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Could you write an imagine with a submissive Murphy and Dom reader? & Hey :) I never requested something so I’m kinda shy about it *blush* I really loved your “100” drabbles. Especially the John Murphy smut. Could i request the number 94. “There was a fine line between being sexually frustrated and sexually furious. “With a female reader? Could it be smutty? Only if that’s okay with you? Cheers. - John Murphy x Reader

The sun was shining down, warming my skin as I walked around Camp Jaha enjoying the silence of a “normal” day. No fights were insight today and the war between the Sky People and the Grounders seemed to be at pause today.

About that I was really happy. As I wandered around between the tents that were built up all around the remaining pieces of the Ark, I thought about how I could spend my day.

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how i imagine solangelo will develop
  • will is extremely clingy towards nico
  • eventually nico gets fed up and pushes will away; will apologizes
  • after some time, nico realizes that he liked spending time with will, but just not being forced into it
  • jason talks to will about how nico doesn’t like being forced or people clinging to him
  • will understands and tries it again, this time without pushing nico and giving him time to open up
  • will learns about what nico went through and apologizes for dismissing nico’s pain as “brooding”
  • nico accepts the apology and begins to see how will really means well
  • nico slowly opens up to will after a long time of getting to trust him
  • they start spending more and more time together
  • the camp takes notice and starts shipping them; they are both embarassed by this
  • nico confides in will his crush about percy and is somehow able to unload a bit of his pain on him
  • will is a bit crushed and thinks that nico still likes percy
  • nico eventually says that he likes someone else now and then looks away
  • will asks nico “is it me?” and nico replies “yes you dumb idiot” and then they both crack up
  • even though they’ve officially started dating, they’re still best friends before anything else
  • will tells nico about some of the hardships he’s gone through
  • nico helps will out at the infirmary every once in a while
  • nico tells will he wants to take things slow and set up some ground rules (specifically about touching); will understands and agrees with it
  • will turns out to secretly be a huge mythomagic geek but keeps getting beaten by nico
  • they go on dumb awkward dates from time to time
  • will eventually kisses nico at the campfire in front of the entire camp