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context- our GM would always take the backstories we write for characters into consideration of making events. I was playing an 18 year old wizard with over 100 years of knowledge, and access to the realm of anti-magic.

Entire party is walking through a forest.

GM: Alright [me] I want you to do a perception check real quick.

ME: alright… (gets nat 20)

GM: alright, you spot a small wooden wand with a Fire Quartz fused to the end.

Me: Detect magic!

GM: It contains a fireball spell that can destroy a moon.

at this point of the campaign i was sick of playing with this party because we were all OP in some way. Me being able to deny magic, for example.


GM: You somehow miss the ground and blow up the moon. The wand shatters in your hand and you lose a finger.

Royai Week 17: Day 2

Here we are, day two of Royai Week. I’m doing pretty well at getting something written for all the themes. We’ll see if I can keep this up for the rest of the week. But here have a lovely dose of angst. Mentions of a character death. 

Day One

Theme: Black Tie

Words: 1,171

If he were a better man, this would have been their wedding.

But it’s not.

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I agree that the traditional definition of feminism is equal rights for men and women. But now it has become a sick political campaign to demonise republicans and to advocate for abortion. I do not support that.

but steve and bucky taking college classes together after steve hangs up his shield and bucky puts down his (metaphorical) sword and really learning about the world and their country in a setting where they don’t have to worry about anything else but learning. steve being genuinely baffled at the reckless behaviour that drove the american economy bonkers, outraged at foreign policy and military spending and being so endearingly, annoyingly vocal about his discontent that one day bucky just yells, “then stop complaining and do something about it!”

and steve is all, “fine, i will,” and that’s the story of how steve rogers ends up running for - and succeeds in becoming - president of the united states 

(and bucky’s obnoxiously smug and proud over the whole thing until the press aptly dubs him president rogers’ “first gentleman” and his horrified expression when he sees the title splashed on both domestic and international headlines is so iconic that it becomes integrated into the american history and culture)

(it also spawns several hilarious and long lasting memes, courtesy of clint’s unparalleled skill at being a little shit)

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so idk if anyone lives in the fort Worth area but right now theyre doing a really sick campaign called "we back the blue" and they're putting blue ribbons around keller isd. my sister was told by her teacher to wear blue today to support them because "all lives matter". I can't believe what white people will do to silence black power. :(


You just inked a head-to-toe deal with Reef in the middle of your rookie year. How is that relationship working out?

To be with Reef is epic. I’ve always liked Reef’s vibe, and their laid back surfer gypsy lifestyle is super cool. I like how they’re trying to go a lot more fashion forward and support the busy travelling schedule all of us surfers live, with their “Just Passing Through” campaign. It’s so sick and I’m stoked to be able to grow my brand alongside with the Reef brand.

Don José I the Reformer, King of Portugal and the Algarves.

One of the most difficult situations faced by the Portuguese King was the Franco-Spanish attempt to conquer Portugal, by the end of the Seven Years War.

France and Spain sent an ultimatum in order to force Portugal to abandon its alliance with Great Britain and close her ports to British ships. Don José I refused to submit and asked for British help. England sent a force of 7,104 men, which reformed the Portuguese army and combined together, they led 14-15,000 men in a victorious war against an army of over 50,000 enemies.

The Bourbon invaders were defeated by a combination of popular uprising, scorched earth strategy, famine and encircling movements by the regular Anglo-Portuguese troops, which like the militia, skilfully used the mountainous terrain of East of Portugal at their advantage.

The Spanish and French troops suffered staggering losses when they were driven out from Portugal, and were then chased into Spain.

The confrontations between Portugal and Spain in South America during the Seven Years War ended in a tactical stalemate. However, while the Spaniards lost to the Portuguese nearly all the territory conquered during the conflict, Portugal retained all its conquests.

This war is usually referred to as the “Fantastic War” or “Spanish–Portuguese War (1762–1763)”.

Accounts from 18th century authors about this war.

“The preservation of Portugal cost Spain its glory, its treasure, and an army. The Court of Spain ordered 40,000 men to march into Portugal, the Spanish forces, when they arrived at the frontier, were reduced to 25,000 men, and never did troops experience a more horrible campaign. The sick and the stragglers were almost all of them massacred. The ill-success of the campaign in Portugal covered Spain with dishonor, and exhausted her to such a degree as to keep her quiet till the peace.“

— Charles François Dumoriez

“The discrediting and destruction of a splendid (Spanish) army in the last entry [invasion of Portugal], persuaded Europe that our power was more imaginary than real. Portugal remains independent of Spain, and why our wars against it usually end in disgrace, which will continue until we take other dispositions.”

— Contemporary anonymous Spanish author

“There is no people like the Portuguese, tomorrow will have one of the worst confrontations, I checked the front lines one more time, I saw many barefooted soldiers, captains that didn’t even have a sword, I found a sentinel patrolling with a musket without doglock, which means, the musket wouldn’t protect him in case he’d be attacked. From the hillside, a group of unarmed volunteers appeared and offered their services, I asked with what, they said they were counting on their bags filled with stones. Such honorable and incredible people I was allowed to lead.”

— Wilhelm, the Count of Schaumburg-Lippe, who led the Portuguese army during the Fantastic War. (When the war ended, the Count of Lippe refused to receive any payment offered from his services to the Portuguese crown.)

The reign of Don José is famous for the great Lisbon earthquake, tsunami, firestorm of November 1, 1755, in which around 100,000 people died.

From 1750 onward, the Brazilian gold supply (which made Portugal by far the largest gold owner on earth during the 18th century) started its irreversible decline, and the price of Brazilian sugar also fell as British and Dutch demand reduced. 

the sex industry runs smear campaigns against women who speak against it, and it has (does, and will) threaten, beat, rape, and kill many women, mainly survivors, in order to stop them from speaking. Human traffickers and pimps have even been known to run “feminist” pro-porn/prostitution campaigns. I am  so sick of seeing feminists fall for this shit, I am sick and tired of of seeing feminists accuse survivors of lying for money, and I am sick to death of feminists eating up propaganda that is spread by the sex industry and supporting it and further spreading it. 

lets just take a moment to remember what @conscious–ramblings said about the British publics general opinion of any story written on page 3 of the sun and then laugh at dan wootten and his newest smear against the boys (this time liam) and then lets all go back to listening to Home

Dems win Virginia Gov, LT Gov and probably the Attorney Generalship (though it’s going to go to a recount). All three are pickups from the Republicans. It’s the first time since 1970 that all VA statewide offices have been Democrats. We picked up at least 2 seats in the state house, which was less than I was expecting.

We won about half a dozen major mayorships from the Republicans across the country, including NYC! Comrade deBlasio once more leads this godless hippies to Revolution!

Republicans held several small scale offices across the country that are important but not enough to say that tonight was anything but a good night for Democrats!

So there you have it, Election Day 2013!