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The Election of 1800
  • Burr: *kicks open door, struggling with box full of campaign merch* TALK LESS-
  • Burr: *excitedly pulls out adorable homemade 'Vote for Burr' cookies* SMILE MORE!
  • Burr: *eagerly passes out campaign buttons* DON'T LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU'RE AGAINST OR WHAT YOU'RE FOR
  • Burr: *skids across the room and vigorously shakes random man's hand* SHAKE HANDS WITH HIM
  • Burr: *flys to other side of the room and tips invisible hat at woman, completely out of breath* CHARM HER
  • Burr: *triumphantly hurls posters into crowd* IT'S 1800, LADIES TELL YOUR HUSBANDS VOTE FOR BURR!

here are two of the beta sticker designs i made for the @notyourpuppetsfanzine! these didn’t end up making the cut for the zine bundle, but you can get them on redbubble

+ a sneak peak at the sticker that DID make the cut:


As celebration for Pastel*Palette’s first single, “Shuwarin☆Dreaming”, there will be a campaign held! If the single manages to hit the Oricon Daily Ranking Top 10 between July 12th to 17th, we’ll receive 5 Live Costumes!

The costumes will only be given if the campaign goals are met. More info will be given in the future.

Single Information

  • Release: July 12th
  • Price: ¥1300

More under the cut!

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Off Colors Hard Enamel Pin Set
High quality hard enamel pins of beloved pop culture characters.

Our first-ever Kickstarter campaign just went Live! We want to make the entire set of Off Color as hard enamel pins- but we can’t do it without your help! Get your favorite character or the whole crew when you back- plus each backer tier $5 and over gets exclusive vinyl stickers of Padparadscha and Lars’ Head! The campaign runs for 15 days Only (ending Thursday 7/27) and the only way to guarantee you can get these pins is by being a backer. Thanks for your support!!



This GIANT-SIZED Ratliff 35/2012 STADIUM BLANKET is arguably the best piece of Official Campaign Merch offered by any of the remaining candidates for President.

I make no money off the sale of these. I bought one for myself and it is honestly the softest thing I have ever owned.

I think this ad is pretty persuasive.