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Welcome! Is everyone having a good, equal time in the One Direction fandom?

Over Christmas, I received a few beautiful and moving messages from people, thanking me for playing a part in their coming out stories this past year. Those are at once the most gratifying and the most frustrating messages. Gratifying because it feels good to mean something to people and it feels good to know that more people are coming out and helping the world  become a more diverse and open place, and it feels good to play a part, however small, in that process.

But also frustrating, because I know I am usually not the only, or even the most important person to thank. The reason we are all here, in the first place, are the five boys in One Direction. I wouldn’t have become a source of support for some if not for them, and this fandom as a collective, because I am only who I am because of the support I found with others in this fandom.

We all know this fandom in general isn’t the most lgbtiaq…-friendly place - it has the looks of an lgbtiaq.. warzone much of the time (we’ll leave in the middle why that is). A while ago I started Takemehomefromnarnia as a ‘peacekeeping force’ and a whole bunch of volunteers are still working very hard from there to change to campaign against homophobia in this fandom, educate people on homophobia and lgbt issues, and support out celebrities and lgbt-rights. But keeping the peace is still a very different thing from spreading positivity: going to Takemehomefromnarnia is also always a confrontation with the homophobic tendencies of this fandom. Thing is there are plenty of lgbt* positive messages but these are  spread out over a number of different blogs where people find support, and thank eachother for support given, and talk about how the boys have played a role in that, but you have to go look for them.

Reading those lovely messages, in my askbox or on one of the many lovely blogs I follow, it also frustrates me that - given the situation - we are not in a position to thank the boys personally for the role they have played in our lgbt* positive experiences in this fandom, how they and their fans have helped us find ourselves, find support, a community, and the courage to share our identities with family and friends.

In short, this fandom, as a collective and the boys, deserve a space full of lgbt*-positive stories, and I created this blog to collect and share those stories.

So welcome, and I have a question for you: are you all having a good, equal time in the One Direction fandom? Lesbians, gay guys, bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, transsexuals, transgender people, queer people, whatever you prefer to  label yourself, family members, friends and supporters of those people also: what have been your positive experience in this fandom? What do the boys mean to you? What has being part of this fandom meant to you? Please tell us!

You can:

-submit your 1D related lgbt*-positive experiences and coming outstories using the submit button above.

- link us to thank you messages you have sent or received so we can reblog them

- submit your name in the ask box if you want to be a moderator on this blog

I hope by Christmas 2014 this blog is no longer necessary, but in the mean time, let’s make this a beautiful positive place for sharing our stories with eachother. Let’s have a good equal time!


we need sweaters AND we need critical discussion.

tea AND campaigns.

honey AND vinegar. 

so-called BAs AND cheerleaders. 

campaigns against rape culture, sexism, homophobia AND pro-LGBT/same-sex relationships in the form of SQ and others. 

because we all end up being slotted against our will in one category or the other depending on what’s happening and how badly we’re being played.