camp white pine


Ok so. On the left is a picture of a virus, on the right is a picture of the Gem Injector from Steven Universe.
The gems are basically a virus to earth.

I would just like to leave that with you


I am back from Itasca State Park: unfortunately, I did not get lost. Here’s the first batch of photos. 

 Getting a little better at plein air painting? Which almost makes up for me not making it onto a couple of the trails I had been curious about! (Did finally take a canoe out onto the lake, so that’s a Minnesota milestone accomplished. Bonus: I didn’t fall into the lake, either!) 

 For those curious, I am adding captions to each photo. (Trail name, etc.) If I can get through the rest of the photos, I will post more!


Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest under the stars by JeromeSlaglePhotography
Via Flickr:
I was camping at Grand View Campgrounds among the bristlecones hoping to get clear skies later. The clouds cleared up real nice , the air was calm and hardly any moisture since the day was dang hot in the Sierras earlier in the day. At the far right of the photograph you can see the planet Mars at it’s closest to earth since the year November of 2005, 46.8 million miles from Earth.