campaigning for coin

There’s a White Day Live campaign starting from February 24th to March 5th!

Well, you guys, it looks like the White Day Band set is, in fact, a golden set after all (rip), and what’s more, it’s an anti-air set! All of them will be able to battle enemies whether they’re on the ground or in the air!

Some things that are included in the campaign:

1. Your Favorite Matsu gachas are back with a Percentage Up on the White Day Band set!

2. Everyone’s getting 50 free diamonds as celebration for the release of the campaign!

3. You get free coins whenever you choose to purchase diamonds!

4. We’re getting special stages celebrating the first anniversary of Hesokuri Wars from February 24th to March 17th! From the looks of it, by playing the stages, you collect red, blue, and green Matsu Symbols which you’ll be able to exchange for past event sets!
– With the red symbols, you’ll be able to get units for last year’s White Day set, the Geruge set, the RPG set, and the Animal Pajama set!
– With the blue symbols, you’ll be able to get units for the Phantom Thief set, the Zombie set, the Swimsuit set, and the original Band set!
– With the green symbols, you’ll be able to get units for the Baseball Invitational set, the Baseball Awakening set, the Haunted House set, and the Magical Girl set!

Looks like we’ve got lots in store for us once maintenance hits on the 24th from 14:00 - 18:00 JST, so get ready!

~Mod Ichi

KINGS of AXUM. Ezanas. Circa 300-350 AD. AE15mm. Struck after his conversion to Christianity in 330 AD. BACI LEYC, draped bust right in headcloth / +TOV TO APECH TH XWPA (May This [the cross] Please the Country), small cross in circle. Munro-Hay 52; BMC Aksum 90.

This week, another coin from the fascinating kingdom of Axum (Aksum). This time a small bronze from late in the history of the kingdom, just after the the king Ezana (Ezanas) converted to Christianity. Axum was among the first kingdoms to covert to Christianity and to publicly display its allegiance to the faith on coinage. Ezana is among the best-attested kings of Axum, largely due to his religious conversion, which was the result of the teachings of his Syrian tutor, Frumentius. Ezana was also in contact with the Roman Emperor Constantius II, who requested that Ezana prove that this Christianity was Orthodox by Roman standards. Ezana ignored these requests and established his own, independent church, the origin of the modern Ethiopian Orthodox Church (now in communion with the Coptic Orthodox Church). Today Ezana is a Saint in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Ezana was a powerful and influential king. His coins have been found as far away as India, proving that Axum in this period continued to be a powerful trading kingdom. Ezana was also a military commander who led campaigns into Meroe. Ezana’s coins have an interesting, unique feature, in that some, like this one, bear a legend on the reverse: “May this please the country.” While this cataloguer believes this legend refers to the cross, and, by implication, Christianity, scholars believe that Ezana hoped that the coinage would be met with approval, possible following upon economic difficulties. Whatever it refers to Ezana seems to have been concerned for the approval of his people.

“In the chest you find 20 gp, 10 sp and 20 cp, as well as a strange medallion with a 7-pointed star and ancient spiky writing on the surface … roll Knowledge (arcana or history) to identify the signifigance of the runes.”

My small collection of roleplaying coins got an expansion today, along with a prop for my Rise of the Runelords campain - just in time too, since the party is set to encounter their first Sihedron Medallion in a few more sessions. Thanks Campaign Coins!

An event occurred in February which colored the whole life of the future statesman and jurist. Elizabeth Schuyler, one of the daughters of General Philip Schuyler, came to Morristown to spend the spring months with her aunt, Mrs. Dr. Cochrane, then residing in a cottage near headquarters. She was a beauty and a belle ; small, delicately formed, with a bewitching face illuminated by brilliant black eyes. No young lady of her time had been more carefully educated or more highly bred. Her father’s home in Albany had always been the resort of all that was most cultivated and polished in the social life of what Walpole styled “the proud and opulent colony of New York”; and its courtly hospitalities had been from time to time enjoyed by notable representatives of the Old-World aristocracy. She was descended not only from a long line of Schuylers, but from the Van Rensselaers, Van Cortlandts, and Livingstons—the great feudal lords of the Colonial period — which, it being still the age when the distinctions of rank and caste were held in severe respect, lent an added interest to her personal charms. She came like a fresh flower into the dreariness of that winter scene of frost, alarm, and despondency; and Hamilton was presently her devoted lover.  Erelong General Philip Schuyler himself arrived at headquarters, the Chairman of a committee from Congress, empowered to act in the name of that body for various and definite objects relative to the re-enlistment of troops and the exigencies of the coining campaign, expecting to remain with the army all summer. He was accompanied by Mrs. Schuyler, and with their sanction the youthful pair were betrothed, being married the
following December.

source: History of the City of New York

She came like a fresh flower into the dreariness of that winter scene of frost, alarm, and despondency; and Hamilton was presently her devoted lover. 


  • You may have noticed this if you opened your game already, but Character Strategy Stages are back! Just as always, beware of those Stage 10s!
  • The 2016 Favematsu Gachas have launched! They’re just like the usual Favematsus, except they’re all made of sets that were added all the way back in 2016!
  • Next up, we have the Fluffy Gacha, the Steady Gacha, and the Excited Gacha! The Fluffy Gacha exclusively contains flying sets, the Steady Gacha has long ranges, and the Excited Gacha has sets that walk faster!
  • Also, more diamond campaigns where you receive bonus coins after purchasing a diamond pack – check the banner above for specific amounts!

~Mod Ichi

Update Time - 1 year Anniversary

The new version is here!!! And everything seems to be working well, so far…

It’s the game’s first anniversary and we got a few new things!!!

New Game Icon:

New Start Screen (finally!!!):

We hear Luffy’s voice, when we enter certain menus!! (I hope they’ll bring more voices and that we’ll be able to choose them…)

A new Item on the “My Room” menu, that allows you to connect your game account to Twitter!

Now, for the Notifications…

With this version and data update we get:

- New Event data
- New missions –> mission x3 (starts on the 31st!)
- New combos –> east blue x 12
- 1 New accessory (will appear on the 31st!!)
- Graphic data corrections
- Minor bug fixes

System Voice

So far I’ve heard:
After the start screen - “Let’s do this!” or “Guys! Let’s set sail!”
Entering the World Map - “I smell the scent of an adventure”
Dance hall - “Let’s go full throttle from the very start!”

If you don’t enjoy listening it, or get tired of it, you can go to the system menu and make the voice shut up:

Characters with voice attached
On the 31st of October, leader(s) that have a voice attached to them will appear. Such leader(s) will speak on a variety of situations.

Tweet Event information
Touching the newspaper will give you a present. BUT, you will also be tweeting event information about the game.
You can do this once, every day.

Tweet your daily Camera Mode Presents
Apparently, once your app is connect to twitter, you’ll also be able to tweet the daily gifts you receive from your leader.
When you do so, you get an additional item.

Stamina Recovery Limit Broken
Now, whenever you use a stamina drink, or you rank up, the surplus stamina does not go to waste! (FINALLYY!!!!!).
With this new feature, the stamina gauge can fill up to twice the regular limit.

Example: a player with 63 stamina points, would be able to obtain up to 126 stamina points.

Super Pirate Fest - 1 year anniversary

We’ll be getting this guy as the new 6* character:

Log Luffy will have a new feature: he’ll speak on certain occasions, when you use him on your battles.

The pirate fest begins on the 31st!

Because there’s going to be a Super pirate Fest and a new Super Guerrilla, we get a few presents:
29/10 - 5 S stamina drinks+5 pirate coins
30/10 - 5 M stamina drinks+5 pirate coins

I never got round to speaking about these guys, because I was waiting on a big update… and now we got it!

Perona and Mihawk will be available until the 31st (9:59, Japan Time). I’m guessing they’ll disappear as the new Super Pirate Fest begins.
The current Coin gatcha is being regulated by a “rate up for the 11th character to be a 5* leader”. which means there’s no guarantee you’ll get a 5* leader at all…

Fire element, nice balanced stats, with a defensive property (damage down 38%).
She looks cute too! ;)

Light element, sucky HP, but amazing attack.
He’s got a new skill: he converts the enemy to the element that’s susceptible to his own. That means, he’ll convert any rival to a dark element type, so that he can deal some proper damage.
He’s also got some impressive solo dance hall stats: 3.2, during 14 seconds.
(Alliance Law has a 3.5 bonus which lasts 8 sec, while Military Doffy has a 3.6 bonus that lasts 10 sec)

Super Guerrilla

We’re getting a new super guerrillaaaaa!!!!

The super guerrilla will show up on the 31st of October.
They haven’t given us any teasers yet, nor the times.
If they don’t give any times at all, assume the super guerrilla will follow the regular schedule for saturday and sunday:

Japan Time


Twitter Campaign

As you might have noticed, we’re currently taking advantage of a campaign that gives away daily coins, to celebrate the over 5000 twitter followers
The campaign ends tomorrow (30th of October).

Solo Dance Hall and Random Guerrillas at Half Stamina

Just to remind you guys that both events end tomorrow - October 30th (23:59, Japan Time)


That’s it! happy playing!! :D

I dont know where you get all your material, but just wanted to ask if you had heard about the 5e SRD and Dungeon Master’s Guild launched today.

P.S. Nice touch with the Campaign Coin as your avatar.

Yeah I saw it pass by when I looked at the DnD site. I just kinda looked over it all and I have no clue what exactly this means for me, or the whole homebrewing community that is. I would appreciate it if someone would recap this for me. Thank you!