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Borderlands 2 :: ECHO logs

Torgue: “Moxxi, the Torgue fight fans wanna know…”
Tiny Tina: “Moxxi. MOXXI. I wanna  be on the show!”
Moxxi: “Tina! DOWN. Tina!”
Tiny Tina: “I wanna be on the show! I wanna be the star of the show!”
“just a trainer I hired, don’t worry about her!”
Tiny Tina:
it’s the TIIIINAAA SHOOOOW STARRING ME, TINY TINAAAA… tonight our special guest is MR. TORGUE! Mr. Torgue, tell us a lil’ bit about yourself!”
Torgue: “well Tina, I’m 43, I’m the founder of the TORGUE CORPORATION!”
don’t encourage her.”
Tiny Tina:
“that’s the end of my show, I’d like to thank Mr. Torgue & my musical guest Kyle in Moderation GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!”
“so, did you actually want to ask me the question, or…?”


It is with the greatest honor and pleasure that I announce that I voice Bulldog in the spectacular new game, Archangel by Skydance Interactive.

THAT’S ME. THAT’S BULLDOG. HE’S SOUTHERN AS HELL, SNARKY AS HELL, LOYAL AS HELL, AND WOULD FOLLOW YOU TO HELL AND BACK TO FULFILL HIS DUTY. (…but that won’t stop him from bellyaching about it). Bulldog is basically your right hand man, your best friend, and that one guy who’s favorite expletive is “SHIT!!!” And he’s basically my favorite character I have ever played thus far.

If the name Skydance sounds familiar to you, it should! Skydance interactive is a division of Skydance Media, and is behind games like Brothers, Gears of War 4, and (my personal favorite) the Mister Torque’s Campaign of Carnage DLC of Borderlands 2. Working with these guys has been just the BEST, and I hope I get the chance to work with this awesome and dedicated team again in the near future.

So, this game was a first for me in many ways. For one, this is the first video game (and studio role) where I’m playing a member of the main cast! Our first session was actually recorded all together, with the four squad members: Guardian (played by the amazing Christopher Watson), Liberty (played by awesome Alissa Razzano), Rambler (played by the radical David Vincent) and Bulldog (played by the me, Austin Lee Matthews). Literal #squadgoals.

(Left to right: me, David, Christopher, and Alissa. Thanks for your “perfect-for-selfie-taking” arms, David!)

We recorded this over the course of multiple months, and I came in for several 2-4 hour sessions during that time. I’ve had a BLAST doing all the voice over I have done over the last eight and a half years. but man the games I’ve been recording recently have really got me wanting to do a lot more of that, especially Archangel. Hopefully I’ll get more opportunities to do so VERY soon.

LASTLY, I actually got to visit Skydance Interactive’s studio in Marina Del Rey, meet with the team, and play the game for myself. Let me tell you, and let me be completely honest here: This game is fucking awesome. Like wow it’s cool. If I had to compare it to anything to give you an idea of what playing it is like, think of it like Pacific Rim meets Star Fox 64, in VR, with a really cool narrative. The gameplay is solid as titanium too, like damn it’s fun shooting planes out of the sky and blowing shit up. You are gonna L O V E it.

Here’s a gameplay video for you to feast upon. I guarantee, from the perspective of someone who has played this game all the way through, the gameplay video does not do justice to how cool it is to sit in the cockpit of Archangel. Like hot damn from the moment the game starts, it’s one hell of a ride, so buckle the hell in.

Thank you to the entire Skydance Interactive team! It was a blast chilling with you guys, talking to y’all about VO and playing your game! Thank you to the BangZoom! team for being just the best, always. Every time I get an email from you guys my face just lights up. Thank you to Mami Okada for this incredible opportunity and every opportunity you have given me so far. Thank you to Tom Keegan for being one hell of a director to work with, sharing stories, bringing out the very best in all of us, and making me smile every time I walked into the booth.

And thank you all for supporting me in my journey to make my dreams come true. Hoo-rah.

Archangel is available as a timed exclusive on PSVR, and will be coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in August.

PS: I also play some very minor roles here and there throughout the game as well. Keep your ears out, especially during the opening where I play a very Hal 9000 sounding computer.