The effect of this timelapse over Alberta, Canada, is magnificent. The Aurora Borealis basically seems to explode over the sky, followed by the moon rising through it. 


Imagine these three becoming camp counselors…imagine the chaos that would ensue.

Camp Camp Lady and the Tramp AU

I fucking love this movie. I fucking love Camp Camp. It’s 2AM and I can’t be bothered to get my laptop and draw so here’s a concept instead.

I haven’t seen many AUs revolving around Neison, so this is a Neison AU. Don’t fucking look at me. (Also side Gwenvid, and one-sided Nerrison!)

Obviously I can’t match characters exactly according to personality, so just imagine the campers as dogs, acting out the movie with their canon personalities.


Neil - Lady

Harrison - Tramp

Gwen - Darling

David - Jim Dear

Max - Jock

Nikki - Trusty

Nerris - Peg

Preston - Boris

Space Kid - Pedro

Dolph - Daschie

Ered, Nurf - miscellaneous other dogs?? Idk if they actually have names or whatever, but they’re in the pound with the others

Aunt Sarah - Daniel *snorts*

Siamese cats - Flowerscouts


Bout time I do some of these

Max- One of the few camps this Boi actually cared about was knitting camp, I mean you would want to know how to knit too if you had a bear to maintain.

Nikki-I have a weird Headcannon that her name is like Nicole and she was the most bad ass girl at Flower scouts and she just got kicked out because Sasha wanted to be the most bad ass or something.

David- When he’s tired(I BELIVE HE HAS THE ABILITY TO BE TIRED NO ONE IS PERFECT NOT EVEN THIS BEAN) he acts almost as sarcastic as Max but he still won’t cuss. He’ll just stay stuff like Hooey(I love this word)

Gwen- She has a Wattpad,Tumblr, and Ao3 account.
Harrison-He practiced on a stuffed Rabbit named Trix (like The cereal and magic tricks) before using stuff like doves or life

Ered- she shops in hot topic like allllll the time

Nerris- Nerris freaking loves Adventure zone and dedicated as much time as possible to just listening to it.

Dolph- He doesn’t know who the fuck Hitler is.

Preston- He only listens to Musicals.Fuck off with your normal music.

Space kid- He will be like the best astronaut in all of existence

Nurf-He owns every Nerf gun in existence even the Rebelle ones

Neil-He is that one friend that you can’t watch cartoons with he will rant about anything that breaks the laws of nature

Jasper-He has used the word homeslice before

Daniel-He now has a phobia of kool-aid it’s the only thing that gives negative emotions that doesn’t come from space.

Jen- Shes like fucking dead or something idk

Cameron Campbell- He has killed like atleast 3 people

QM:He has killed alot more than. 3 People

Erin- She likes the Heather’s musical and hums shine a light alot…… Shine a light (reprise) that is.

Sasha- She has thrown up from drinking to much Starbucks while trying to prove to Erin that there is no such thing as too much Starbucks

Tabii:She has her parents legally change her name to Tabi.

(Well that’s all folks….Sorry about not doing the woodscouts I just don’t have any for them)


I saw @gfanz4ever s camp camp Au  and I loved it, so I did my own sort of take and added some head cannons for it! (also I didn’t see the Nikki design until after I drew my version… whoops) But I honestly love this AU so much! It’s so nifty and there are so many possible shenanigans :D

(There’s a description for the second pic)

Also I imagine that Max doesn’t trust Daniel and always refers to him as “Cult Kid” unless he’s speaking to him directly Definitely not because he couldn’t remember his name and confused it with David’s for the first part of summer


Everyone : *makes awesome posem counselor sonas*

Me : *makes a shitty camper sona just so I can obsess over other amazing artists’ counselors*


I drew counselor sonas for amazingly talented artists that I really like and admire :D (@zippybot @zoruui @ttoba @justcallmesabby @breaddiscourseblog)

we all had that one friend who wasn’t allowed to read books because of their devil religion amiright