camp weewee chronicles


camp weewees is back for its yearly update and its a whopping twO fully detailed pages this time!! we’ve come such a long way :’)

I’ve been getting a lot of asks regarding the camp au. It’s not actually a fic at the moment, but instead a sort of basic outline of several scenes which I am then illustrating.

it is not, however, just a one off!

I know a lot of people may have only come across certain pages or series of pages and thought as much, but it’s an ongoing series of short comics and will continue to follow that format for now! (and if you’d like to see the rest of the pages, it has been dominating my art tag for the past week or so!)

it is possible that in the future the writer will polish it into a fic, but for now it is not in a readable format other than the comics. sorry for any confusion! o uo