there’s a guy in one of my classes who i am secretly battling for dominance over by wearing awful hipster outfits. i dont know if he is thinking the same thing but regardless i intend to win

i thought i won today when i walked into class wearing my awful 1995 figure skating tour of the world (sponsored by campbells soup) t-shirt, mom jeans, and 1980 moscow olympics-theme denim jacket but then he had to walk in wearing a donald duck jacket with matching donald duck socks like what a fucking power move


Ace Hardware
Alamo Rent A Car
Allied Van Lines
Allstate Insurance Company
America West Airlines
American Airlines
American Express
Apple INC
Avis rent a car
Avon Products
Best Foods
Best Western
Black & Decker
Blue Cross & Blue Shield Assoc.
Bone Goods
Brunswick Corp
Budget rent a car
Calvin klein INC
Campbell soup co.
Career Education Corp
Caterpillar INC
Dell Monte Foods
Delta Air Lines
Delta Faucet Co
Dollar Rent A Car
Domino’s Pizza
Dunkin Donuts
Dunlop Tires
Eddie Bauer
Exxon Mobil
Firestone Tire Co.
General Electric
Hilton Hotels
Kraft Foods
Marshalls Mcdonalds
Mobil Oil
Old Republic International
Pepsi Co
Phillip Morris Co.
Sara LEE
Service Master
Dr pepper/seven up
Shell Oil Co.
Showtime networks
Southwest Air
Sprint Corp
Toys R Us
TJ Maxx
Tribune Co.
U.S cellular
United Airlines
WM Wrigley Jr Co.
Zebra Technologies
Zenith Electronics

anonymous asked:

Um hello, may I please request for a few headcanons of Lancey lance being awestruck by Keith?

  • keith peels his armour off after a mission and lance is frozen to the spot
  • he starts giggling like crazy and hunk has to stuff him into a cupboard so keith doesn’t notice 
  • keith throwing his sword at a drone. poor lance never stood a chance
  • he smirks and lance puts his hands in a prayer motion like ‘first of all i just wanna thank god’ 
  • keith’s laugh is like the tinkling of small bells and lance tells anyone who’ll listen
  • ‘allura do you SEE how beautiful he is??’ allura looking at keith with pasta sauce in his hair and on his chin, munching aggressively: ‘umm…’ 
  • when he stretches, his shirt rides up and lance falls off the couch 
  • ‘pidge his hair is wet he’s soooo gorgeous’ ‘i saw him sneeze into his hands and then wipe his eyes like it was nothing’ 
  • keith with a ponytail. lance opens the airlock and starts screaming ‘GOD GOD WHAT DID I DO’ and they have to pull him back in and shiro starts crying 
  • he does complex multiplication in his head and is generally a maths whiz. lance turns to a random alien and says ‘i’m gonna marry that boy’ 
  • ‘shiro he wore my jacket on a dare and he looked so good in it he’s so hot’ shiro with death in his eyes and a shot of nunvil in his hand: ‘that’s my lil bro’ 
  • he sits in the black lion’s pilot seat and orders the team around and lance is blushing like a fool 
  • keith: ‘lance. listen to me. take out all those drones and report back here when you’re done’ lance getting all giddy and burning up like a fire engine: ‘can i get a kiss when i’m done’ keith: ‘what’ 
  • keith kicking ass whilst piloting black and flying through an asteroid belt like it’s nothing. lance screams so long and loud that hunk has to squish his face into his chest to muffle it 
  • allura: ‘are you ok??? lance?’ lance lying on the cold tiled floors of the showers: ‘abs abs abs abs’ allura: ‘oh my god he fuckin dead’ 
  • keith yawns and puts his head on the table, blinking slowly and smiling sleepily at lance. lance feels so mushy and giddy inside he can’t stop grinning all night 
  • keith taking his shirt off: ‘race you to the end of the pool’ lance getting dizzy: ‘listen you fucking campbells green pea soup can- you shouldn’t- where’s my inhaler’ 
  • keith knocking a galra drone to the floor, foot on its chest: ‘tell me where the control room is’ lance: ‘CAN I GET MY INHALER CAN I PLEASE GET MY INHALER’ 
  • keith winking at lance: ‘nice work today sharpshooter. you looked good out there’ lance, right before he collapses: ‘where doth be mine inhaler’ 
  • keith rambles on for hours about cool knives and lance slowly traces his excited features with his eyes so he can memorise them, cos he’s never seen anything so beautiful in his life 
  • keith smiling softly: ‘you were a huge help today lance. i’m glad we’re a team. i’d be so lost without you’ lance melting into a puddle: 
  • on a kitten planet keith holds a small red one so carefully and gently, like it might break, and whispers to it, kissing its head every few seconds. lance knows he’s fallen so hard he can literally never get back up