campbell brown

Eric Garner/Daniel Pantaleo:

Michael Brown/Darren Wilson:

John Crawford III/Sean Williams

Timothy Stansbury/Richard Neri

Ramarley Graham/Richard Haste

Aaron Campbell/Ronald Frashour

Earl Murray and Ronald Beasley/Robert Piekutowski and Keith Kierzkowski

Grand Juries almost never indict police officers, while they almost always indict others accused of a crime. Sending police criminal cases before a Grand Jury is no coincidence. 



 A juxtaposition between the recent ISIS beheadings and unjustified police killings. I was amazed by the similarities of the two topics and how no one seems to be picking up on how equal the severity of both can potentially be. I’m not necessarily equating the two because they both have their own factors that set them apart, I’m just saying that if you were to make a venn diagram of the two, the middle might be more packed than you would think. It will get a lot worse before it gets better. Stay aware. 

Shot on 35mm b&w film by Dustin Dacier.

RIP to the countless innocent people killed each day regardless of by who’s hand, my deepest condolences go out to all the families affected.