would feel the following year without all of them, especially with James flying all the way across the country to go to school in Metropolis.

“So, what class are you most excited about and which one are you dreading?” James asked the group, knowing that Kara also had a bit of flexibility in her schedule as an upperclassman.

“I’m really excited about my journalism elective with Ms. Grant,” Kara offered.

“With your big teacher crush, you mean,” Alex teased.

“Whatever,” Kara huffed. “And I’m not looking forward to…hmm…oh, my math class. I hear Mr. Lauren is so boring.”

“Ugh, he really is,” James sighed, feeling himself getting sleepy at the memory. “I actually got into an elective on newsroom ethics that they’re offering in light of, well, you know, everything going on. I think it’ll be great!”

“Mhm, one day you’re totally gonna win the Pulitzer or something,” Kara gushed, letting her head drop to James’ shoulder.

Chuckling, James just shook his head. “It’s sweet that you believe in me, but let’s not get too excited just yet.”

“Whatever, you’ll see,” Kara teased. “Now what are you dreading?”

“I’m taking an international relations course with a professor who’s apparently pretty awful,” James sighed. “Hopefully the readings will be interesting enough to make up for it. What about you, Alex? Maggie?”

“To be honest, I’m kind of dreading the required gen-chem course. I mean, I like chemistry, but I feel like it’s going to repeat so much of what we did in AP Chem. It’s literally the same textbook. And it’s a huge lecture course that’s just for weeding people out of pre-med.”

“Ugh, I’m sorry,” James commiserated.

“It’s whatever. I’m getting to take an astrobiology seminar that should be amazing enough to make up for it!”

“Very cool!” Maggie exclaimed, loving how enthusiastic Alex got about her classes. “I’m taking this course in the Philosophy Department on the ethics of criminal law that sounds amazing! The professor worked as a prosecutor for a long time and did some pro bono defense work before going back to school for a PhD in Philosophy, and so she apparently has really great insights into it from both sides. And I’m dreading my French class. I’m just not great at learning new languages.”

“You’ve already speak two fluently, though, don’t you?” Kara asked.

“Yeah, but my aunt wants me to have a third,” Maggie explained.

“Oh, okay,” Kara nodded.

After a bit of stargazing, the two couples gradually made their way to the tents for the night. “Want to zip our sleeping bags together?” Alex suggested, not really wanting to be so separated from Maggie just yet.

“Sounds good,” Maggie replied with a grin, helping Alex to get their bags zipped together and giggling as she had to hunch over to change into her pajamas and not hit her head on the tent.  

Once they were finally settled, Alex let herself be pulled closer to Maggie. “I’m gonna miss you this year,” Alex finally whispered.

“I’ll miss you too, but we’re not that far away.”

“I know,” Alex admitted. “Still, it’ll be different not to see you everyday, not to eat lunch with you and take classes with you. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about Stanford!”

“I know, I get it,” Maggie assured Alex, her voice soft and low. “I’ll miss you like crazy too. But I think we’re both doing what’s best for us, you know?” And she knew they were. They’d gone over their pro/con lists together, had compared all the different ways it could play out. But at the end of the day, Maggie could go to NCU pretty much for free, and their programs were better suited to her interests, while Alex already had professors at Stanford itching to have her working in their labs, and they did more in the fields she wanted to pursue.

“Yeah, I get that.” After a pause, Alex asked, her voice exceptionally quiet, “You won’t forget me, will you?”

“What? Alex, no, never,” Maggie insisted, propping herself up on her elbows to better look at Alex. “I could never forget you.”

“I mean, you’re going to a brand new place. Maybe you’ll find someone cooler, you know? And that’d be okay. I want you to be happy. But I don’t want to lose you as a friend too.”

“Alex, I love you. And you are my best friend and a huge dork and perfect for me, okay? Plus, you think I don’t worry about all of the brilliant nerds you’re going to find at Stanford?”

“You have no reason to worry, Maggie. You’re smart and driven and beautiful; no one is going to compare.”

“You’re such a sap, Danvers.”

“You started it.”

“Mm, maybe I should finish it too,” Maggie mused, leaning over and letting her lips find Alex’s as they cuddled together, holding each other tightly and letting their lips and hands tenderly map out each other’s bodies until the sun rose.  

TFC Midwest/West Coast Meet-up


+ @followmedown-tohell and I go shopping. My usefulness is reminding people to bring knives and seasoning. Find out Rachel really fucking loves uncrustables.

+ I serenade with Halsey occasionally providing fun facts while Rachel actually provides conversation. 

+ a total of 10 ‘hoo-boys’ said. 

+ I kick ass at Uno, apparently. Severus snape is mistaken for the Fonz while playing Heads Up. 


+ @still-waiting-for-godot arrives at 5:30 a.m. rip Jen. 

+its horrifically beautiful and sunny outside . I was in love.

+egg….do not…grill….so well. Jen and rachel still ate them, what champs. 

+Google maps tried to get us lost, wreck the car and drive us off a cliff. 1 pt foxes 0 pt google for surviving despite this. 

+ i said ‘omg look how fucking becausng beautiful this is ‘ at least 20 times. 

+rachel mistook a couple of boys waving out of niceness as needing something making it akward and apparently californians are scared of passing by people that say hello in passing on the hiking trail.

+ campfire + alcohol + unsafe grilling techniques

+looked like the monsters packed our cooler. 

+ Jen brought art gifts, Indea….forgot art gifts. 


+ everyone woke up too damn early.

+still breath taking as heck.

+ Potatoes for breakfast as suggested by the native Idahoan who was happy with breakfast. 

+Saying good by hurts?

+ Rachel shows me the Nora andriel playlist which i sing along to obnoxiously taking breaks to cry about Andrew and take pictures.

+ The ac dies.

+ text everyone after getting home and slept for 14 hours.

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Have you ever found cooking in TS4 to be too easy? Do you yearn for more realistic cooking? Do you enjoy playing a history challenge, or just want more of a challenge in general? Then this is the mod for you!

Experience cooking in an all new way with brand new ingredients: eggs, milk, flour, cheese, bread, sugar, chicken, beef, pasta, and more! These new ingredients, as well as old ones, can be purchased through a new “Buy Ingredients” option on the fridge. You’ll need to go shopping now that recipes require all ingredients! Each and every recipe was tweaked to have a more realistic set of ingredients.

More info and download below the cut!

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Things worth staying alive for:
  • My mom and stepdad; spending time with them. 
  • My husband and our life together, our home, our memories. 
  • My in-laws; spending time with them. 
  • My dog and horses; riding. 
  • Nature, the outdoors, plants, succulents, cacti, flowers. 
  • Going to horse shows with my mom. 
  • Traveling when I’m able. 
  • Trying new food, seeing new cultures, meeting new people. 
  • Animals in general. 
  • Early mornings and sunsets. 
  • Stargazing. 
  • Crystals, candles, bubble baths. 
  • Shopping. 
  • Sleeping in. 
  • Rainy days, sunshine, fall season. 
  • Motorcycles and nice cars. 
  • Tattoos. 
  • Days off work spent at home. 
  • Campfires, grilling outside.
  • Walking barefoot in the grass. 
  • Getting my nails done, my hair done, massages. 
  • Tea - of any kind. 
  • Laughing about anything. 
  • Taking pictures, my camera. 
  • Tiffany & Co, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, Tucker Tweed. 
  • Hot chocolate. 
  • Tumblr, IG. 
  • Chocolate of any kind.
  • Make up of any kind. 
  • Micro-fleece. 
  • Cute home decor. 
  • The start of each new day. 

Makkara “in the wild” by SixInHand.

The caption is too brilliant not to share here:

“A Finnish hot dog (Finnish sausage or makkara) being caught and cooked in the wild on a typical Finnish fire grill (grilli) and about to be devoured.

A Finnish hot dog (makkara) is caught and eaten in the wild on a typical Finnish campfire grill. It’s skin has split, revealing the tender meat within. Two others can be seen awaiting their fate on the grill behind. The traditional seasoning of the hot dog is with mustard (sinappi).

The typical Finnish hot dog (makkara) is pre-cooked, requiring only to be heated to the consumer’s preference then seasoning with mustard before being eaten. In some circumstances, they may be eaten cold (not raw). This is different to many other sausages around the world which contain raw meat and must be cooked before consumption. Also unlike most hot dog traditions in the world, it is eaten without a bread roll.

There are some jokes that, according to EU food rules, some Finnish makkara should actually be classed as pastries, as there is more flour than meat. Some makkara brands in Finland are known as "meat eaters makkara” as they have up to 80% meat.

Within Finland, makkara is sometimes laughingly referred to as a vegetable.

Taken during a walk through Nuuksio National Park - a short 30 minutes drive or public bus ride from Helsinki. This BBQ place was on an island, in a lake.“

Makkara is one of those quintessentially Finnish foods - you’re not truly experiencing Finland if you don’t eat makkara cooked over a fire at the cottage! Also Auran Sinappi FTW. -Cecily

Companions on a Camping Trip

I got a request to do the companions at the beach, but since I’ve seen a couple of those already I’m going to do the companions camping instead.

Cait - Doesn’t understand why this crap is necessary. Isn’t every day like a camping trip in this day and age? But the sole survivor insisted that it wasn’t the same thing. You had to have a campfire, and make “s'mores” - whatever the fuck those are. Go fishing, and play sports. She decides to humor them and in the end gets very competitive playing kickball with everyone, even if she doesn’t quite get the concept of not actually kicking the other players.

Preston - Is at first very nervous and on edge - even though being on the outskirts of the city they’re far away from most raiders and supermutants, there’s still a risk of running into the local deadly wildlife. He begins to relax a little after Danse has him help set up some brotherhood protocol safety measures, but never has his laser musket any more than a foot from his side at all times.

Codsworth - Is excited at the thought of having an outing like they used to before the war. He packs picnic baskets and tents and sleeping bags for everyone, and surprises no one with his superior campfire grilling abilities.

MacCready - Is thrilled at the idea of traditional camp food like hotdogs on sticks and s'mores - at least until Curie enthusiastically tells him how hotdogs were made. He tries his hardest to replicate s'mores though even without marshmallows, by making a sad attempt at cramming some fancy lad snack cakes between two graham crackers.

Nick - Surprises everyone by bringing a guitar and being quite good at playing it. It turns out having metal fingers makes for a good natural guitar pick. Cait surprises everyone even more by joining in with a harmonica, and they end up making a rather soulful duet.

Deacon - King of the camp songs, of every variety - some from before the war, some from now, some in different languages, and some he made up on the spot. No one’s quite sure which ones are which, but they don’t mind it since he has such a good voice. That is, until he starts singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall” during the hike to find a good kickball spot and everyone starts plotting murder.

Curie - Is pleased at the chance to sit down and observe the nature around them without getting shot at. After being stuck in a lab for so long, she aches for a chance to sit and soak in everything she can. She collects a variety of glowing mushrooms and starts drawing them and taking notes by the fire circle. Mac jokes at her to make sure they don’t end up in the food. “Oh no Mr. MacCready, zees would kill you before zey reached your stomach!”

Danse - Like Preston is also very uncomfortable about being so deep in the wilderness. He and Preston have a little bit of bonding as they set up a perimeter and Danse applies carefully spaced mines. They tag them with little pieces of bright colored ribbon, but Piper still almost falls into one until X6-88 reaches out and grabs her at the last second with an iron grip. The sole survivor suggests with an uneasy voice that they should maybe consider some safety measures that are a little less fatal.

Piper - is having a ball, literally. She’s the one who suggested kick ball initially as a joke, having researched it for a lifestyle piece for Publick Occurrences, apparently. “It’s like baseball except, instead of cracking people with bats, you kick them!” The sole survivor shakes their head and tells them how to actually play kickball, and they have a go at a real game.

Strong - Doesn’t understand why humans camp for fun. Camp everyday! Why this time different? He opts out of the game playing and instead brings back all kind of hunted game for dinner. Everyone but him avoids trying the half rotten Brahmin, though.

X6-88 - Also doesn’t understand the point of the camping excursion. But he figures if they’re going to insist on their absurd human ritual, that he will make sure they’re safe. He destroys at kickball, so much so that they eventually vote him out of the game and make him referee instead. Later in the evening he becomes very possessive of the campfire, not letting anyone else touch it and placing logs in the perfect pattern for burning.

Dogmeat - Is kept on a very tight leash. If Piper almost stepped on those mines…They let him try to play in the kickball game though, especially since he discombobulates X6-88 and makes him lose his focus.

finally finished editing my recipes page!

so, here’s what i’ve done to the recipe page :)

let me know what you guys think. i’m open to suggestions!

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I think the whole reason Lucas always looks and checks on Riley is because she's his first priority I think he hates seeing her cry, like seriously why does he never check on maya?

How exactly does one look at the end of one episode and one perplexed glance in a promo constitute “always?”

If Riley was Lucas’s #1 priority, he wouldn’t have gotten involved with Maya to begin with. He wouldn’t have stayed behind at that campfire and grilled Maya about how she felt about him, he would have chased after Riley, or asked her to stay like he did at the rodeo. Hell, large swaths of S2 wouldn’t have happened if Lucas was prioritizing Riley romantically…