i think theres already?? a monster au for oras but like…..pokemonster oras au

mudkipy swamp child may hollering at tree-hopping gecko kid brendan to stop crushing her reeds, brendan firing bullet seeds back and continuing his “””research”””, psychic ralts wally levitating them both up into the air and giving a stern talk on good behavior

milotic mermaid wallace throwing little rocks at graceful-ass skarmony winged steven to get his attention. steven catches the rocks and pays more attention to them than wallace

sharpedo man archie dropping things into maxie’s camperupt shoulder volcanoes and laughing like a little kid when maxie gets pissed and they erupt

carvahna siren shelly having to be carried around by big-ass wailmer/wailord matt bc no legs. skitty tabitha sees and wants to Prove His Strength, tries to pick up numel  courtney, courtney practically burns his hands off

zubat magma grunts screeching at poochyena aqua grunts who aggressively bark back, spurring an endless cycle

swablu lisia being everyone’s fav pillow

pokemonster au………………….