campfire candle

the signs as candles
  • aries: those apple scented candles that remind you of going out to the countryside and bobbing for apples at carnivals and fairs as a kid
  • taurus: forest/pine tree scented candles that give you that earthy, stress-relieving smells that remind you of camping with your family
  • gemini: marshmallow/campfire candles that are sweet yet have a slight edge to them. reminds you of sitting with your crush at a campfire.
  • cancer: the fresh, linen kind of candles that are soft and pure. reminds you of hanging up laundry outside on a warm day even though those don't really exist anymore
  • leo: beach scented candles that are warm and inviting. probably reminds you of feeling the sand getting stuck in between your toes
  • virgo: petrichor (smell after rain) scented candles that are soothing and refreshing. reminds you of starting over on a new page
  • libra: floral scented candles that are sweet and lovely, and have a spring edge to them. reminds you of falling in love with someone
  • scorpio: citrus scented candles that are slightly sour yet very pleasing and classic. reminds you of feeling in control of yourself and powerful
  • sagittarius: vanilla scented candles that are strong and eye-opening. reminds you of traveling the world and finding connections or feeling like a child again
  • capricorn: holiday scented candles that are super classic and yummy. definitely reminds you and gives you a very nostalgic feeling
  • aquarius: dark scented candles that are based off of midnight, partying, neon signs. reminds you of having the best time of your life
  • pisces: ocean scented candles that make you feel like you're in california swimming in the sea. reminds you that you're beautiful the way you are