campaigning for coin

There’s a White Day Live campaign starting from February 24th to March 5th!

Well, you guys, it looks like the White Day Band set is, in fact, a golden set after all (rip), and what’s more, it’s an anti-air set! All of them will be able to battle enemies whether they’re on the ground or in the air!

Some things that are included in the campaign:

1. Your Favorite Matsu gachas are back with a Percentage Up on the White Day Band set!

2. Everyone’s getting 50 free diamonds as celebration for the release of the campaign!

3. You get free coins whenever you choose to purchase diamonds!

4. We’re getting special stages celebrating the first anniversary of Hesokuri Wars from February 24th to March 17th! From the looks of it, by playing the stages, you collect red, blue, and green Matsu Symbols which you’ll be able to exchange for past event sets!
– With the red symbols, you’ll be able to get units for last year’s White Day set, the Geruge set, the RPG set, and the Animal Pajama set!
– With the blue symbols, you’ll be able to get units for the Phantom Thief set, the Zombie set, the Swimsuit set, and the original Band set!
– With the green symbols, you’ll be able to get units for the Baseball Invitational set, the Baseball Awakening set, the Haunted House set, and the Magical Girl set!

Looks like we’ve got lots in store for us once maintenance hits on the 24th from 14:00 - 18:00 JST, so get ready!

~Mod Ichi

“In the chest you find 20 gp, 10 sp and 20 cp, as well as a strange medallion with a 7-pointed star and ancient spiky writing on the surface … roll Knowledge (arcana or history) to identify the signifigance of the runes.”

My small collection of roleplaying coins got an expansion today, along with a prop for my Rise of the Runelords campain - just in time too, since the party is set to encounter their first Sihedron Medallion in a few more sessions. Thanks Campaign Coins!