First Meeting [private rp with solutioniststrife]

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Parvis grinned at the interest, not wanting to disturb the conversations of the others he hovered over the username ‘w_strife’. A slight hesitation before clicking on the name and then to ‘direct messages’.

acparvis is typing…

acparvis: Decided it was best to take this to a private chat since the conversations are moving so quick tonight :0 You always seem to lock yourself away, you could come to mine and could stay at mine if you can! Hang out, play games and stuff

The teen bounced with excitement, his chair squeaking every now and again. He liked hanging out with his friends, but he preferred the comfort of his online friends a lot more.

acparvis: The spare room isn’t really ready for guests but I’m sure my room can fit a campbed thing

He kept typing for a few minutes before stopping and erasing what he typed, the last thing he wanted to do was overwhelm the guy with messages, even if he was excited. It didn’t take long for a distraction to appear, a small one on four legs, then it occurred to him.

acparvis: You aren’t allergic to cats are you?

He stared at the fluff ball sitting by the window, the last thing he wanted to do was invite someone over who was potentially allergic to cats. A small ‘mreow’ left its throat as it padded over to Parv, rubbing and purring for attention.


“Aleksey’s Bedroom was one of the last rooms of the palace to be remodelled in 1916. The walls were painted and the windows were covered in a foral material. In the picture above we see Aleksey’s bed next to a large kiot - or ikon stand, which is full of religious images. It was built during this refurbishment. In the picture above the doors to storage space beneath are open to show the things that were kept there - more ikons, candles, books, etc. Before the exile of the Romanovs to Siberia Alekey’s bed had been a campbed. That bed followed him to Tolbolsk and the museum curators brought this one Aleksey used as a small child up from the storerooms to replace it.”

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