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whoops my hand slipped and this is a thing i made over the week haha. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to posting it until now because I’ve been pretty busy, and probably will continue to be for just a bit longer. Sorry! I’ve also fallen a bit behind with the general state of affairs in the fandom, so I’m kinda just desperately hoping no huge thing was announced or discovered while I was making this.

First time making a height chart for anything! at least now i kinda of have a ref of everyone lined up together. oh gosh i’m rambling. Anyways, it’s great to be actually posting stuff again! and if you haven’t checked out Bendy and the Ink Machine by theMeatly you totally should. Remember that you are strong and brave and we’re all so proud of how far you’ve come!

matildaswan  asked:

Serena Campbell


  • First impression: something along the lines of ‘your hat is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever seen’. But, before I properly started watching them, the first episode/scene I ever saw was the third kiss. And I was like ‘GET IT GAL !!!!!!’
  • Impression now: I’m ride or die af. Throw me to the wolves. Every time she comes on screen I absolutely lose my shit and I wish I was fucking kidding. I don’t know how or why I became absolute Serena Campbell trash but I just am??? this is my life now??
  • Favorite moment: Where to begin??? That time she ate that fucking mushroom?? When she told Ric that she suggested a patient would fuck off home?? Her soft face right before the first kiss?? The arm wrestle?? The way she looked at Edward when she knew she was gonna get some good dick?? Her ecstatic smile when she told Ric she loved Bernie?? That one time she almost made out with Raf?? Every scene in Self Control??? THE ENTIRETY OF BRAVE NEW WORLD?? T H E  R O O F  S C E N E???? babe i can’t pick just one and u know it
  • Idea for a story: Serena is happy. the end
  • Unpopular opinion: She is the absolute best. (so many people prefer Bernie or like… don’t really care that much for her??? but like?? have you fucking SEEN SERENA CAMPBELL WITH UR OWN EYES???)
  • Favorite relationship: ………it’s not a man, it’s Bernie (see what I did there)
  • Favorite headcanon: SHE FUCKED BUTTONS AND NOBODY CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE. also she and colette had a thing ™

[send me a character]

Does anyone else ever get that thing where you just suddenly remember that Serena Campbell fell head over heels in love with Bernie Wolfe and your knees go a bit wobbly? Like literally just walking down the street on your own and then people think you’re mad because you’re grinning and stumbling?

No, me neither. Ha. Ahaha. Ahem.


Spectacledchic’s shoes collection part 3: Heels

1) Vercelli Shoes by Madlen

2) Donata Shoes by Madlen

3) Greta Shoes by Madlen

4) Petra Shoes by Madlen

5) Daisy Heels by Becky-Sims

6) Jeffrey Campbell Foxy by Semller

7) Charles Anastase Platform Shoes by Leahlillith

8) Grosseto Shoes by Madlen

9) Vapour Platform Heels by Leahlillith

10) Pescara Shoes by Madlen

11) Jeffrey Campbell Dink Heels by Sweetabigailia

12) Megara Shoes by Madlen


This is SIMS 3 CC collection.

Please DO NOT CONVERT OR EDIT any of the items from my cc collection because they are not mine.

DO ASK the original creators’ permissions if you want to.