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aHEM hi I'll just waltz into your inbox without permission because I saw that thing about foot injuries and like: okay, I used to skate a lot when I was young?? Eventually I stopped but I remember that my feet used to hurt the most right after I untied my skates and loosened them so I would always end up limping for the next ten minutes or so out of the rink and so basically imagine Victuuri carrying the other out of the rink like the lovesick idiots we know and love them to be

(in reference to this)

Aaah my inbox never needs permission!! Okay so as someone with actual garbage feet, I am into this. I have in my 29 years:

- Sprained the same ankle twice: once falling down a flight of stairs and once when I was getting spun around during a dance at the end of my writers’ camp. (The song was Come on Eileen, which was later playing when my brother and I got rear-ended on the way to school, so in conclusion if Come On Eileen comes on the radio turn it off.)

- Collected a number of minor but irritating injuries on that foot due to the weak ankle.

- Stress-fractured the OTHER foot from a combination of climbing the hill to my office/years of balancing more heavily on it because it was my Good Foot. I remember the pop and the really intense pain but I shook it off and kept walking. I finally got it checked out two months later, and got a diagnosis/aircast another month after, but I was walking on it until then.

- (I need to work that into a fic at some point because honestly, if that isn’t the most Yuuri move. Yuuri would finally roll into the doctor’s the week after his Pyeongchang gold and then look politely bemused when everyone is moderately horrified.)


Victor is Constantly Suffering because now that he’s competing again, Yuuri has declared the bridal carry off-limits. Which is just stunningly unfair. Victor is a star athlete! And in peak physical condition! And if he throws out his back it was all for LOVE, dammit! Somehow that last bit never flies with Yuuri, I can’t imagine why.

The next time Yuuri’s feet are too angry and tender after practice to tie his laces, though, they do work out a compromise. It’s slightly awkward, getting team-lifted through the front doors by Victor and Mila. But like most things in his new rink, Yuuri adjusts.

(Meanwhile, Yuuri does not hold himself to the same rules when carrying Victor. On one hand, the double-standard is appalling. But on the other hand, it’s hard to protest hypocrisy when your beautiful, talented, stronger-than-he-looks fiancé is sweeping you off your feet and out of the locker room.)

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Sherlock:</b> Calculating. A very olde fandom. Don't insult Benedict Cumberbatch, those bitches know how to kill you and make it look accidental.<p/><b>Supernatural:</b> Crazy sons of bitches. Gay Angels, booze and angst.<p/><b>Harry Potter and FBAWTFT:</b> Welcoming and Warm. Will Avada Kedvara you if you insult Newt Scamander or other precious cinnamon rolls.<p/><b>GoT and ASOIAF:</b> Traumatised and waiting for Winter. (It's coming. Eventually, just like the next book....*sigh*)<p/><b>PJO/HOO/TOA:</b> Laughter, sadness, everybody is hella gay and hella diverse. Uncle Rick is savage as fuck. Insult Solangelo, they will roast marshmallows off your corpse while singing camp songs.<p/><b>MCGA:</b> Magnus needs protection. Alex Fierro is the world's greatest hero. Samirah will kick your ass if you insult Fierrochase.<p/><b>Whovians:</b> Confused. Love blue boxes. Sad tears, Timey Wimey. Bow ties and scarves.<p/><b>LOTR:</b> Very old, almost the oldest fandom in the known world. The wisest, except where jewelry is involved.<p/><b>Avengers:</b> Loki may be a sociopath but he's a cinnamon roll. Captain America is too precious for this world (and has the hots for Bucky)<p/></p><p/><b>Merlin:</b> Arthur x Merlin forever. Christmas is a sad time for the fandom.<p/><b>Shadowhunters:</b> Scary. Oh, so scary. Insult Malec at your peril.<p/></p>
Camp Camp - Cult Camp - Musical Duel lyrics

I hope this won’t sound impolite
Or come across as too forthright
But even though you seem alright, I…
Think I’m better than you!

Now please do keep this thought in mind
That’s just my personal conviction
You’re smart and fun, you’re sweet and kind
I’d call our friendship an addiction

Your shoes are shined, your breath dulce
But still I find I have to say, I…
Think I might be better than you!

You seem impressed with what you’ve shown
But I don’t find it that compelling
You’ve sung my praise but not your own
And well, I think that’s pretty telling

But while we’re on the subject of
How I’m superb and leagues above, you
Ought to know I’m number one

I know that might be hard to swallow
This hurts you just as much as me
But when this song is sung then you and I’ll know
That you’re just a nobody

Well friend I don’t know what to say

Try starting with your resignation

Let’s end this in the finale

I’m dying from anticipation

You’re really great, but let me state (You’ve been outdone)
You definitely seem to hate (Now I’ve really won)
The fact I’ll break you, abdicate (But it was fun)
Before I can asphyxiate, I… (Your end’s begun, and…)

Think I might be better than you! (Now I know I’m better than you!)
Don’t hate me because it’s true! (And I’ll prove it to you, too!)

Just know, I’m better than…..
(So watch as I identify
The skill to show I qualify
Like keeping up this camp charade
And tricking kids to drink kool-aide
To sacrifice them–

Daniel vs David analysis

Okay, so when the song starts with David, its a very earthy and relaxed setting. Very Camp Campbell.

But as soon as Daniel takes over it gets red tinted, very dark, and very threatening.

(Look at this psycho I actually love him)

(David looks very self-conscious here. I think Daniel might be right about David not singing his praises being telling)

(This is hella disturbing I love it, also notice how Max and Neil are not part of this)

(He looks so afraid and hurt that the kids turned on him)

(Still dark but David’s moving in)

(And BAM! David takes charge again and we get our Camp back again)

(I like how even though Daniel has his moments here, his words aren’t taking effect enough to affect the scenery, and I think that the background changes are in relation to David. David is not letting up here so the mood of the song doesn’t change)

So thats my take on the song, also I really loved the song lol



There’s a place I know
That’s tucked away;
A place where you and I can stay
Where we can go to laugh and play,
And have adventures everyday!

I know it sounds hard to believe
But guys and gals it’s true,
Camp Campbell is the place for me and you!

We’ll swim through lakes and climb up trees;
Catch fish, bugs, bears, and honeybees!
There’s endless possibilities
And no,
That’s not hyperbole!
Our motto’s “CAMPE DIEM”
And that means I’m telling you~

We’ve got:
Search & Rescue,
Training that will save you from a heart attack,
Scuba diving,
Keeping up with rhyming,
Treasure hunting,
Bomb defusal,
No refusal,
Circus trapeze,
and Fights,
and Ghosts,
and Paints,
and Snakes,
and Knives,
and Chess,
and Dance,
and Weights”

It’s Camp Camp!


A collection of all the stories, one shots, AU’s, preferences, smuts and fanfictions I’ve written about the lovely fellas from 5 Seconds of Summer! Enjoy and happy reading! ✌ 

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Features: High school AU, Bestfriend AU, Parent AU, Gang AU, Fratboy AU, Punk AU, Supernatural AU, Christmas AU, Country AU, Teacher AU, Camp AU, Pregnancy AU, Song AU, Football AU, Nerd AU, The Hunger Games AU, Soulmate AU, Hockey AU, Tattoo Artist AU, Ex AU

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i’ve seen some stuff about Daniel kidnapping David and disguising himself and Max is the only one to figure it out.

no one believes him and it’s super sad. but it occurred to me that the best way to catch Daniel is to sing the Camp Camp theme song.

so Max just goes up to Daniel and starts singing. Daniel is just super confused about why the angry kid who caught on is singing to him.

once everyone realises that “David” isn’t singing all hell breaks loose. Gwen starts demanding to know where the real David is, all the kids grab whatever they can use as a weapon, QM takes out a shotgun, and Max just looks at him smugly.

they find the camp muffin, everyone congratulates/apologises to Max and Daniel is sent to prison. the end

Almost end of summer advice:

Make a playlist of your summer 2016 songs. The Disney song you did a skit to every week, your go to dance party music, that band your co-worker played on repeat and never stopped humming, the song you swear was on the radio every time you got in a car on the weekends, the song that you’ll always remember singing with a guitar on the nights you want to remember forever.

Your future campsick self says thank you :)

cult camp

i loved this scene.

i think a cool idea that could have happened was max pretends to be brained washed to help convince David to get rid of Daniel out of jealousy  and while they sing battle max gets tossed between the two counselors like hes a prize .

and max is realizing the lives of all of the campers are in the hands of David and his dumb camp songs

  • *Psychic tries to read my mind*
  • My Mind:
  • archery
  • hiking
  • search and rescue
  • biking
  • horseback
  • training that'll save you from a heart attack
  • scuba diving 
  • miming
  • keeping up with rhyming
  • football
  • limbo
  • science
  • stunting
  • pre-calc
  • spaceships
  • treasure hunting
  • bomb defusal
  • no refusal
  • fantasies
  • circus trapeze
  • and fights
  • and ghosts
  • and paints 
  • and snakes
  • and knives
  • and chess
  • and dance
  • and weights
  • it's Camp Camp!
  • Psychic: What the fuck?

I dug out an old Girl Scout camp song book when I was reorganizing my closet the other day and I just thought I’d share with you how perfectly NOT SWEET we Girl Scouts are. These are songs we sung daily. I can still sing a good portion of them by heart.

First up we have “Ain’t Gonna Rain No More” which includes the death of a hobo, a peanut that commits suicide, and a girl eating her pet among other things:

Next we have “Camp Life” where someone gets killed by a potato (at camp!):

Then we’ve got “Clementine” which is a guy singing about his dead lover and how he could’ve saved her but didn’t and eventually fell in love with her sister:

Next is the delightful “Ghost Chickens in the Sky” where a farmer gets attacked and killed by a bunch of ghostly chickens he killed seemingly for KFC. The chickens then cook and eat him as if he were a chicken:

And finally we have “The Irish Ballad” about a girl who kills her whole family in generally horrid ways including eventually cooking and eating her baby brother:

So. You know. We may look cute with our little wagons and cookies and little green vests, but we’re dark little fuckers once you get us in a bunch and leave us in the wilderness for a bit.