Okay so first of all I have to say sorry for being so absent for the past few months. But I want to thank you all for your support and love and care and understanding during this period it has really helped me and I am so grateful for all of you! 

second: this fic is based on a prompt I recieved ages ago from @gellbellshead​-

“So saw your post that you have some time for writing and couldn’t help myself from sending you this one. Person A and Person B are camp counselors and Person A gets all flustered because Person B is really good with kids and it’s adorable.” 

which kind of inspired 30 pages worth of content haha ps. sorry I took forever to get this done love!

third: THANKYOU TO @rileybabe​ for this STUNNING aesthetic I mean I can’t even with her talent! I would also like to dedicate this fic to her and @ms-maj​ for being so kind and lovely and always sending me such cute messages and supporting me even when I was MIA. 

Again thanks everyone for the love I hope you enjoy!

warning: light smut

as this is long af, here is the AO3 link-


“Welcome to Camp Sweetwater”

Betty let out a defeated sigh as she read the faded words scripted in yellow paint across a crooked wooden sign.  This was not how she wanted to spend her summer.

“Really Elizabeth stop acting like such a child, “ her mother scolded from the driver’s seat, shutting off the car’s engine and opening the door. Betty groaned, letting her head thump back against the seat.  

All she asked for was a carefree summer; one where she was free of her “perfect” girl next door persona and could just be a teenager. But of course that was not acceptable to Alice Cooper. Betty had been furious when her mother had excitedly relayed her acceptance as a camp counsellor, shaking the neatly opened letter in her face. It wasn’t that she didn’t like kids or the outdoors, no it was the principle of having her time stripped of her against her will. But her objections were no match for Alice’s lectures on the importance of broadening her skill set, and the need to fill her college applications with extra curricula’s- as if she didn’t have enough. So her bags had been packed, and here she was.

Deciding there was no point in further delaying the inevitable and beginning to become uncomfortable inside the stuffy vehicle, Betty opened her own door and stepped out into the summer heat.

She had to admit the location was beautiful, with lush greenery all around and the sounds of the river trickling through the air. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.

Rounding the vehicle, Alice placed Betty’s duffle bag on the dusty ground beside her and grabbed her reluctant daughter’s shoulders.

“It’s only seven weeks, who knows it might surprise you,” her mother placated softly, offering a warm smile.

Internally Betty scoffed, only seven weeks, but she knew her mother truly just wanted what was best for her even if she had an overbearing and odd way of actuating that. So instead she returned the words with a soft smile of her own and pulled her mother into a hug.

“I’ll call you when I can, have a safe drive home.”

And with that she was gone.

Taking a deep breath and pushing her hesitancies and irritations aside, the blonde tightened her pony tail before bending down to pick up her duffle bag, slinging it over her shoulder. Her sneakers hit the ground with purpose as she crossed through the open gateway, her green eyes scanning across rows of log cabins with brightly painted accents and dirt pathways, all the way to the tree line that led into the forest.

“Betty Cooper?”

Betty turned her head from the view, only to be completely taken aback by the new one. A boy about her age was approaching her with lazy steps that held a subtle air of arrogance. He was tall and lean; the plaid button up he was wearing, the sleeves rolled up on his forearms made sure she was very aware of that fact.  Rogue strands of his ebony hair fell over his impossibly blue eyes tantalisingly while the rest was tucked beneath a beanie that she was too stunned to question the use of in this weather. And god his jawline looked sharp enough to cut glass.

It wasn’t until his dark brows furrowed and his mouth twitched into an amused smile that Betty realised she had been straight out ogling him and if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, she had totally failed to respond to his question. Trying to ignore the flush that was quickly rising to her cheeks, Betty summoned the social skills she had acquired over years of Cooper indoctrination and flashed him her best girl next door smile.

“That’s me! Sorry I was a little distracted by the view,” the blonde recovered in an upbeat tone, internally commending herself on constructing an excuse that wasn’t entirely a lie.

The boy chuckled shaking her politely extended hand.

“Yeah it’s some view,” he replied, a cheeky smirk gracing his lips, making it obvious they both knew she wasn’t talking about the geographical scenery. Betty felt her cheeks flame even more and cast her eyes downward shyly.

“Jughead Jones, welcome to Camp Sweetwater.”

Betty was extremely grateful that he didn’t feel the need to loiter on her embarrassment and found the courage to meet his eyes again. God did he have nice eyes.

“Thanks, I’m assuming this isn’t your first time?”

“You’d be right. I’ve been friends with Fred’s son since birth really, so of course every summer I’d come with them here and then when we got old enough it was kind of a natural progression into camp counsellors,” Jughead informed her, rubbing the back of his neck.

“So you’re the welcoming committee?” She half joked, feeling her stomach flutter at the good natured smile he offered her.

“Something like that.”

She quirked a brow, the tone of his voice indicating he knew something she didn’t.

“Well I’m your welcoming committee,” his smirk reappeared and Betty bit her lip at the sight.

“Lucky me,” she returned softly, her eyes widening as the confession slipped out. Letting out a nervous chuckle she shuffled her converse through the dirt, attempting to play it off as friendly jest.

Jughead raised an eyebrow- his eyes seeming to twinkle with something unknown- but didn’t comment.

“Come on, I’ll show you ‘round.”

Maybe this summer wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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Batman & Robin (1997)

I unabashedly love this movie. It’s got a terrible, pun-laden script, hammy acting, a cast evenly divided between great actors slumming and future has-beens, and some of the strangest day-glow-gothic production design I’ve ever seen. 

It’s one of the first contemporary non-animated films I saw as a kid (on VHS, naturally) and to me it will always represent that vaguely-remembered time in the late 1990′s. It’s a horrible, compulsively-watchable high-camp classic.

Faye Dunaway Wants You To Know She’s Not Actually ‘Mommie Dearest’

The actress has largely avoided talking about the Joan Crawford biopic in public interviews as, at the time of its release, the film was panned by critics and considered by some to be the silver bullet that effectively ended her career.

National Qualifiers

Juniors (National Team OR 50.5+ at camp, American Classic, or US Classic):

  • Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus
  • Adeline Kenlin, IGN
  • Sunisa Lee, Midwest
  • Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams
  • Maile O’Keefe, Salcianu
  • Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite
  • Ciena Alipio, West Valley
  • Annie Beard, Texas Dreams
  • Love Birt, First State
  • Jordan Bowers, Solid Rock
  • Audrey Davis, WOGA
  • Kayla DiCello, Hill’s
  • Kara Eaker, GAGE
  • Olivia Hollingsworth, Stars
  • Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s
  • Shilese Jones, Buckeye
  • Lillian Lippeatt, Cincinnati
  • Grace McCallum, Twin City Twisters
  • Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s
  • Sienna Robinson, Brown
  • JaFree Scott, GAGE
  • Victoria Smirnov, Shooting Stars
  • Tori Tatum, Twin City Twisters
  • Madelyn Williams, San Mateo
  • Leanne Wong, GAGE
  • Addison Fanta, Prestige
  • Abigail Scanlon, Capital
  • Sydney Barros, Texas Dreams
  • Selena Harris, Gymcats
  • Hannah Hagle, Texas East
  • Jay Jay Marshall, TIGAR
  • Deiah-Marie Moody, WOGA
  • Lauren Little, Everest

Seniors (National Team OR 52.0+ AA, 39.75+ 3 event, 27.0+ 2 event at camp, American Classic, or US Classic):

  • Shania Adams, Buckeye
  • Jordan Chiles, Naydenov
  • Morgan Hurd, First State
  • Ashton Locklear, Everest
  • Riley McCusker, MG Elite
  • Victoria Nguyen, Chow’s
  • Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters
  • Alyona Shchennikova, 5280
  • Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams
  • Trinity Thomas, Prestige
  • Margzetta Frazier, Parkettes
  • Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite
  • Leah Clapper, Gym America
  • Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati
  • Kalyany Steele, CO Aerials
  • Luisa Blanco, WOGA
  • Deanne Soza, Texas Dreams
  • Sydney Johnson-Scharpf (through petition), Brandy Johnson’s
  • Jade Carey (VT, BB, FX), Oasis
  • Abigail Walker (VT, UB, BB), Texas Dreams
  • Marissa Oakley (VT, UB), Everest
  • Frida Esparza (VT, UB), Head Over Heels

I’ve been listening to the SU soundtrack and let me tell you that replacing them with the characters of Camp Camp is amazing so here’s a list!! of all the su songs that can somewhat work with camp camp

- Dear Old Dad (Dadvid AU!!! it’s only been like a year or two calm down Max you’re not that old)

- On The Run (two scenarios work. Either Max, Nikki and Neil, Max who is definitely playing the guitar, because I live for music camp Max, or the classic camp kids David and Jasper! On an adventure!)

- Comet (idk David gets an electric guitar and and amp and plays and he’s so into it he doesn’t notice that all the kids came to watch)

- Wailing Stone (If you replace the wailing stone with something else and “Gems” with “kids” it’s basically season 1 David)

- Don’t Cost Nothing + Empire City (More Dadvid!!!)

- I Could Never Be (Ready)  (Dadvid but just imagine it’s that first night going home and Max falls asleep in the car and David carries this small tired boy inside and does that sweet parent shit like tuck him in and kiss his forehead then David just passes out on the couch in this cozy apartment. idk I’ll make an animatic or something after my hiatus so you guys can see what i’m imagining)

Bonus: What’s The Use Of Feeling (Blue)? (I was listening to this and I was kind of going for a scene with our favourite duo, Daniel and Jen, Daniel who’s, after the whole Cult Camp episode, and like doubting Zeemuug for some reason but also moping for a dead friend that would be Jasper’s parallel, and Jen’s just like “pull your shit together and let’s go burn that camp DOWN” idk I thought it’s a really cool idea I like to think about. this is all set in like a church or something)


  • I love soft boy/ tough girl so much and is even better with gwenvid
  • Gwen is big spoon david is little spoon
  • They live with max
  • They probably have a golden retriever or a sheepdog that wears the classic camp camp bandanna
  • Gwen carries david ? Hell yea
  • Gwenvid have a daughter and max has a little sister now
  • They trust and love eachother and i value their relationship
Famous Last Words


[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Summary: When your family was a wreck and your perfect girlfriend just left you for your irritating classmate, the only way to carry on was to make a truce with the enemy, right?


High school AU in which Simon and Baz pretend to be boyfriends to save Simon’s love life.

Chapter word count: 2.1k

Rating: T

Tags: High School AU, fake boyfriends, mutual pining, fluff, a little bit of angst

Also on AO3

Simon didn’t take the bus to school. He didn’t take the Tube, either. It was not that his school was near, Simon just liked to walk. Maybe Simon had developed an aversion to public transportation through many years of ridiculous and dreadful Summer Camps.

Simon loved school. Not the lessons. He loved just… being there. There was something magical about Watford’s School that filled Simon’s heart and made him feel at home. That was the only thing Simon had in common with his adoptive father, David Snow—Headmaster of Watford’s School.

Simon loved school so much, so much, he had to mentally prepare himself every day before going there. He’d walk slowly, gradually recalling all the things he loved about school—gradually forgetting all the things he hated about his home.

He’d think about Penny, his best friend. About Agatha, his girlfriend. Because they were still together, right? The last time Simon had seen Agatha was at the party at the end of last school year. Simon had been drinking spiked punch and hardly remembered anything. He had flashes of Penny carrying him home. Of Agatha holding hands with Baz.

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