camper reviews

A+ event! Blizz is on a hot streak with New Years + Uprising; PVE events tend to be much more successful for me on an enjoyment scale! Especially 4 player which brings back serious couch co-op memories AND reminds me of dungeon crawling in WoW, which I’m so nostalgic for. Absolutely loving it, all of the new lore and new skins! I have to say I wasn’t expecting Sleeper Agent non-blue-but-still-Talon Widowmaker to show up and I’m so excited about that. And suddenly dropping Gerard AND Pharah’s father on us? Oh my goodness gracious me!

This is what I’m talkin’ about. Things are looking smooth and solid - as the Overwatch team continues to form the lore, it’s actually becoming more compact, less ambiguous and is (surprisingly) tying up more loose ends than creating any problems at all. Cautiously optimistic and really excited about what’s happening and what’s to come!

Other miscellaneous favorite things this event:

Ironclad Guild Torbjorn’s human arm!! Seeing the stages of his prosthetic from arm enhancement to his Uprising version to the full shoulder replaced is totally fascinating. I also think he’s INCREDIBLY handsome clean shaven and I’m so ready to get this skin!!

How Reyes’ voice is way smoother than Morrison’s voice. Just… What a treat. I guess he had to compensate when he got Reaper’d.

The horrifying noises that the Null Sector bots make. That messed up Bastion noise is so deeply upsetting to me.

New details in King’s Row!!!! This environment has such an incredible history. I definitely want to try and poke around more - I love the storefronts that have changed and even the movie posters that have been swapped out (not to mention the power facility’s entirely different look).

How delightful this event is as a small expansion pack in general. It’s a specifically lore based event, which I prefer to holidays because we get some incredible skins that are unique but also universal and applicable to multiple seasons - not even starting on the great story tidbits we get to consume. Lucio’s handstand, D.Va’s selfie pose, Zenyatta’s amazingly bizarre handstand, and even just a cute image of the Shimadas as kids - they’re purely character moments without the additional context of a holiday, and I didn’t realize until this event how I so dearly wanted that! The pace that the team has been moving is inspiring and I hope they don’t burn out - because it’s been a really cool ride! Keep it up, Overwatch team!