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So, um...was daniel raised with those crazy cult beliefs in the AU or hwat

yup! his parents are both very into their.. religious beliefs, and daniel was just sorta born into it.
he has his doubts though - it’s not like he’d have the basis to really think outside the box, but he’s terrifyed of his unavoidable doom looming over him. he doesn’t want to die, and he doesn’t want to die with his parents of all people. and honestly, that just makes him feel guilty.
david’s probably his first outside friend.
that’s sort of the reason he’s in camp campbell too! his parents are taking part of meetings and such he’s not old enough for yet, and it’s not like they had relatives that could look after him (you don’t stay in contact with people who deny the truth).
so they basically just looked for the cheapest summer camp option and that happened to be camp campbell.