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A fulfillment of aosficnet’s Week 2 prompts “Would you believe” and the “no x challenge”.

Inspired by this post

Ms May’s head snapped up as a small stuffed crocodile landed in the paint. She narrowed her eyes, scanning the back of the classroom for the guilty party, or parties. The children seemed to not know who had done it, since they went on with their activities as if nothing had happened.

She picked up the crocodile and watched a moment longer, scrutinising the children’s movement. She quickly narrowed it down to three: Daisy Johnson, Elena Rodriguez and Lincoln Campbell. She walked calmly up to them.

“Johnson. Rodriguez. Campbell.”

All three children looked up, all looking perfectly innocent. May did her best not to narrow her eyes again; she knew just how “innocent” these little ones were.

“Who threw the crocodile?”

Their answers all came in the form of shrugs. She did her best not to sigh.

“Toys away. Now.” The three of them knew better than to argue and so did what they were told. May then pointed to the TIme Out corner. “You sit there for five minutes to reflect on your behaviour.”

Daisy, Elena and Lincoln went quietly, sitting down cross-legged, their gazes on the floor. May nodded to herself before turning her attention back to the other children in the classroom. After five minutes, she returned to the group of five-year-olds and knelt down to their height. She held up the crocodile.

“So. Who did it?”

“It was Sam, miss,” Daisy answered without missing a beat. May raised her eyebrows.

“There’s nobody named Sam in this class.”

“Yes, there is!” Elena joined in. “He sits with Doug.”

May turned her head. It wasn’t that she believed them, but she still wanted to see who was sitting beside Doug. She saw Billy Koenig sitting there, painting away happily. She licked her lips slowly and then turned back to the kids.

“That’s Billy. Not Sam.”

“Sam’s his twin brother,” Lincoln said calmly. “The two always switch classrooms when you’re not looking. So, right now, Sam’s in the other class, and Billy has taken his place.”

“Smart, really,” Elena interjected thoughtfully. “Switching around to make sure you don’t get into trouble.”

Even though she knew they were lying, May couldn’t help but find that she was actually starting to have doubts about her certainty. She eyed each one closely, looking as guiltless as deer.

“Daisy?” She wiggled the crocodile slowly, and Daisy shook her head.

“Sam did it.”


“We all saw it! It was Sam! It wasn’t me!”


“They’re telling the truth. It was Sam.”

May paused a moment, contemplating what to do. These kids were smart, and gutsy, risking such a lie. If she was totally honest, she kind of admired them. Nevertheless, she knew they still had to be punished - throwing things across the room was a No-No and they knew that.

She eventually decided to send them to the principal - let him deal with them. She told them this and they all protested.

“But, miss! It was Sam, not us!”

She just shook her head and sent them off with Miss Crawford, helping her out with the children. They begrudgingly went, and May allowed her a small smile at their antics, especially when she just caught Elena’s comment muttered under her breath.

“I told you we should have named him after someone in this class!”


Name: Anthony Bevilacqua

Location: Eagle Rock, CA. This shot was taken up atop Sycamore Canyon where I lived beneath the bluffs of Mt Boney, or Satwiwa, for 2 years. The boards are leaning against a deteriorating replica of a Chumash ‘Ap, made from Willow, Tule, and Yucca rope.


  • 7'2" Liddle my friend Steve let me borrow
  • 6'0" Campbell Bros Bonzer
  • 5'7" Pavel Cosmic Creek Fish
  • 5'10" 80s butt tail quad shaped by Gaylord Campbell
  • 6? handshaped Alaia
berena autumn aesthetics

bernie autumn aesthetic:
big fluffy socks with scandinavian patterns on them; the hint of cinnamon from incense that clings to her throughout the day; the way the late afternoon sun shines on her curls; the smudge of serena’s lipstick against her own making the perfect shade of pink

serena autumn aesthetic:
soft, oversized burgundy jumpers; hot chocolates at night with too much cream to be appropriate; bubble baths after long shifts with candles; sunday afternoon walks with jason in a forest full of golden and red leaves; bernie’s favourite scarf around her neck

berena autumn aesthetic:
cuddles by the fire under a big blanket in the late afternoon; bernie gazing at the way the morning sun caresses serena’s features; eva cassidy love songs on repeat; holding hands at coffee shops on rainy days; serena kissing the tip of bernie’s nose when it becomes red from the cold