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Soulmates (AU) Part 2

Pairing: Harry and Y/N

Word Count: 2677

Prompt (AU) : Harry took his anger out in sex-and you weren’t supposed to do that. He would go to the bar and find others just as terrible and lonely as him, drink, and then sink his sorrows into anything with breast and a hole were to put it. Niall always rolled his eyes the next morning and say to Harry “you’re a proper dick, yeh know that right?”, to which Harry would lift his middle finger up and respond with, “if soulmates are real she would love me anyhow.”

“Harry when you meet her your life will change,” Anne says, handing him a cup of tea.

Harry rolls his eyes, “I don’t care to meet her. It’s all bullshit,” Harry grumbles.

Part One

There were very few things that bugged Y/N in life. Y/N hated when people didn’t use their turn signals when driving, or when people walked too slow in front of her, or when people rolled their eyes or stared at her, but she absolutely loathed when people wouldn’t respect her choice and try and force her to talk. It was clear, crystal clear, that she wasn’t much of a talker, and yes or no questions where the good route to go, but when people edged her on she got upset.

For example, Harry just couldn’t wrap his mind around how his other half would not utter a single word to him. Y/N had written down on a whiteboard that she was ‘mute’ and would really prefer if Harry stayed away from the label. She explained that even though he was her soulmate (and she would love to be open with him) talking just didn’t seem like something she was ready for.

She watched as Harry rolled his eyes, crossing his arms, and frowned. She could feel his annoyance (literally) and she wanted to stub her toe on the table just to tick him off, but she felt like it was rude and she didn’t want to put herself through the pain as well.

“So like what? I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with someone who won’t talk to me?” Harry asked, his eyes on her as she walks down the hallway of her apartment complex.

Y/N shrugs, ‘learn asl,’ she signs.

“The fuck does that mean?” Harry spat.

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LOVERBOY AU FLUFF HEADCANNONS!!! Need to know Yuri is getting some love in this au!

FLUFF!! LETS GO! Yuri gets so much love in this au to make up for all that he missed out on early on :’’’)

  • Yuri loves to lay across both of their laps on the couch, one of the boys petting his hair as they binge watch a cartoon they all remember from their childhood.
  • All the boys love cooking for each other, and sometimes Beka and JJ have a healthy competition of an in house Chopped where Yuri is the judge and they take turns feeding him (and giving him persuasive kisses) and he decides the winner.
  • The boys often drive out to the edge of town during the summer and catch a throwback movie at the drive in theater. When it’s just Otabek, they pack a blanket on his bike and lay out in the grass - with JJ, they lay over the front hood of his car and Yuri makes JJ catch popcorn with his mouth. 
  • Yuri and Otabek talking in Russian to each other because its their thing, it has been since high school JJ starts trying to teach Yuri a little bit of French (Yuri jokingly asks the first time if JJ is just trying to kiss him).
  • One day JJ turns up with a brand new pull trailer camper he bought because the deal was “a steal, you guys!”, and he’s chatting on and on about them going on a trip out to the Grand Canyon together. Yuri is not enthused about this because he’s never liked camping, but JJ is so excited he gives in. They end up taking off on a road trip together, Yuri’s bag full of candy and Otabek with a case of mix cds. They camp under the stars, Yuri sunbathes on the roof and they sleep in a cuddle pile in the camper bed. 
  • JJ and Otabek love to go to the diner and see Yuri, especially when its close to the end of his shift. Yuri will sneak them milkshakes and pie from the kitchen that he swears was going to “go bad”, much to Lilia’s (the diner’s owner) annoyance. 
  • Otabek kissing Yuri’s stomach and blowing big raspberry kisses all over him until Yuri is laughing and kicking him off

A (Hopefully) Compelling Essay on Why Hermione Granger Should Have Ended Up With Ron’s Older Brother - by Me.

I won’t begin to claim that J.K. Rowling said this or that, but I can’t deny that however it entered into fanscope, Fredmione makes a lot of sense to me. I could have sworn I once saw the theory that originally Arthur was going to be killed in OotP, meaning Fred wouldn’t have died in DH, so Fred and Hermione would have grown closer - starting in some suggested scenes of OotP such as the Punching Telescope, and flirting with:

“I will tell your mother!” 

“You wouldn’t!” Fred gasped.

“I would,” said Hermione grimly.

But I have never been able to find the interview so maybe it was a mass hallucination on my and a few other peoples’ parts. 

Personally, I have never been against Romione, but neither have I been particularly for it. I like (book) Ron as a character, but feel that he and Hermione are too wildly different, even in their core beliefs, to run a household together, much less be in a longterm committed relationship. Ron would drink out of milk cartons and leave it out to spoil by accident and absentmindedly take off his socks in all the rooms and bring home an unannounced crupuppy for the kids. Hermione would be the frenzied cleaner, get frustrated dinner wasn’t on the table because Ron was listening to the wireless Cannon’s score, and basically become a superhuman without time to have fun. They would essentially - regardless of their actual personalities - default into All Work and All Play, and their communication would crumble into the generic nagging wife and dumb husband stereotypes.

I also can’t unsee the flirtation once suggested to me in OotP (my favorite book). Fred dabbing cream on Hermione’s face; him mercilessly teasing her when the twins should have been picking on their little brother. Following her, baiting her, and of course the growing role the Twins had in OotP with the shop and quidditch and Umbridge. Moreover, Fred was smart. Maybe even a genius. Ron was always confusing to me, because he seems to be the thoroughly average kid in a star studded family (what he was afraid of all along), but his siblings (presumably - being made prefects and getting several OWLs and prestigious banking and foreign posting jobs - got good grades) were brilliant from Bill to Ginny. The twins, especially, while severely underestimated, were insanely bright, building portable swamps and daydreams and breeding a pygmy sized puffskein. Hermione may not like pranks or quidditch, but she could appreciate brains when she saw them.

“This is really advanced magic,” Hermione said admiringly.

“Just for that, we’ll give you one for free!” Fred winked.

Hermione would have grown up with them all her life, and it would be natural for Fred not to say anything about his little brother’s friend, the girl in her pajamas with her monstrous orange cat, brushing her teeth over their kitchen sink while he squeezed the orange juice. And in the Amortentia potion, Hermione smelled the Burrow, and had to stop herself when she realized with a deep blush the last smell was fresh oranges and the leather wipes to clean a beater bat. 

Fred was brave. 

“Why worry about You-Know-Who when you should be worried about U-No-Poo! The constipation sensation that’s gripping the nation!”

“They’ll be murdered in their beds!”

Hermione recognized a lot more about people than Ron and Harry generally gave her credit for, such as when Sirius lived vicariously through Harry, or when the Department of Mysteries might be a trap. So Hermione would have realized that Fred was scared in the second rise of Voldemort, and he hid his and George’s fear behind humor and laughter, while still contributing to the fight with Shielding Hats and Peruvian Darkness Powder. He stood up to Umbridge, pulled his blood out of his hand with a quill, and was genuinely kind to the First Years he tested on, but also the ones Umbridge got to. 

And Fred, oh he would have loved her. At first it would have been sheer glee at a whole mine of mockery for him and George, miming eleven year old Hermione behind her back, bossily parroting things at each other while sticking out their teeth and wiggling their hips. It was only in second year with this horrible swooping in his stomach when he thought she would be petrified for good did he realize she wasn’t really such a bossy-know-it-all in spite of being Ron’s friend. 

When they got back from Egypt and stayed in the Leaky Cauldron, he made sure she felt safe in her room upstairs, and didn’t say anything when Ginny crept in after her instead of sleeping in the rollaway camper bed set up in Mum and Dad’s room. He could hear them giggling, and he and George exchanged relieved glances; Ginny hadn’t been the same since…well.

They grabbed Ginny’s shoulders so hard, one hand on each of hers because they couldn’t lose her too in the crowd with the glowing green skull. Dad had entrusted the rest to them. They were only sixteen. Ginny was crying. “Pick her up,” George shouted over the din, and Fred did and they ran together. Ginny, pulling out her wand in a tight fist to watch her brothers’ backs, her hand trembling and shaking. She could feel him threatening to come back. Threatening to unlock that place in her mind she swore she’d never go again and here it was, the masks…the faces she knew were under them… “Where’s Ron?” Fred bellowed back. It was terrifying to think they had lost them. Dad would be so angry. And Ron was only-

That year Ron spent a lot more time with them than they would have ordinarily allowed. Fred wanted to tease his brother mercilessly, but George, a bit softer, gestured at the puffy circles under Ron’s eyes; the dark lines around his mouth; the white of his knuckles when they mentioned Harry’s name in passing, even in relation to quidditch practice. Ron was vitriolic when it came to Viktor Krum and Hermione, and his speech must have had some effect, because Fred came to feel distinctly annoyed whenever he saw them too. 

Then in Grimmauld Place, so gloomy and desperate and dirty, it was somewhat of a relief to have someone as practical as Hermione shielding them from each other’s tempers. God knows he, George, and Ginny all had enough stereotypes to make redheaded tempers true, and Ron was moody and pent up, bitter about his isolation. Percy’s betrayal was breaking Mum and Dad apart. Mum couldn’t stop crying. Dad kept breaking all of Sirius’ plates by banging them down too hard. Sirius was no help; moody and glum and scared of the shadows in his own house. And the Order meetings only made everything worse. Fred and George were up to their necks in trying to keep everyone cheerful, and usually only received screams and flares of temper in response. And Harry - well Harry was angrier than almost anyone. So having Hermione…Fred felt rested around Hermione. It was easy to tease her; the reactions were normal. She made all of this feel…normal.

It was that year he knew. It was George who figured it out really, when George asked casually if Fred was still dating Angelina. The Yule Ball had been a brief but passionless fling, and Fred gave up his rights with good graces, hardly noticing Georgie’s smirk. He teased her so badly that year George had to take him aside to tell him to tone it down or Hermione might really start to hate him. He had gone brick red and mumbled something else. When Ron began to vomit his saliva into that other girl’s mouth - helpfully illustrated with sound charms in Ginny’s letters - Fred got angry. Hermione didn’t like him - he wasn’t daft - but couldn’t Ron see how much he was hurting her? What an idiot.

When they disappeared, he would hold the radio and make jokes into the dead silence, hoping she was listening. Hoping she could make him feel normal again. It didn’t work. But he wanted to keep laughing. And when Percy came back he gave him his biggest smile and his hand and a half finished laugh on his lips.

Hermione cried whenever she comforted Ron. But she didn’t know why until years later when George gave her a book of handwritten scribbles, joke ideas for the shop. “Could you help me work this out?” his voice was unsteady, but his eyes were clear, bright. “Fred had some ideas before he-”

Hermione couldn’t stop crying, but now she knew why. The pages smelled like orange juice,  his fingerprints still in the smudged ink stains. 

In Search of Yugyeom; Whoops! // Kim Yugyeom

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Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Comdey // Fluff

Summary//Request: A friend told me you do scenarios for ALL got7 members. Sooo I’m off to request one forrhe cute maknea. Can you do one were yn accidently walks in on Yugyeom when he was about to shower? Fluff please not smut hahaha. Thanks in advance sara-nim  :D

Every Friday after work, it was pretty much tradition for you to get the 68 bus from your part time job which stopped just a few minutes walk from GOT7’s dorms. Ever since they started coming into your coffee shop around a year ago, you had all become good friends with each other. They began inviting you to their dorm for dinner or just to chill out, and sometimes taking you out for fun days to amusement parks or otherwise. It was more than you could have ever dreamed of, having not one, but 7 people you could rely on.

But there was one person you took more of a shine to, and that was Yugyeom. He was around your age and you both had similar interests in music and dance. You introduced him to a few American artists he had never heard of before, and ever since then he always loved to hang out with you, even sometimes just the two of you, which you secretly loved more than anything. However, you were always too shy to admit your feelings to him, and you knew he was the type of person who also harboured the same feelings of shyness; so you both comfortably lingered in the limbo that was somewhere between friendship and actually dating.

You hopped off the bus and quickly began to skip towards the dorms, being careful that no one was following you as you did so. Upon reaching the building, you rang the doorbell and waiting patiently to be buzzed in. A few seconds later, the buzzer went off, allowing you to push the door open before stepping in and closing it tight behind you. You took off your shoes quickly and ascended up the stairs to greet the boys.

BamBam and Youngjae sat on the sofa, while Jackson and Mark lay on the ground playing with Coco. The TV was on, and they were all catching up on Descendents of The Sun. They turned their heads to you upon your entrance, all 4 of them smiling at you and greeting you.

“How was work (Y/N)?” Youngjae said, standing up to greet you with a hug. You hugged him tightly before sighing slightly.

“Work was work. I had the RUDEST customer today, you don’t even wanna know.” You laughed half heartily as Jackson joined you both and began rubbing the sides of your arms.

“How could anyone be rude to you? You’re so soft and polite!” he argued, making you laugh and smile at his attempt to make you feel better. You looked around the rest of the room, noticing the other 3 boys missing.

“Where’s Jaebum, Jinyoung and Yugyeom?” you asked them.

“JB’s in the kitchen with Jinyoung plating up dinner…and Yugyeom went to lie down for a bit I think. He’s wrecked after practice today” Mark called over to you lazily, still playing with Coco. You could see that all of them looked more than tired, but they still invited you over to chill out with them regardless of their fatigue. You smiled at how lucky you felt to have such amazing friends.

“Are you staying over tonight (Y/N)?” BamBam asked excitedly, pulling you down on to the sofa with him so you could both get comfy in time for dinner and a movie as Jaebum and Jinyoung entered the room with trays holding plates of stew for everyone.

“You can stay if you like (Y/N), we still have the camper bed up in Bam and Gyeomie’s room from last time so it’s no trouble at all” Jaebum smiled at you as he handed you your plate.

“Well, only if it’s not too much trouble, then yeah I’d love to say” you said back warmly, taking the plate from him and thanking them both for making an extra serving just for you.

“Where the heck is Yugyeom?” Jinyoung sighed as he set the plate meant for him on the small table beside the sofa. You got up, placing your plate on the cushion before looking in the direction of Yugyeom and Bambams room.

“I’ll go tell him it’s ready, be right back” you said cheerfully, as you began walking down the hall towards his room.

You opened the door slowly to find the room in complete darkness. You softly called out Yugyeom’s name, before turning on the light to see that he wasn’t there. You furrowed your eyebrows together. “Mark said he was having a nap…hmmm” you thought to yourself, thinking that he couldn’t have gone far. You took one last look at the room before going back out into the hallway and closing the door behind you.

“Maybe he went to wash his hands before dinner?” you wondered as you inched closer towards the bathroom door. You pressed your hand against it lightly, watching it open slowly under the soft pressure of your hand. You listened carefully; nothing. No running water, no sign of any life at all. You sighed before pushing the door open to reveal Yugyeom standing with his back facing you, naked as the day he was born, just about to get into the shower.

“OH MY GOD YUGYEOM I’M SO SORRY” you screamed as you quickly backed out of the room, making Yugyeom whip a towel around his body in complete panic. You stood outside the door, your eyes open wide and your chest rising and falling as you couldn’t believe you had just walked in on him about to have a shower. The rest of the boys, startled by your screaming, came running down the hallway to find you a shaking mess outside the bathroom.

“(Y/N)?! What’s wrong? What happened?” Jaebum questioned you, his face in front of yours as the rest of the boys caught up to him. You couldn’t even formulate words to tell him that you just seen Yugyeom, a lot more of him than you banked on seeing in the bathroom.

“Did you find Yugyeom? What’s going on?” Mark asked, his face and everyone elses face donning looks of severe confusion as you stammered and stuttered trying to explain that yes, you had in fact found Yugyeom. But you found him butt-ass naked in the shower.

“Guys…” you heard Yugyeom’s voice call out from the bathroom. Your heart sank and began to beat faster as you knew what was about to happen next. Jackson looked at you, before pushing the door open and seeing Yugyeom standing with a towel around his body, his face the same colour as a ripe tomato.

“Could you please pass me my clothes…they’re on my bed…” Yugyeom said in a defeated tone. Jackson slammed the door and began laughing his head off, the rest of the members looking at him as if he were crazy.

“I think (Y/N) might have just walked in on Yugyeom stark naked” he bellowed, tears running down his face as you felt like digging a 6 foot hole in the ground and burying yourself in it. The rest of the boys began to try and hold back their chuckles, but soon all burst out laughing in unison. Jackson put hi s arm around you, patting your head while Jinyoung pinched your cheeks, pointing out how red your face had become during all of this.

“Now now (Y/N), no need to feel embarrassed! It happens to us all the time. Let’s go back and wait for Yugyeom to….finish up in the shower” Jinyoung said, not being able to hold back his tears of laughter either as they all pulled you back towards the living room, leaving Yugyeom to get dressed in peace. He eventually laughed at how funny the situation was, knowing that he would definitely apologise to you later on, but at the same time he was thinking to himself;

“I wonder if she liked what she saw?”

Well, this wall in the back needs to be fixed… but I still think its sooo cosy here. Just imagine: This picture is from our first night in the van in front of an old man’s house, who had chicken and llamas. Around it was nothing than forest. We ate pasta for dinner and were the most happy people in the world.

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Solangelo Headcannon- Cerberus

Cerberus escaped the Underworld once.

He traveled straight to Camp Half-Blood after searching out Nico’s life force. Once he got there he shrank his size to that of a Mastiff, and wondered around camp barking.

Curious campers stumbled out of bed to find the source of the noise and some scrambled back inside their cabins in fear. An Aphrodite camper screamed and scared Cerberus so bad that he changed back into his large form and started running and jumping around causing a panic.

Will couldn’t get Nico awake fast enough. When he did all Nico had done was walk outside, and call for Cerberus.

The three headed dog changed back into his cuddly three headed mastiff form and charged for the Hades Cabin and Nico went back to bed with Cerberus laying at his feet like it happened everyday.

Cerberus stayed for a week which unnerved some campers but Mrs. O’leary, Tyson, and Festus loved playing with him. He spent that week following Nico almost everywhere he went.

Will was covered in Cerberus slobber after everything was said and done, when Hades personally came to collect his dog, he placed the last leash on Cerberus, turned to the son of Apollo and said, “He likes you, now don’t hurt Nico or he will eat you.”

Cerberus snuck out a month later to

The Hephaestus cabin built Nico a doggy door after the fourth visit. (Cerberus found the cabin but getting in was a different story. So he sat outside and howled until-Will, Percy, Jason, Annabeth or Piper- let him into the Hades cabin)

Bonus: The Aphrodite children where armed with giant doggy shirts and sweaters for their large k-9 friends. Mrs. O’leary had a pink sweater and Cerberus a black shirt with a skull on it (he didn’t look very intimidating according to Nico and Hades but Persephone loved it)

Wild winter, warm coffee
Ma’s gone, do you love me?
Blazing summer, cold coffee
Baby’s gone, do you love me? (x)

sniper drinking hot coffee and scout drinking iced coffee while hanging out in the camper van. perspective’s all weird and I don’t even know if a booth like this would fit in sniper’s dinky camper but I wanted one there so there it is.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

[Taehyung x Reader]

Genre: Fluff (PG)

Song: I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran

Word Count: 11.0k

Description: For the past few years, you have lived by your passion of working with kids, and when you sign up to be a camp counselor, a stranger comes along and blossoms a new passion within you. You don’t expect to be caught up in a summer romance, but from the moment you lock eyes, you realize that this is the love you’ve been waiting for all your life.

                             ♔ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM TAEHYUNG ♔ 

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cabin 7 headcannons

- every night Austin or Will sings a lullaby for everyone to fall asleep to

- fairy lights shaped like little suns

- song lyrics written in hidden places on the walls in sharpie

- glow in the dark music notes on the ceiling

- notebooks full of song lyrics, poetry, doctor-y things etc. everywhere

- there is a morning alarm that plays a playlist of songs about the sun on top volume

- every new camper gets their bed decorated before they come as a welcome

- a mini fridge containing peanut butter, gatorade, ice cream, and nothing else

- posters and photos scattered around the walls so it feels more like home to the campers

- everyone loves each other

feel free to add your own!