Vans Girls at Camp Gritty | What’s Cookin’?
Picnic Lunch by Charlavail

When you hear “picnic lunch,” you might think of brown paper packages tied up with strings, but not at Camp Gritty! Campers walked into the dining hall on a rainy Friday afternoon expecting to pick up a simple vegetarian or vegan lunch, but Charlavail doesn’t do simple. Camp Gritty creator and director, Charlavail took lunch to a whole new level by individually packing each camper’s custom lunch order in an adorable kraft paper box. Oh, and that’s not all… each box was adorned with a custom bandana designed by none other than Charlavail herself! The campers’ smiles from that lunch are something we will never forget.

I wanted to rejoin Kalafanart Tuesday but I don’t have anything new but I did update my art journal so I guess that’s something


Who’s That Camp Gritty Vans Girl?: Mae Alfrey & Corinne Carter

Hailing from Ohio comes best friend duo Mae & Corinne. We ran into these two babes palling around camp together in their head-to-toe Vans outfits (uhhh, goals) and just had to get to know them. Meet the two Vans beanie wearing besties, and find out their favorite DIYs ever!

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Heute hat Bulli sich ein paar Winterquartiere angeschaut. Und ein Paar sehr bequeme Garagen gefunden. Diese war zwar sehr schmal aber deshalb auch warm und kuschelig. Und wer mag es im Winter nicht warm und kuschelig? 🚌⛄🤗 #winterschlaf

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“you ever wonder what’s out there ? what’s LURKING under all that dark water ?” the lake was still for once, with no screaming campers rushing in from its shallow shores or bombing right off the end of the long dock that kyle was laying on now. his shoes were discarded and legs dangling over the worn, wooden edge to let his toes dip into the placid waters, occasionally causing ripples. instead of actually looking at the eerie sight before them, his brown eyes were focused on the darkened sky and blanket of stars lighting up the surrounding forest. it was ROMANTIC, almost, in a chilling sort of way & kyle was sure that the moment would’ve been better if he didn’t have a camp counselor shirt on his back or the idea of a mutated alligator floating around in his head. “what do you think —” he started again, boosting himself up onto his elbows, but staying in a lazy position as his gaze fell to his companion for the night. “is there a creature somewhere out there or a serial killer hiding in the shadows ?” a smile ( sharp and knowing ) pulled at kyle’s lips. “my money’s on the murderer.” 

A friend’s six-year-old daughter goes to elementary school just 400 feet away from where the 42″ pipeline will go. When a 30″ gas pipeline leaked & exploded in New Mexico earlier this month, it incinerated sheltered campers 900 feet away. Killed ten people. 

We have seven weeks to stop this pipeline. I joined this campaign just a few months ago, so I haven’t been around from its beginning, but that timeframe — and the knowledge of the people whose lives are on the line — is a particular pressure on our strategy. And so I, a god-damned anarchist, hosted a vigil outside of Senator Chuck Schumer’s home in which we actually successfully spoke to him (by stroke of fate) and are now figuring out what the next step is to get him to intervene. 

 I was telling my comrade yesterday that my ideal anti-infrastructure campaign would actually be a broad-based organizing campaign, with the goal of causing a complete boycott of pipeline construction operations — think local police refusing to protect worksites, local businesses refusing to serve pipeline construction workers, local workers refusing to work on the pipeline, etc — or, in other words, a drastic direct action that constitutes a withdrawal of local consent. 

That, however, is a multi-year organizing campaign that seeks to overcome people’s sense of powerlessness and fear. And we don’t have years, we have weeks. So I’m checking some of my principles at the door, and comforted a little by my Jewish comrade’s explication of pikuach nefesh: that saving a life justifies breaking of other commandments and principles. And if I can, in the weeks we have left, still work to instill a political/economic analysis and a sense of popular power in the people we have organized, we can always keep building on that — win or lose.