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Living with the 100 :)

  • Having to deal with constant fights between everyone (mainly Murphy/Bellamy, Bellamy/Clarke) and being the one who calms and sorts out the situation
  • Making moonshine with Monty and getting totally wasted
  • Trying on Jasper’s goggles
  • Coming up with plans and strategies with Clarke 
  • Bellamy calming you down when you’re afraid
  • Having the best friends ever
  • Raven teaching you a bit about tech and getting your help when she needs it
  • Octavia helping you with self defense 
  • Sarcastic arguments with Murphy
  • Gossiping with Raven, Clarke and Octavia
  • The boys always wondering what you’re gossiping about and trying to listen but they always fail
  • Helping Jasper prank the camp
  • Being reckless with Finn
  • Teasing Finn about him and Clarke
  • Teasing Clarke and her and Bellamy even though she denies nothing happened and no feelings were created
  • Having to save their lives at some point
  • Having them save your lives
  • Bitching with Murphy
  • Having parties and bonfires and just getting drunk and reminiscing about the Ark and it’s always a lot of fun

“Aleksey’s Bedroom was one of the last rooms of the palace to be remodelled in 1916. The walls were painted and the windows were covered in a foral material. In the picture above we see Aleksey’s bed next to a large kiot - or ikon stand, which is full of religious images. It was built during this refurbishment. In the picture above the doors to storage space beneath are open to show the things that were kept there - more ikons, candles, books, etc. Before the exile of the Romanovs to Siberia Alekey’s bed had been a campbed. That bed followed him to Tolbolsk and the museum curators brought this one Aleksey used as a small child up from the storerooms to replace it.”

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