A still from Girl Scouts of Western Washington’s Indiegogo campaign video.

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington recently received a $100,000 donation, but it came with a caveat: the money couldn’t go to supporting transgender girls. So, the organization gave the money back and started an Indiegogo fundraising campaign in the hopes of making up the difference. They’ve already done that and then some: in the first day alone, they’ve made $130,000.

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It’s kitten season again! That means more vet bills than usual. I rescued these three stinkers over Memorial Day weekend. They were living outside in the country next to a very busy road and being fed hot dogs and gravy by people who didn’t really care what happened to them. They are just a few of the many many kittens my rescue has waiting for shots, microchips, and most importantly, spaying and neutering! We are running a Booster and selling these adorable shirts for $15! Once the campaign ends, the shirts will be printed and shipped directly to your home. Please share, and if you’d like, buy a shirt to help us out! My ask box is open if you have any questions, whether they be about this rescue, this campaign, or just general animal related inquiries. Thanks!

Fundraising opportunities like these can make a huge different to small local colleges. So please, Night Vale, consider making a contribution.

As always, you can give to the Capital Campaign by burying your check, cash, or credit card donation in warm, wet earth, and whispering “I know what you did! I do not forget!”


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Local Girl Scouts Rejects Donor Opposed to Transgender Girls, Launches Fundraising Campaign - ParentMap
Girl Scouts of Western Washington launches a local fundraising campaign in Seattle to recoup $100,000 it was gifted but then decided to return to a donor after the donor requested the money not serve transgender girls. The Girl Scouts, leaders say, is for every girl.

So, somebody threw oodles of cis girls out into the cold just so they could harm a few trans girls.

And the girl scouts said “Fuck you, we’ll just do it ourselves.”


Texting for Dollars on the Trail

It’s been tried before, but on Thursday, the Federal Election Commission approved raising money by text message. In the past, text fundraising has been rejected because it would be difficult to meet the FEC’s 10 day reporting requirement (Source). OpenSecrets postulates that campaigns will follow the method used by charities and other organizations have used: texting a word or phrase to a number and making a contribution that will be added to the phone bill (Source). The FEC ruling would cap text contributions at $50 per month. So, expect to be receiving a text message if you have ever given your cell phone number to a political campaign, party, etc.
Desiree & Jack's Emergency Apartment

We know you all must see titles like this all of the time, but please allow us to explain our situation.

Our names are Desiree and Jack. We are two nineteen-year-old young adults who are just trying to make it on our own. In the future, we want to go to a community college, get good degrees, marry, and raise children together. Desiree wants to start her own small-time bakery business, and Jack wants to become a high school teacher.

• Jack is an FTM, transgender man. He has been in an abusive household for most of his life. Jack has anxiety, depression, PTSD, and is chronically suicidal. He has developed borderline agoraphobia due to his intense dysphoria. Jack is currently without a binder, counseling, HRT, or medication, and lost his last paying job due to a psychological breakdown at his workplace. Jack cannot work without a doctor’s notice saying that he is psychologically able, but he has been denied from Medicaid and is without insurance.

Desiree has been the only person supporting Jack emotionally and financially for an entire year. She has been employed for the last six months at a grocery store, but her hours were recently cut by half because the store over-hired for the summer. Desiree works 18 hours a week maximum, and makes only $300 per bi-weekly paycheck. FoodStamps sends Desiree only $16 a month. She is currently in a desperate search for another job, or multiple other jobs.

• The room we are currently renting costs us $300 a month. Desiree is the only person - out of four people living in this house - who is currently working. She is expected to pay our monthly rent, and to pay for bills and groceries for the whole house. In total, we spend over $600 a month at this house.

We are unable to save any money on our own, and we can’t leave because we have no where else to go.

• We cannot financially or emotionally afford to stay in this house any longer. We have tried to negotiate the rent agreement, and have been shut down. Jack has been threatened by the landlord, and is too terrified to leave the bedroom when Desiree is at work.

But we can’t leave, because we have no where else to go.

We are in an emergency situation. Please help us raise the funds to afford an apartment of our own. We have someone we can trust who will be willing to split the monthly rent, but we still need to raise $3000 for the apartment deposit, the first month’s rent, the bills, and a month’s worth of groceries and necessities. Jack is an artist and writer, and can try to compensate donations any way he is capable.

Thank you everyone for your much-needed support for our Emergency Apartment fund!

Contact Us:
flamingflightfeathers (
I just gave to Bernie Sanders.
Join us! Contribute today

Here’s an email from the campaign:

Our movement isn’t about how much money we raise, it’s about how many individual contributions make up that total.

Chip in $5 one more time before our midnight fundraising deadline as a way of saying “Bernie speaks for me.”

Thank you for your support,

- Team Bernie

One Second!

All it takes is a dollar and a second! Please reblog and help out!
My mom has MS and she can’t cover the cost of her treatment. Here’s a link if you would like to donate. Thanks a lot!
Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for ‘Get Mom Help’. Please tap to donate:

Not sorry I won't or can't give to the cause.

Writing and covering politics, I pretty much end up on everyone’s campaign fundraising list during election season. No one ever asks, one day I simply just get a new email that sounds similar to every other email screaming about how if no one donates money now the Koch brothers will own us forever or just a little more dough will make a huge difference to the campaign and “don’t you want to see real change in (insert city/state/country)?”

Sorry guys, just because I covered the time you showed up to a march somewhere or said something mildly interesting that had more substance than a 20 second talking point once doesn’t mean I want to open my barren wallet and give you the dust, lint and crumpled business cards inside. Forget about money, I’d much rather eat tonight and your fundraising dinner with the bag boiled vegetables and bland chicken is worth less than the frozen pizza in the back of the ice cabinet at the liquor store.

With that in mind, here’s a piece that hits the nail on the head.

“If Democrats acted like Democrats, they might enjoy the same level of support from their own base…but instead, the people are presented with this eternally timid "Please Don’t Hurt Me” coalition, afraid of the word “Liberal,” and certainly addicted to the Wall Street/Defense/Petroleum money swelling their coffers. You ain’t broke, despite that barrage of emails to the contrary.

You support fracking while giving lip-service to climate change? You want Keystone XL approved, despite the fact that it will run the world’s dirtiest fuel through our breadbasket and over our main aquifer in a pipeline that is dead-bang guaranteed to leak? You endorse the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement? You’re satisfied with the barren lack of accounting meted to the Wall Street brigands who stole our future? You’re down with a third war in Iraq?

Wait, you don’t support all that? But you won’t stand against it, because you’re afraid of losing votes or campaign money?

My heroes.“

Read the full thing over at Truthout.


A Baltimore woman has launched a fundraising campaign to make what has been characterized as her “relentlessly gay” front yard even more relentlessly gay. Julie Baker, a lover of rainbows and (it would seem) equal rights, decided to create a GoFundMe page after receiving a hateful note from one of her neighbors, alerting her to the fact that the decorations outside her home were disturbing the peace.

Apparently, rainbow lights aren’t OK in a “Christian” neighborhood – so one woman is trolling her haters

San Francisco!
When: TODAY! October 8th 5:00pm (Press conf 4:30pm)
Where: Converge on UN Plaza, Civic Center BART
For: Obama’s fundraiser visit at the Bill Graham Auditorium

Why? Eleven years of unjust endless war in Afghanistan,Imprisonment of PFC Manning & war on all whistle blowers, Guantanamo Bay, NDAA, Drone Murders, Extrajudicial killings and kill lists, Indefinite detention, continued war across the middle east, looming war with Iran, & much more.

Because our community with real needs such as healthcare, education & housing is not a cash box to be siphoned from & thrown away on presidential campaigns.

Elizabeth Warren's "growing clout could shift the caucus to the left"

Elizabeth Warren’s “growing clout could shift the caucus to the left”

The Hill has a post about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s “growing clout” that should make many a Progressive smile and nod. It may even send a thrill up some Democratic legs. Clout coming from the left can do that.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has emerged as one of the top fundraisersfor Senate Democratic candidates in the midterm election campaign, filling a void left by the absence of Hillary…

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VIDEO: Vice President Biden Fans' 2016 Speculation

VIDEO: Vice President Biden Fans’ 2016 Speculation

Vice President Joe Biden’s recent trips are fanning speculation that he may be considering a presidential run. But is he a contender? WSJ’s Aaron Zitner reports. Photo: AP


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VIDEO: Vice President Biden Fans’ 2016 Speculation

Vice President Joe Biden’s recent trips are fanning speculation that he may be considering a presidential run. But is he a contender? WSJ’s Aaron Zitner reports. Photo: AP

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VIDEO: Vice President Biden Fans' 2016 Speculation

VIDEO: Vice President Biden Fans’ 2016 Speculation

Vice President Joe Biden’s recent trips are fanning speculation that he may be considering a presidential run. But is he a contender? WSJ’s Aaron Zitner reports. Photo: AP


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