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What do you think camping with Harry would be like, that's defs one of the top things I must experience!!

Well, first of all

I’d definitely have to teach him a few things.  He seems to be having a bit of trouble with that tent.  Also, who goes camping in skinny jeans? 

I love camping and hiking, and honestly it would be a dream to go with Harry.  I bet it would be a lot of fun.  Even if he’d be fumbling around with his camping gear and completely uncomfortable in his skin tight jeans.  I’d end up doing most of the work, but he would help by gathering some firewood.  He’d also eat all of my cinnamon bunny graham crackers because he didn’t think to bring his own.  I’d let him get away with it.

I’d take him on a hike and he’d bring his bird identifying book and binoculars and he’d insist on stopping every few minutes to adjust his socks and… (bc skinny jeans).  I could see him wandering off into a patch of poison ivy because he thought he’d seen a chipmunk.  It would be so endearing that I wouldn’t be able to control myself.  We’d reach the top of the mountain and be completely overwhelmed by the view and Harry would point out birds and get excited and he’d whisper as he handed me the binoculars so I could see them too.

Back at the campsite, we’d cook our breakfast burritos for dinner, because this is camping and breakfast for dinner is delicious.  Harry would be overly proud of himself for managing to not get poison ivy and for identifying 7 different birds.  And it would be cute and fun because Harry is cute and fun.  And now I’m sad for thinking about this.

[wip] Rock Lee’s Band Camp of Youth

Featuring excerpts from “The Basics of Band Camp” (the youthful prologue to “Rock Lee’s Band Camp of Youth”) and “Rock Lee’s Band Camp of Youth”.

Have a two-for-one deal of all things pertaining to my incredibly self-indulgent high school marching band AU, which I apparently haven’t worked on at all since December. Whoops.

Anyway. Everything here is based on my own personal band camp experiences and nostalgia, so I apologize in advance if it seems nothing like anyone else’s marching band past. :p

Note: “The Basics of Band Camp” is more-or-less a prologue/introduction to “Rock Lee’s Band Camp of Youth” and is intended to be more of a thing of background information for readers who may not be familiar with high school marching bands. :p

Man. Now I’m nostalgic for band camp. Wow.

“The Basics of Band Camp”

The pre-band camp practice session for initiates learning to march for the first time takes place in the parking lot near the band room of Konohagakure High School on a warm Thursday morning in the middle of July. Heading up the project is drum major Hyuuga Neji (formerly of the drum line — he played quads), with assistant drum major Uchiha Sasuke (originally from the clarinet section) serving as his second-in-command. They, in turn, are accompanied by notable band members from various sections, such as Tenten the mellophone section leader (who is rumored to not only possess the ability to play any and all instruments known to humankind, but also for being in a relationship with the pale-eyed stick-in-the-mud DM), Inuzuka Kiba and Nara Shikamaru from drum line, the affable trombone section leader Akimichi Chouji (who is also on the school’s football team) and his co-conspirator of the bass line, sousaphone section leader Haruno Sakura. The flute section’s very own blushing flower Hyuuga Hinata is also there (she also happens to be Neji’s younger cousin), alongside Aburame Shino — who apparently marches piccolo, of all things, something that puts him completely at odds with his silent and stoic demeanor — and even the color guard finds itself represented in the form of Yamanaka Ino, who is skipping cheerleading practice at the moment specifically to meet and gauge the new band members.

Of course, no gathering pertaining to marching band is complete without the presence of a minimum of at least one overly ostentatious member from either the trumpet section, in this case, squad leader Uzumaki Naruto, or the saxophones, the section leader of which is none other than —

“— Rock Lee, youthful green beast and leader of the noble saxophone section, at your service!”

Lee’s introduction to the newest members of the band is met with utter silence.

“Put your shirt back on, Lee,” Neji finally mutters, and the sense of normalcy is somewhat restored.

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Camping - NCT U + 127

The fire crackled as Doyoung added another log, it’s bright embers dancing into the night breeze.
You held your hands out, basking in the warmth of the fire.
You glanced over your shoulder as your name was called.

“Come here!”

Ten fumbled with the supplies he held, dropping the tent into the grass ineptly as he struggled with the directions.

“I need your help-” Mark mumbled, closely inspecting the tiny label printed on the bag of rice.

Help Ten

Help Mark

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Several thousand Native Americans and their supporters continued to camp out near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota on Thanksgiving Day. 

Citizens of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation set up the Sacred Stone Camp in April to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, which they say would threaten nearby burial sites and the Sioux water supply.

Thousands of people have passed through the camp and more have pledged support. Numbers swell in the camp on weekends; some estimate that the population has doubled with the holiday.

After a violent clash with police less than a week ago, in which dozens were injured, rumors of police raids traveled through the camp on Thursday, but none actually occurred.

Protesters Mark A Solemn Thanksgiving Day At Standing Rock

Photos: Cassi Alexandra for NPR

Editor’s note: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers notified the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Friday that the public will not be allowed in areas being used to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

lowkey pumped for camp half-blood confidential coming out in august


Movies Meme: [5/5] Relationships → Shane Gray & Mitchie Torres (Camp Rock 1 & 2)
↳ We’re perfectly imperfect, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

i spent too much time on this– so I’ve been toying with the idea of an RPG!AU! Despite the fact that I know next to nothing about D&D or fantasy/RPG settings… (fhkdjs blame my nerris muse for this…) The colours are in no way final, either. Preston gave me a hell of a time…

They’re all older as well! Anywhere from mid-late teens/early-20s. I have most of the cast’s classes and alignments sorted out; I would’ve started out with the main 3, but Max and Nikki are harder for me to nail a design for.  Hit me up if you’ve got some thoughts on this or would like to know about the other characters before I draw them!

I’ll put all my current headcanons for these 3 under the cut ↓ ↓ ↓ (Classes are loosely based on the many from D&D, but I wanted to keep things flexible so m(_ _)m) 

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