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lmfao I love how the Catholic Church has covered up some 800 human remains from babies taken in the mother and baby home in tuam, yet want to protest the repeal the 8th campaign under the banner of the preciousness of life


At the home bases of Cyrodiil, those arriving may mistake orderly calm for peace. But from here, armies venture forth to bloody campaigns in the Three Banners War: the screams and grunts of their enemies, clang of steel, whistle of arrows, chime of spells cast, rumble of siege equipment and the sickening thud of fallen comrades – heroes, all.

Aldmeri Dominion: Western Elsweyr Gate; Eastern Elsweyr Gate

Ebonheart Pact: Northern Morrowind Gate; Southern Morrowind Gate

Daggerfall Covenant: Northern High Rock Gate; Southern High Rock Gate

South Korea’s Snap Presidential Election Time!

We’re officially in prime campaigning time for the May 9 special presidential election triggered by the historic removal of President Park Geun-hye. One thing I really enjoy about Korean elections is how colorful they are: The candidates have singing trucks that drive around blasting k-pop tunes with lyrics changed to match their messages, and dance troops that set up at places around town performing in the name of various candidates. (It’s all great for radio stories…)

The other thing that’s noticeable is the candidates draw their ballot numbers and then campaign based on those numbers — the number becomes almost as important than the candidate names. (See those campaign banners? They all have the candidate ballot numbers prominently displayed.) When rallying for support, they often say “VOTE FOR NUMBER SIX!” instead of “Vote Moon! or Vote Ahn!, etc” 

A Letter Delivered By Courier

The script of the note delivered to the Doctor is meted out by the most precise, and heavy, of hand. Somehow, quite akin to the nature of the writer, the dark ink manages give the impression of marching across the surface of the parchment, each character, held in uniform formation. The whole; a crisp regiment.


I would be willing to volunteer myself for your experiments detailed in your presentation two-days-past. Though I am certain of your ability to divine the obvious, I am missing my right eye. Such was lost in campaign under the Prince’s banner a decade’s past — infection faraway from proper resources.

I expect little, as you had stated, a fresh wound would have worked better concerning your work. Yet, nonetheless, the curiousity nips at me fiercely each time I have laid my head to rest.

Should this opportunity pique your interest, hesitate not to call upon me at your convenience; the Guard’s current stationing in Quel’thalas lends little to properly occupying the hours of the day.

Thanidiel Highdawn



NYC launches campaign to fight anti-Muslim violence.

On Monday, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Commission on Human Rights launched an expansive social media campaign aimed at stopping instances of Islamophobia. The campaign consists of five banner ads featuring Muslim New Yorkers.

Cumulatively, the ads seek to remind New Yorkers that religious-based harassment and discrimination is illegal in the city. As well as the fact that, “Muslims are hardworking New Yorkers … They are our police, our teachers, our small business owners and our neighbors and they deserve the same respect as everyone else.”

The digital campaign will be paired with a promising series of real-world events as well.

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@finecallmejane thank you so much! It was great!

@daughterofsarenrae thank you! Actually, surprisingly last night my rolls were iffy until halfway through the session, but this morning (we had a super session sleepover) they were incredible so I think your Taliesin blessing worked. Also last night, we had to fight our other characters in simulated colosseum fights and upon giving my DM my favorite character’s dice to roll for her attacks, Taliesin, the dice god, was channeled through him because she was basically untouchable for a while.
In an odd turn of events, my alcoholic halfling bard is attempting to unionize a gang of thugs. I made a poster.
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One of my players made this campaign banner in lieu of the upcoming session and possible boss fight. The breakdown of our story was posted here, so feel free to take a look at that if you’d like context. It’s great either way.


First 6: season 1. Last 3: season 2


Like BMP2, MFW has lots of chibi stuff too (avatars, gacha, wife lv up, campaign and event banner animations, etc.) so I’m just assuming you want the profile chibis (I have seen edits of these around but can’t find the transparent ones so I’ll just post them here ^^;)

Sorry for the shadow thing but the original images up there are already transparent, and the shadow looks pretty too I’ll just leave them as it is (because lazy and I don’t want to ruin it with my crappy transparent making skill :“>)