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Let’s talk about the elements!

I’ve written a lot about the seven classical planets and celestial/cosmic witchcraft. I think it’s time to bring things a bit more down to earth, though!

This is a new two-part series! It will focus on the natural elements as understood by the Western Magical Tradition.

In today’s article, I’ll be explaining a bit about the history of these concepts and how I see them. I hope you find this interesting and informative!

Thinking About the Elements

Elements are one of the first concepts I learned when beginning a journey into witchcraft. 

But! How do we view the elements as concepts? Lets consider how they relate to us and the whole universe. Here’s my views!

Some believe the elements are simply words for natural phenomena.
In other words, Fire is fire - the burning of a campfire or candle, or another flame. Water would always be something like a stream, the ocean or other liquid. I don’t see it this way. They’re far more complex than that!

The four elements stem the observations of ancient philosophers. These thinkers guessed that these substances were the building blocks of physical reality. Of course, they were wrong! In reality, atoms comprise matter. Matter and energy, then, make up the physical universe. 

We could associate four classical elements with the four states of matter. These are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. They’d correspond to earth, water, air, and fire in turn. This is a very simplified view, though!

These concepts were fundamental to the ancients. A wealth of lore has developed around them. They have grown into complex metaphors for aspects of the human condition. The physical manifestations of the elements have become potent symbols. 

They represent various mental and emotional phenomena. Symbols are important in witchcraft. The way I see it, all tools of the Craft are symbols used to connect with larger forces that work within the universe.

The elements themselves, and their attributions, are in fact, somewhat arbitrary. This means that each of us will have a different idea of what each element represents!

There’s nothing wrong with this, though. The point is to use them as symbols. What they symbolize to you is your own business!

Qualifying the Elements

In the Western Magical Tradition, there are four core (classical) elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  

Some traditions do posit a fifth element called the quintessence, also known as Spirit or Aether. This fifth element stands apart from the other four, as it doesn’t behave in the same way.  

I’ll be focusing on these four, not on the quintessence. Spirit as an element is a very large topic best suited for its own series of articles.

Alchemical thinkers have placed these four into categories. . They’re quite useful for understanding the system. 

Each element is either “hot” or “cold,” as well as either “dry,” or “wet.”

This doesn’t describe the physical qualities of the phenomena in question. Rather, these terms are metaphors. They refer to the roles taken by the concepts each element embodies.

Hot and Cold Elements

Hot elements are active in human existence. 

They stand for concepts that penetrate and alter the world around them.
An outdated way of putting this would be to describe them as “masculine.” This comes from historical stereotypes about gender. I tend to use the term “active” to describe hot elements. That’s Fire and Air.

Cold elements are passive and receptive. 

They represent concepts from which we draw nourishment. They are the structure or substance that forms our mental landscape. The hot elements tend to be the essence or organizing principle. 

Cold elements are often stereotyped as “feminine.“  They are Water and Earth, both of which play a nourishing role in human existence.

Wet and Dry Elements

Dryness as a concept within the Western Magical Tradition refers to a fixed state. In other words, the dry elements are things that don’t often change. These elements are full of stability. 

The key feature of a dry element is lack of intense motion. We can depend on the stable parts of our existence, represented by these elements.

The dry elements are Fire and Earth. It may seem strange to call fire stable, but it is a reliable source of warmth to us. It represents a constant feature of human life.

When we speak of wet elements, we mean the two elements that aren’t fixed. In other words, elements that flow ,change and transform. It is the concepts associated with these elements that drive the changes. They are reliable, but only insofar as change, itself, is something to rely on! 

The wet elements are Air and Water. Both are natural features that shift and flow through our lives. The inclusion of Air as a wet element shows that these are metaphorical, not literal terms.

Much more could be said about how people have described the elements throughout time. The above image shows the alchemical view of how the elements can combine to create secondary principles. 

As you might guess, “fixed” and “volatile” here stand for what we’ve been calling “passive” and “active.” If you want to know more about these further topics, I recommend Robert Bartlett’s book, True Alchemy. 

The entire concept of the elements is a metaphor, though. It’s a metaphor that can work for you. It can help with your Craft, and help you connect with the universe. I’ll be posting the next article tomorrow! In that, I’ll be discussing each element in detail.

fire witch self-care tips 🔥

- meditating before an extra-bright candle

- wearing reds and oranges to make you feel fierce

- carrying a topaz, ruby, or tiger’s eye stone to squeeze when in need of strength

- adorning yourself with a tiger, dragon, or flame-shaped pendant to feel more confident

- seeing glimpses of the future you want for yourself in the glow of a candle or campfire

Fire Witchcraft: Tools & Associations

Tools: Ash, Alcohol, Athame, Axe, Black Salt, Blown Glass, Bonfire, Burn Safe Containers, Burned Herbs, Campfire, Candles, Charcoal, Charred Wood, Cast Iron, Dagger, Double-Headed Axe, Electrical Appliances/Items, Fairy Lights/Christmas Lights, Fire Pit, Firewood, Golden Objects/jewelry, Kitchen Supplies/Appliances/Tools, Knives, Lamps/Lights, Lantern, Lava Lamp, Leather, LED Lights/Candles, Lighters, Lightning Bolt Imagery, Matches, Pots & Pans, Razors, Requests on Paper/Written, Rod, Scourge/Whip, Smoke, Skillet, Spatulas, Staff, Sun Imagery, Sword, Tea Lights, Tinder Bundles, Wax Melter, Wooden Spoon, Volcano Imagery

Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow and Gold

Corresponds to: Strength, passion, love, lust, anger, rage, wrath, war, competition, courage, power, willpower, sex, desire, labor, cleansing, destruction, banishing and protection

Crystals: Amber, Sunstone, Carnelian, Obsidian, Fire Agate, Agate, Ruby, Garnet, Star Garnet, Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Diamond, Red Tiger’s Eye, Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Fire Opal, Lava Rock, Pumace, Sulfur, Thunderstone

Metals: Steel, Gold, Brass, *Nickle

*can be dangerous in raw form or if ingested

Herbs: Cinnamon, Basil, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Peppercorn, Peppermint, Rosemary, Chile Peppers, Cacti, Prickly Pear, Coffee, Nettles, Garlic, Thorn Trees/Plants, Thistle, Onion, Allspice, Juniper, Hibiscus, Red Poppy, Almond, Clove, Chamomile, Bay Leaf, Sunflower, Marigold, Holly, Oak

Animals: Lion, Tiger, Puma, Lizards, Dragon, Snakes, Coyote, Fox, Mantids, Scorpion, Ram, Goat, Squirrel, Salamanders

Elementals and Beasts/Creatures: Girtabilu, Dragon, Salamanders, Djinn, Sprites, Genies, Efreet, Hellhounds, Lampad, Phoenix, Cherufe, Manticore 

Sense: Sight, Taste

Body: Eyes, Head, Heart, Blood, Muscles, Arms, Stomach, Reproductive Organs

Fire Related Magick: Sun, Love, Sex/Lust, Fertility, Candle, Strength, Kitchen, Burning, Destructive, Offensive, Competitive, Motivation, Emotional Strength, Intimidation, Revenge, Banishing, Cleansing, Unbinding, Curse Removal, Energy Work

When I say I love you, I mean I adore you. When I say I adore you, I mean that I’ll check our horoscopes to find the correlation between our signs. When I say I love you, I mean that for you? I’ll take down the walls that surround the ruins of what was once my heart. I am the campfire cold hearts sit around and use to warm up only, I’m not a campfire, I’m a candle, flickering and fighting against the wind. When you say I love me, i swear I can feel fireworks going off at every nerve ending through my body. You my love, are an amusement park, I am young, and it is summer, and you are my favourite get away. I am 16, you are a boy with brown eyes and a laugh that fills the room, and my only escape is anywhere that I am with you.
—  Get always @numbteenagers
Hetalia phobia Headcanons

So I was talking with my sibling about Hetalia and we both began to speak about what it might be like if it were a bit more serious. As we spoke, I brought up a few Headcanons that I had when it came to some of the Nations worst fears and phobias. My sibling though they were rather interesting. So I decided to share them. I’ve always thought that Nations would have phobias based on their pasts and tradition. So I did some research and put together a list of some countries phobias. I don’t have EVERY country of course, but I do have a few.

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How I Scry

I might still be considered new with the mirror techniques, I’ve been scrying for some time when it comes to smoke from candles and campfires. Please, take everything I say here and trust yourself when you first begin to scry, as I always see this as a very personal experience. Now, on with the show

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  1. Prepare your space. Whatever this means to you, do it. Clean, ring some bells, play some singing bowls, dance– there are many ways to clear negative energy and build new, successful types! I always light the tealights in my selenite log as well as my divination candle. Sometimes I’ll light other candles, but these are the only one’s I enjoy for my spell. They light up my room just enough for me to fell comfortable while still in the dark. If you are afraid of seeing things in the mirror, cast yourself a protection bubble, surrounding yourself in a soft blue light that will keep anything from getting near you.
  2. Gather your materials and get comfortable. For me, this means cleaning my mirror to make sure it is free of any dust then taking a seat. You can find an image of my mirror here, but it is a concave piece of black glass. A little fancy, but that’s what late night etsy will bring you. I don’t regret it one bit with how clear it’s made my visions. I sit in my bed to scry, but some might feel more energized sitting in front of an alter. In the beginning, I would hold a piece of fluorite in my free hand or rest it on my chest. It comforted me and helped me ground myself to keep from getting sucked too far into my mirror.
  3. Decide if you would like music. I recommend going with something spa-like, meaning no words, soft, slow. Personally, I enjoy Night Rain of a car and listen to it every time I scry, but you might do better in silence. 
  4. Lower the lights. Close your eyes. Breathe. Focus on the question you will be scrying for and image the medium you are using. Some images might pop up prematurely or you might hear something that has to do with your scry. 
  5. When you feel comfortable, open your eyes. Look into your medium. I always block out the source of light (the candle flames) using the back of my mirror, leaving it so that only the residual light is showing along my walls and reaching my eyes, meaning it’s very soft. Plus, the contrast makes sure my mirror is completely black. Allow your eyes to lose focus as you look into the mirror.
  6. Be patient. Sometimes it takes a while for the mirror to show you anything, but stay confident. Don’t be afraid to ask the medium to show you something different or alter your question in an attempt to see the image in question. 
  7. Notice everything. The energy, the emotions, the expressions. Sometimes they will be hard to make out, but other times it will be extremely clear to see. If you don’t see anything, just relax. Take a break if you need to and start over with another question.
  8. Close the session. Review what you saw and write it down. Consider everything and it’s potential meaning. For me, people have two personalities: a rabbit or a snake. Sure, they could have neither and be showing me a different kind of energy, but these and the room I often see people in are my only reoccurring images, but keep not of what keeps showing up for you and what it’s meaning tends to be.
  9. You’ve done it! You scryed! If you were reading for someone else, tell them what you saw. Check your energy levels and turn on the lights. Give yourself a break. Maybe a cookie. 

Send me any questions if you have them! It takes a little playing around to really get into what works for you. Good luck, and happy scrying!

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That’s right, Tumblrfolk, Chapter 1 of Lion Soul -  my collaboration with the amazingly talented @yliseryn - is now UP ON AO3!!

Summary: Allura is one of the leaders of a nomadic pride of werelions. Shiro is the lone human in the pride, always out of place, unable to be a part of the culture he was raised in. Whatever he feels for Allura is irrelevant. He’s no match for her, no matter how much he wishes he were.

The pride is considering going on the offensive against the Hunters - humans who stalk and kill weres - rather than continuing to flee and hide. And Shiro has to decide if the only home he’s ever known is really home, and, if it’s not, what should he do about that? What can he do?

Tags: AU, Shallura, medieval fantasy, werelions, background Alforan

Author’s Notes: Thanks out to @explodingcrenelation for her editing expertise, as usual! And, of course, all the beautiful artwork is @yliseryn‘s doing, including that spiffy banner up there! <3

Teaser below, but you’ll have to go to AO3 to read the whole thing…

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the signs as things that sparkle
  • Aries: strobe lighting
  • Taurus: lighthouses
  • Gemini: fireworks
  • Cancer: floating lanterns
  • Leo: fairy lights
  • Virgo: the stars
  • Libra: the northern lights
  • Scorpio: lighting
  • Sagittarius: campfires
  • Capricorn: candles
  • Aquarius: neon
  • Pisces: glitter

Self care for an anxious Wolf (anon) 

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elvhenyoung  asked:

I need some fluff and since I can't write I dug up ask from my collection~ UT, US, UF and SF ( I normally ask for 4 or 6 but well, if you need to drop anyone go on I don't mind) Skelebros after a really hard and tiring day at their work are met with their S/O who had drawn them a bubble bath with relaxing scented oils and candles (with their favorite scents), and additional pampering for whole evening.

I’m sorry it took me so long to get to this! I also still have the minific ask in here, when I get on a computer I’ll answer it c: hopefully my current one will either be fixed or I’ll get a new one soon

I also found it to be a lot of fun looking up all sorts of different fragrances that are legitimately oils, and then specifying them as the skeles fave scents c: idk why XD


++ Sans ++

You knew Classic was going to have a long day, and he usually doesn’t have to work SO much, but it’s been congested lately. You’ve seen him exhausted before and it makes you a little upset, but you’re also proud of him. He’s working so hard, yet he’s pushing against his own limits. Because of this, tonight you decide to treat him, and he comes home to smell a mix of lavender and pink jasmine. A soft smile comes on his face as he plops stuff down and walks over, and he sees you lighting the candles and closing the caps on the oils. You turn around and smile at him, then stand and give him a big hug and kiss, telling him it’s all for him. Classic is surprised at first, but nevertheless, he doesn’t argue. He lets you pamper him all night up until he goes to bed, and even in the morning you continue. He’ll enjoy this for now, but don’t expect nothing in return.

++ Papyrus ++

Pappy has always been a hard worker, and you’re always so proud of him. Even if it goes against his limits he will continue to put in all of the undying effort he wields, but that can exhaust him to farther lengths. Since it’s been hard for him lately, you decide that you’ll pamper him like crazy. He comes home and smells the lemon in the air, and it drifts him to the bathroom, tired yet alert. You smile and you take his scarf off of him, telling him the bath is for him, and that he should relax tonight. You’ve got everything under control and you’re going to make him feel like a king. He’s hesitant at first, but you don’t let him say no. Pappy happily takes the bath and you make dinner, clean everything up, even serve dessert later on.. your doing everything that he would try to do before he can do it. Pappy is so thankful for you.


++ Sans ++

Blue is always very energetic, so there isn’t too much time for him to really unwind. It’s mostly because he doesn’t give himself enough time to unwind and you have to do it. You’ve seen him struggling a little bit lately, but he’s relentlessly been putting in all of the energy he has into his work, and you’re so proud of him. You think Blue deserves a night to just relax and calm down, so you start running a bath and make sure it’s got that peppermint scent that Blue loves. Sure enough, he catches a whiff of it and it draws him to the bathroom, but he thinks you’re about to take the calming bath, not him. When you greet him and tell him it’s not for you, he tries to urge you to take it instead, but he eventually complies. It’s extremely relaxing for him, and as he’s in there you cook dinner, something special for afterward, and you’re cleaning up by the time he gets out. He would have helped you, but you tell him he needs time to relax. Blue is so happy you care about him that way, he’s very lovey for the rest of the night and carried on into the early morning before he leaves.

++ Papyrus ++

Honey usually just puts in half effort because it’s typically good enough, but currently he’s really been busting his booty. You notice this work ethic in him but you’ve seen that it’s been making him exhausted every night, so now you’re going to give him what he needs. You run a bath with vanilla scented oils and you light some sweet smelling candles (baked cupcake, to be specific) for when he gets home. You’ve lit up candles sort of around the house, too, so he really smells the candles when he steps inside, and it’s a wonderful scent. You hug him and lead him to the bathroom and tell him you got it ready for him, and sure enough, Honey happily accepts it. Well, as long as you join him in there.


++ Sans ++

Red doesn’t handle exhaustion easily, and both of you know this. He’s been struggling lately and you know he needs a break, so you create one for him. You run a bubble bath and lean toward more of a smoky or earthy scent mixed with something fruity. Oak and raspberry is what you settle on, since you know Red loves both of those, and it’s quite nice. He gets home to see you cooking, and you set your stuff down and give him a big hug and kiss, telling Red that you prepared a bath for him. He blinks a few times and softly smiles, telling you that you didn’t have to, but then you joke around and tell him you had to because he wouldn’t do it otherwise. He agrees, and he doesn’t argue in the slightest- he’s excited for this bath. He’s practically in heaven while in there, but his paradise is missing you. He calls for you and after you find a spot to stop, you go over to him and he tells you that you need to get in with him. The alluring expression on his face and the slickness of his bones draws you in with him. Looks like you’ll have to clean the kitchen and finish cooking your elaborate meal tomorrow.

++ Papyrus ++

Fell never stops working, and it worries you sometimes. You know that he’ll easily push against his own limits and then pretend he’s not exhausted, which makes it all even worse. Even if you have a feeling he’ll argue with you about it, you run a bubble bath and don’t know what scent to use. Fell has three favorite scents- Chestnut, Apple Cider, and Holly Berry. Well, it’s not around Christmas, so you decide to use the chestnut oil. Fell comes home and sees you in the bathroom lighting candles, and just having all of the odors already makes him calmer. You tell him the bath is for him and he shakes his head, telling you that you should have it. You guys actually make it a little kinky by undressing each other, you starting with his scarf and ending with his pants. He undressed you, too, and the two of you got in together, being handsy yet very slow and calm. Your hand very gently runs across and around his rib cage bones as you carefully sit on top of him, most of your body pressed against his. Fell loves to feel your smooth and slick skin in the water, and he’s extremely soft. The two of you have fun.


++ Sans ++

Berry is always working. There’s barely ever a time where he’s not working, cleaning, cooking, or cuddling with you. Yes, his cuddling takes energy. You’ve always known him to overwork himself, and you’re afraid it’ll begin to harm him, so you decide that there’s no harm in trying to treat him that night. The bath is scented like Water Lilies and citrus. When Berry comes home and passes the bathroom, he stops and peeks in, greeting you, asking you what you’re doing. You smile and kiss him, telling him you ran the bath for HIM, not yourself. With Berry being a bratty little submissive the whole time, you have to undress him and get him into the bath that way. You start kissing his rib cage bones to get him to sit down, and then you hug his head and stand. At least he’s finally in there.

++ Papyrus ++

Rus is always a very relaxed guy, but you can easily tell when he’s stressed, and it’s upsetting to see him that way. He becomes much more quiet and doesn’t want to touch anyone, and he really just doesn’t act like himself. Since he’s been like that lately, you want to get him to relax again, so you run a bath with a mix of cotton and campfire scents, candles adding to the fragrance. He comes home and finds you cleaning, and you smile and you hug him. He doesn’t hug the tightest, and you know exactly why, but you’ll fix that soon. You lead him to the bathroom and tell him the bath is for him, and Rus wants to deny it at first, but you shake your head and tell him he’s taking it, even if you have to stand here and watch the whole time. You give him some privacy so he can unwind, and when he comes out, he’s back to himself again. He smells so nice as he embraces you, you might just make him take that bath again- but you’ll be a part of it, too.