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Gansey touched his lower lip very gently. He lowered his hand, and he said, “Wake up.”
He said it like he had said stop earlier. He said it in a voice Adam had heard countless times, a voice he could never not listen to.
The beasts woke.
                               // Blue Lily, Lily Blue, chapter 47.

Make way for the Raven King.
The last tree fell, and the forest was gone, and everything was absolutely silent.
Blue touched Gansey’s face. She whispered, “Wake up.”
                               // The Raven King, chapter 67.

  • <p> <b>Max:</b> Jace, I'm hungry<p/><b>Jace:</b> Hi hungry, I'm Jace<p/><b>Max:</b> I'm serious<p/><b>Jace:</b> No you're hungry<p/><b>Max:</b> You're joking<p/><b>Jace:</b> No I'm Jace<p/></p>

The Gangsey moodboard ➤ Richard Campbell Gansey III 

“I’m not a creeper. I’m just a guy looking for a king.”

Image: Ali Cobby Eckermann. (Woodford Folk Festival/Flickr) 

When Ali Cobby Eckermann received an email announcing she’d won one of the world’s richest literary prizes (the $165,000 Windham-Campbell Prize), the unemployed Aboriginal poet says she had no idea what to think. Then, she tells The Guardian, she “pretty much just cried.” The poet, who lives in a caravan in South Australia with her elderly adoptive mother, added: “It’s going to change my life completely.”

Unemployed, Living In A Caravan — And Now, Winner Of A $165,000 Literary Prize

Nights at Monmouth Manufacturing.

I was feeling so sad today and then I remembered every time when Ronan and Gansey keep each other company.I had to sketch this because I love these characters so much.They make me happy.

Thanks @maggie-stiefvater for the friendship goals.