campaign merch

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Do you like cats? Bernie Sanders? Good vibes? Are you feeling the Bern?
Then you should totally order a shirt or some other thing that I offered!
Can’t order? That’s okay! To help spread this you could totally reblog and help me out!
Want to know something better? Half of the profits that are made will be donated to his campaign!
The other half will be saved up to help me raise funds to move out due to how I need to focus on school and get my permit (drivers ed is monday-thursday 5pm-9pm causing me to not be able to work unless I worked weekends).
Thank you for reading and have a great day!!! ( ・ึω・ึ)



This GIANT-SIZED Ratliff 35/2012 STADIUM BLANKET is arguably the best piece of Official Campaign Merch offered by any of the remaining candidates for President.

I make no money off the sale of these. I bought one for myself and it is honestly the softest thing I have ever owned.

I think this ad is pretty persuasive.