Andy Warhol 

Campbell’s Soup Can (Tomato), 1962

To make this drawing, Warhol started by tracing the soup-can logo from a mailing envelope sent by the Campbell’s Soup Company onto a sheet of paper. He likely enlarged that tracing in a projection, which he then traced again on this sheet. The thirty-two paintings that make up Campbells’ Soup Cans are also based on the same soup-can logo. Warhol may have used pencil drawings like this one to increase the size of the projected image in stages, which helped to preserve the graphic clarity of the logo when it reached the larger scale of the canvases.

via MoMA

This day in history, pop artist Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, PA. Many of Warhol’s works of art focused upon celebrity culture, as well as branding & advertising; some of his most famous imagery displayed Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Tomato Soup cans. The artist attracted hoards of fans, including musicians and activists like John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Photo courtesy of archivesofamericanart