Camp Camp Little Mermaid AU I guess-

Ok so

Ariel: Nikki

Ursula: Max

Eric: Neil

Triton: Candy

Sabastion: David

Flounder: Gwen

Scuttle: Nerris

Let me explain

So Nikki is basically Ariel, curious and troublesome. Candy wants her to stay and be good (and yeah she’s still a ho). Nikki saves Neil, falls in love and it’s basically the Little Mermaid movie BUUUUT

Max does not wasn’t to take her voice to marry Neil, he wants her voice because he’s heard her sing and he knows she can win him over. Max wants her voice to himself but denies his love for her and acts like a evil witch, because that’s the reputation he has. Nikki chases Neil around trying to get him to fall in love with her silent self, but Neil just isnt getting it. David wants her to stay under the sea and have fun and Gwen just wants to relax and chill.

Nikki is stressed that she’s gonna have to give her soul to Max for failing but to her surprise, Max let’s her off and grants her voice back. Nikki, confused, wins Neil over with her voice, Neil finally getting her subtle flirting. But Max can’t help but feel jealous, and is startled when he’s invited to the wedding…

More later? owo

flamingbluepanda  asked:

S I g h can I write the disaster crew fic

g a s p please??? please god do???

Welcome to Camp Bangtan pt. 18

Summer Camp au!

Jungkook x Reader/Y/N

Fluff, romance, angst

Word Count: 2,147

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A/N: New parts every Tuesday and Friday!

Jungkook and Y/N stayed at the Dock for several hours, not leaving even after the sun went down and the air grew chilly. They lay together, legs entwined, sometimes talking, sometimes kissing, fingers tangled in each other’s hair.

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