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Okay so have you ever wanted to whimsically jump in the air and click your heels together, then land safely like they do in old movies n shit

I’ve tried… my favorite camper of all time is really into parkour and would show off his skills by jumping into the air and clicking his heels like a leprechaun. He got the whole cabin trying it one day.

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Max had never actually seen anyone else come into the Zeus cabin before -not without knocking anyway- so it came as a surprise to him when a girl he’d never actually seen before barged in on him studying. Of course, though, he did recognise her from pictures and people’s description. Actually, she looked a lot like himself, except with a bit lighter skin and lighter eyes. He recognised her as Thalia, his sister, but in all honesty he only knew her from stories the other campers would tell.

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Okay, so, question,

Is Will Solace the only true medic in CHB besides Chiron??
The other Apollo kids probably help him out, but since TLO he’s the only one we’ve really heard of as the official “Camp Medic/Doctor?”
And before Will was there that seemed to be Chiron’s job.

Are medicinal skills a rare talent for Apollo children, like summoning karpoi for Demeter children? Were any of his siblings medically-inclined before The Last Olympian? Was that one Apollo kid who was dragged off by a hellhound medically skilled?

And is Will the only doctor in camp? Does he just take care of everything that falls into the “medical” category? We know he helped deliver a baby. Why didn’t Chiron do that? Why did it fall to Will? Is that part of Will’s job? Is Will the camp dentist too? Does he do check-ups on all the campers who don’t have doctors outside of camp? Does he do blood tests? Give vaccinations? Is he also an undertaker, or is that Nico’s job?

What is Will’s exact job description?

Will and Nico have just started to date. It’s still pretty new. They are just getting to know each other. Nico is in the infirmary because of something minor. Any other camper, Will would have let it go, but this is Nico. NICO! He had to take extra special care of him. As a doctor (but also as a lover, though not the in-the-nighttime kind (yet))

Will was kinda getting nervous. He fumbled getting some sanitary gauss out of the packaging, and dropped it on the floor making it unsanitary. Nothing to a normal person, but Will wanted to impress Nico. And that gauss was perfectly good. 

“Ahhh. Fuck me.” he cursed, out of frustration.

“I’m hoping to,” Nico said, with a slight grin.

The curious camper had been looking down at a bubbling vial of potion and potion ingredients on the snow. “Move, move!,” Clara shouted as she got out of the forest. She lost her balance and fell but didn’t waver a second as she took the vial and tossed it at the snow monster that came out of the forest. It melted into a puddle. Breathing heavily, Clara shook her head, “That’s the last time I try that spell…”