Dating Bellamy Blake Would Include...

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  • Getting scared every time he leaves camp
  • Being there for him any time he starts to think about his past
  • Him being super protective of you at all times
  • You being one of the only people he’ll open up to
  • Turning everything into a competition
  • Becoming really good friends with Octavia
  • Him teaching you how to protect yourself in case something happens when he’s not around
  • You being slightly jealous of how close he is with Clarke
  • Him being slightly jealous of how close you are with Murphy
  • “You’re jealous of Murphy? Seriously? You know we’re just friends.”
  • “So? You’re jealous of Clarke and we’re only friends”
  • “But you know she doesn’t like me!”
  • “Well, you know that Murphy obviously wants to kill me, but that’s not stopping you!”
  • Helping him clean his wounds after a fight
  • Him teasing you whenever he catches you staring at him
  • “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”
  • Wearing his leather jacket
  • Him lightly tracing your scars whenever you get insecure about them
  • Back hugs
  • Super rough and passionate kisses
  • Playing with each others hair
  • Cuddling after a long day
  • Being the only one that can calm him down when he’s angry
  • His. Morning. Voice. Though.
  • NEVER leaving without saying ‘I love you’
  • You never know if you’ll get the chance to say it again

I had to attend a boarding school which was also in a treehouse, but there weren’t any bedrooms left so I was going to have to sleep on a campbed in the hallway, but luckily some guy got arrested for drawing on £50 with a sharpie.

When I went into the room, Christopher Lee was there and was being super-cryptic about something that was going on in the school, and told me that I had an essay on the symbolism of Vivaldi (yes, the composer) due the next morning.

There was also a drunk guy in the room sleeping but neither of us acknowledged him.

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Living with the 100 :)

  • Having to deal with constant fights between everyone (mainly Murphy/Bellamy, Bellamy/Clarke) and being the one who calms and sorts out the situation
  • Making moonshine with Monty and getting totally wasted
  • Trying on Jasper’s goggles
  • Coming up with plans and strategies with Clarke 
  • Bellamy calming you down when you’re afraid
  • Having the best friends ever
  • Raven teaching you a bit about tech and getting your help when she needs it
  • Octavia helping you with self defense 
  • Sarcastic arguments with Murphy
  • Gossiping with Raven, Clarke and Octavia
  • The boys always wondering what you’re gossiping about and trying to listen but they always fail
  • Helping Jasper prank the camp
  • Being reckless with Finn
  • Teasing Finn about him and Clarke
  • Teasing Clarke and her and Bellamy even though she denies nothing happened and no feelings were created
  • Having to save their lives at some point
  • Having them save your lives
  • Bitching with Murphy
  • Having parties and bonfires and just getting drunk and reminiscing about the Ark and it’s always a lot of fun
Two Roads Meet - Chapter 20 (the finale)

A/N: i cnat believe its actually OVER (i’ve saved all my waffly thank u talk until the end so stick around if you want to see me get unnecessarily appreciative and nostalgic)

also similarly to the last chapter pls listen to this when phil’s singing to u know ~~set the mood~~

hope u enjoy! 

Summary: Phil Lester, a shy, poetic hipster, is talented at a lot of things; social interaction not being one of them. But when his best friend Tom, a popular socialite, wins a competition for a Road Trip, Phil suddenly finds himself meeting a whole new group of friends, including the total stud Dan Howell; a flirt-machine in a leather jacket. But will Phil’s awkwardly interesting personality intrigue Dan, or completely freak him out?

DISCLAIMER: Obviously (and unfortunately) everything I have written is entirely fictional. I am not claiming Phan is real also shit  TRIGGER WARNING FOR CHARACTER DEATH I GUESS



“No…” I groaned into the pillow reluctantly, shutting my eyes with a sense of dread at the unwanted company of Esmée occupying the edge of the campbed I lay face-down on.
“Come on, Phil…” She sighed sadly, her hand on my shoulder. “Its not going to be that bad. We’re all just going to collectively pay our respects together.”
“I don’t wanna pay mine.” I lied grumpily, lifting my head up and glaring at her through my fringe.
Of course I wanted to ‘pay my respects.’ Id be prepared to dedicate the rest of my now-pointless life paying all the respect I had the capacity for.
Just not in the company of everyone. I planned to do it alone. In the field. As if we were together again, spending another night of the trip doing what we do best.
“Phil, please.” Her green eyes turned sad, although I refused to back down. “It’s what Dan would’ve wanted.”
Bullshit. My mind muttered grumpily. That’s all I’d been getting for the past few days. ‘It’s what Dan would’ve wanted!’, ‘Do you think that’s what Dan would’ve wanted you to do?’ ‘What about what Dan would’ve wanted?’
They had no clue what ‘Dan would’ve wanted’, regardless of how many years of their childhood and early adulthood they’d spent together. The Dan they knew for the majority of their lives, was only the version of Dan on the surface. The visible side of the moon.
Whereas the darkest, most hidden angles and features to Dan I had been so insanely lucky to be introduced to, would’ve proved that whatever ‘Dan on the surface would’ve wanted!’ was miles away from what the Dan I fell in love with would’ve wanted.
And they do say it’s what on the inside that counts.

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“Aleksey’s Bedroom was one of the last rooms of the palace to be remodelled in 1916. The walls were painted and the windows were covered in a foral material. In the picture above we see Aleksey’s bed next to a large kiot - or ikon stand, which is full of religious images. It was built during this refurbishment. In the picture above the doors to storage space beneath are open to show the things that were kept there - more ikons, candles, books, etc. Before the exile of the Romanovs to Siberia Alekey’s bed had been a campbed. That bed followed him to Tolbolsk and the museum curators brought this one Aleksey used as a small child up from the storerooms to replace it.”

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