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camping out for twenty one pilots: a guide

hi! i’ve camped out for six of the seven twenty one pilots shows i’ve been to (ironically the one I didn’t camp out for was the last one), totaling 160 hours spent camping. for my first time camping i was twentieth in line, and for my most recent one, in new york, i was first. being first in line, it fell to me to organize the entire line for that show, so it was a good opportunity to master the practice of lining up. i’ve camped for shows in wisconsin, ohio, new york, and even for their saturday night live performance. i don’t mean to state this in a boastful way- i’ve gotten a few asks about camping out and figured i would put this experience to good use in making a guide for it. if you want to prepare for an upcoming show, or understand the line at your past show better, give it a read. i incorporated all of my experiences, my friends’ experiences, and things i’ve seen online (through an objective scope) into this guide, because no two shows have been the same, in terms of lining up. for the most part, camping comes down to luck: luck with the venue. it’s explained in detail under the readmore.

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Adorned By Hours


“Looking for something?”

She starts at his voice, and the moment she turns to face him, her eyes lock on the watch that he extends to her. She huffs out a shaky breath, and a smile spreads across her face wider than any he’s ever seen from her. He tries not to wonder why the sight of it and the knowledge that he put it there makes his stomach flip.

Two times Bellamy returns Clarke’s father’s watch to her, and one time he doesn’t.

The first time he notices it, Bellamy is kneeling over a sorry looking pile of wood, vigorously moving his hands back and forth over a stick in a futile attempt to start a fire. He’s been at the task for nearly an hour, his palms rubbed raw and colored an angry red, and he can feel frustration pooling at the pit of his stomach. He swears under his breath when the twig snaps against the wood beneath it yet again, and he reaches for a new one.

He doesn’t look up when she kneels next to him.

“Hey,” Clarke says, and he bristles at the amount of pity she’s able to fit into one syllable.

“I don’t want your help.”

He hears her sigh, his eyes never leaving the spot where wood meets wood, rubbing even faster in the hopes that smoke will appear. It doesn’t.

“That stuff is too damp,” she says. “It’ll take a few more days before we stop feeling the effects of that rain storm.”

He doesn’t answer, hands working ever harder and making his shoulders burn with the effort. It’s been a long day, and he can feel the chill in the air that warns of the coming winter. He knows that if they don’t find better shelter, better blankets, more plentiful food sources, if he can’t figure out how to make a goddamn fire, surviving the Grounders won’t matter. They’ll freeze to death before the Ark ever has a chance to make it to the ground.

Clarke places a hand softly over one of his, finally bringing it to a stop.


The glint of sunshine off its glass is what brings his attention to it, reflecting a patch of light onto his own dark skin just next to it. The watch is loose on her wrist, allowing it to slide a bit further down the fair skin of her arm until it catches just above a small freckle that peeks out from beneath her shirtsleeve. Though the fabric of the band is frayed and the glass is cracked, it’s still more luxurious than anything his family would have dreamed of affording on the Ark.

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What the rest of the world sees when you do a Walmart run during camp

Haters gonna hate

Negans-Dirty-Girl’s 4k Writing Challenge: Sparks

Summary: This was written for @negans–dirty–girl​‘s 4K Writing Challenge, and my choice of prompts were: The Day After, Guilty Pleasures, and Campfire. (my choices are bolded)

I decided to continue with Rose, who is a character I created for my submission to the TWD Story Cubes Challenge, A Light in the Darkness (but you don’t have to have read that one to get this installment). 

In this episode, Rose catches Negan enjoying some…err…private time in his sleeping bag while he thinks she is asleep. With sexy results

Word count: 2,423

Warnings: Smut, Negan being Negan, Comic Negan, sex, rough sex, rough kissing, masturbation, voyeurism, outdoor sex, and mentions of death.


The soft popping sound of the campfire burning its way through the last of that night’s wood supply lulled Rose into a calm sense of security. Fire signified that they had warmth and protection against the night. She snuggled down into her sleeping bag, which had been recently pilfered for her from an abandoned camping supply store by Negan, and allowed herself to relax into folds of fabric that encased her slight frame.

It had been two weeks since Negan had found her pathetically trying to start a fire on her own under a bridge in the middle of the night as a storm rapidly moved in. Although she was still perplexed as to why he had invited her to join him as he traveled the countryside looking for other survivors, she was glad that he had. Without him, she knew she would be long dead of exposure, or starvation, or any number of other misfortunes which could befall a young woman traveling on her own in a dead world. She shuddered to think of where she would be without him.

Rose felt herself fall incrementally down into her slumber, hovering just above the edge of true sleep, almost unable to distinguish reality from dreams. In her mind’s eye she saw herself walking through tall grass, the blades rustling rhythmically as she pushed through endless field of green.

Only, the soft whisper of the grass was too constant to be from her body brushing against it, and the sound had begun to speed up to a pace that was much too fast. Her eyes sprang open as the realization dawned on her that the sound she heard was not coming from her own mind, but was instead a product of her actual surroundings.

Very slowly, so as not to draw attention should the sound be generated by something dangerous or threatening, she turned her head to her left to look at Negan, wondering if he had heard it too. As soon as her eyes fell upon the large man stretched out in his own sleeping bag on the other side of the fire, she knew immediately where the sound was coming from.

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[1/5/17] I applied for a summer job at my favorite place in the world today! I’m supposed to hear back about an interview sometime this month. I put on my new laptop case so now I can add stickers and I don’t have to worry about it ruining my MacBook. I also worked on some pages inside my binder, I’ll post about it when I finish a few more.

banasiakj123  asked:

Lucaya prompt: Body Heat-"Skin on Skin."

//Ok so probably not what you were expecting, but I just went with the idea that popped in my head. I hope you still like it. Thanks for the request! //

–That One Night In A Car–

There are so many cars. Why are there so many cars? Since when were there so many people in upstate New York? Okay that was a stupid question, but Maya was really upset. She absolutely hated traffic.

“I’ll pick you up.” He had said. “We’ll be back in no time.” He said. Lies. All lies. Right now as she turned to look at the teen in the driver’s seat she really wanted to punch him, but he was at the wheel.

Wait a minute, they were stuck in traffic, he wasn’t driving!! She punched him. Lightly, of course.

But still, he yelped. “Hey!!”

“We’re never going to make it back in time for Riley’s poetry thing. I’m stuck in this stupid traffic in a car with a Huckleberry!! I should have taken the bus.” Maya hit him 2 more times before crossing her arms. She had promised Riley she would be there. They were talking about her entering the poetry competition for weeks. Maya expected to be there in the front row. However, Maya had gotten an opportunity to present her work at an art convention in upstate New York. Lucas offered to drive her there and back since all the adults were busy and Lucas was the only one out of their group who had a license. If there weren’t so much traffic she could have been back in the city, with Riley, supporting her.

“Maya! If you would have taken the bus you would have been stuck in this traffic too. Would you stop hitting me? It’s not my fault!”

“We’ve been here for hours!!!!! These cars don’t seem to be moving any time soon.” She looked at the car dashboard and tried her best not to hit him again. “Oh and would you look at that. We’re almost out of gas.”

Lucas rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue on the side of his cheek. “We could have made it with the gas that we had. I just hadn’t expected so much traffic.”

“Is there literally no other way to get back to the city.”

“The exit isn’t for another 3 miles. We haven’t moved…update says the traffic might lift in 4 hours, we might not have any gas by then”

“Where’s the next gas station?”

“Ehhh 8 miles?”

“Are you freaking kidding me? It’s about to get dark so we can’t walk because oh yeah we’re in the middle of fking nowhere. We don’t have any gas, our phones are about to die and so we’re doomed to being stranded on this highway. Great. Just great. Thanks a lot Ranger Rick.”

He clenched his jaw. “Again…Not. My. Fault.”

Maya mumbled under her breath. Probably words she shouldn’t be saying. Lucas was unaffected by that. Instead, he kept tapping his thumb on the steering wheel. As he tried thinking of a plan he noticed a sign.

“Look Maya. There’s a campsite. We can stay there.”

Maya looked up. “Camping? Really? This isn’t time for recreational activities!”

“No. I mean we’re not moving for another 4 hours but by then we’ll lose gas. We should just wait until the morning.”

“Okay sure whatever. But how are we even going to get out of here? The exit is all the way over there”

They were a few cars behind the campsite exit and it seemed almost impossible. Yet Lucas smirked.

“Like this.” He jerked the steering wheel of the car just enough to move it off the road and onto the grassy hill. A bumpy ride later, they were headed to the campsite.  


“What the hell do you mean you don’t have camping gear?”

“I live in New York City. I don’t exactly carry around camping supplies, Maya!”

“You sure made it seem that way with the way you were explaining your great plan” She said great plan while making air quotes with her fingers.

“What?? All I said hey look there’s a campsite.”

“This place doesn’t even have a place where you can buy camping gear? What is this shit?”

“That’s not how campsites work, Maya.”

“How would I know that? I’ve never been camping!”

“Stop yelling at me over everything!”

“Fine!!” She sighed heavily and sat on a rock that was near the car. “I’m really hungry.”

“That I can help with.” He pulled out a couple of protein bars from his car and tossed one to Maya.

They sat in silence as Maya tried to calm down. After eating she called Riley right away. She only managed to apologize and say a few words about being stuck surrounded by trees before the signal dropped. Stupid middle of nowhere.

Since it was a a random Thursday in September, the campsite was empty. They walked a around for a bit before returning to the car.

“Hey look. You can see the stars like back in Texas.”

Maya smiled. That was her favorite part about Texas….among other things. Not that she would ever admit that to Lucas.

“I’m going to sleep. You should too. If we sleep early we can get out of this deserted place faster.” Suddenly she leapt onto the back of the car. “Dibs on the backseat!” Maya yelled. “Set an alarm on your phone to like 4 or 5am. There shouldn’t be any traffic then.“

“Agreed.” Lucas replied. He tried to get comfortable sitting in the front and adjusted the seat so it went far back just enough so it didn’t bother Maya in the backseat.

A few minutes later Maya spoke. “Lucas…I’m cold.”

“Yeah it does get cold at night.” He said without opening his eyes.

“Let me guess. No extra blanket in the trunk?”

“Sorry.” He sat up and started unbuttoning his plaid shirt . “Here. Just take my shirt. You can use it as a blanket.”

“Won’t you be cold?”

“No. I’m fine.”  He pointed to his tank top. “I still have this.” He threw the shirt towards her and Maya shrugged and took it.

She laid back down using Lucas’ shirt as a blanket. It was so soft. The smell was so comforting. She felt safe. She opened one eye to look at Lucas. He was shivering.

“Dammit Huckleberry.”

“What?” He  sat up again, a look of worry on his face. He quickly looked out the windows as if to see if there were any predators.

“You’re cold. Take your shirt back.”

“No. You’re more cold than I am.”

“Are you saying I can’t handle the cold?”

“That’s not what I’m saying. Just take the shirt.”

“No. I’m not letting you die of pneumonia.” She paused to think. “Body heat. That can keep us warm.”

“Very funny. Goodnight.” Lucas closed his eyes once again.

“Lucas, I’m serious. Just lay down in the back with me. Seriously, I know it’s dark but I swear you’re turning blue.”

Slowly, Lucas sat up and looked at her to check if she was serious. She had used his real name. She usually did that when she was serious. She also wasn’t smiling like she often did when she teased him. “Okay.” He responded before stepping out of the car and into the back.

“Well maybe we are not both going to fit on the backseat….” Maya started, but Lucas chuckled.

“Yeah we will. You’re small.”

Maya rolled her eyes. She laid down with her body facing the back of the car. Lucas tried lying down with his back against her back, but he slipped onto the floor of the car.

“Yeah. This isn’t gonna work. What if I lie down first and then you lie next to me.“

Maya hesitated at first, but she was already so sleepy so she just shrugged. “Sure.”

Lucas lied down and Maya then lay next to him. Maya almost slipped back but Lucas was quick and placed his arms on her back and pushed her closer to his chest.

“I got you.” He whispered.


Lucas left one hand on her back and the other he was going to place near his chest but his hand brushed against Maya’s hands. “Your hands are freezing.”

“I know. They’ll get warm soon.”

“Here place them on my back. They’ll get warmer quicker.”

Maya was too sleepy to argue and her hands were really cold. She proceeded to do so and Lucas placed his hands back on her back. Both now embraced.

They were definitely warmer now.

Maya could feel the heat of his body radiate underneath his tank top. Before she realized what she was doing, her hands were underneath Lucas’ tank top and on his warm back. He jumped to the sudden cold sensation.

“S-sorry.” She slid her hands prepared to take them out but Lucas shook his head.

“It’s fine. I’m okay with it.”

So she left her hands on his skin.

He took his plaid button down shirt that he had given to Maya earlier and held it close on top of both of them.

Her hands under his shirt. His hands on her back. Legs intertwined.


Maybe it was the silence. Maybe it was the fact that they were under the stars. Or maybe it’s that it was really cold outside. Whatever it was, it made them want to get closer and so they did. The two embraced each other until they could feel each other’s hearts beating and each other’s chest rising as they breathed. 

No words were spoken. She smiled looking into his green eyes. He smiled looking into her blue eyes. Each other’s eyes being the last thing they saw before falling asleep.

A couple of hours later two security guards shone a light into the car. There lay two teenagers fast asleep. Her head against his chest and the boy’s arm under her head and holding her close.

One of them prepared to knock on the window, but the other guard quickly snatched the flashlight out of his hands and pulled him away.

“Don’t wake them up!” He whispered. “They’re just two kids sleeping. Let them be.” He smiled back at the car. “They look cute.”

The Worst Way to Die

Everyone has a way they’d absolutely not want to die.

I remember my mom telling me about when she almost drowned as a kid. Since then she’s been afraid of deep water and would rather walk through fire than drown. My kid brother’s terrified of getting cancer. He saw it take our dad. It was slow, painful, and we went through every moment of it with him.

I had a strange one. See, I’m scared of snakes. Always hated them. Especially pythons. Those fuckers can swallow a crocodile whole. I’m not the size of a crocodile. I would be lunch. I cried when my mom read Jonah and the Whale for the first time. Imagining being inside the belly of a beast gave me nightmares for weeks. So that’s how I wouldn’t want to die.

Being eaten alive.

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one-shot for @jilychallenge - february 2017

@gryffindormischief vs @woollfs (previously gxnevras)

prompt: so I’m a greek god and you’re a demigod who I turned up to curse because man you screwed up, but honestly that face is too cute to turn into a minotaur au

A/N: so this goes over 5900 words HA.  Not Greek gods but it’s all about gods/demi gods and whatnot.  Also it’s loosely based on the Epic of Gilgamesh so if you recognize anything that’s why. :)  @petalstofish this is it!!!! :) <3

Also available on FF and Ao3!

A sharp wind licks across the steep rock outcropping that cuts into the emerald landscape below, far enough down that vertigo kicks in for even the bravest.  Aside from James.  He’s traveled these lands enough times that nothing but that initial free-hand slide over the side to whatever makeshift handholds he can find will even bring his pulse above a resting heart rate.

Tucking the remnants of his lunch into his rather Spartan pouch – wouldn’t do to climb on a too full stomach – James tightens his belt, stretches his limbs, and strides toward the precipice with the casual purpose of someone who knows themselves and their task. That is until the scratching of claws – four sets if his ears are to be believed – scrape across the rough hewn stone.

James turns at the last minute, even his highly trained senses too slow to defend beyond raised forearms protecting his chest and head.  His vital organs should be well enough protected by the stiff leather that wraps around his middle, although his legs are vulnerable beneath the soft, worn cotton of his dark green trousers.

All this slips through his mind like a well-worn checklist – a product of years spent fighting and defending and being generally heroic – in the brief moments before the large, dark beast descends on him, the impact of its hulking form nearly knocking him to the ground.

As it is, he stumbles back a few steps which is a few more than he’s surrendered to any opponent since he counted his age in double digits.  Considering the circumstances, he lets the injury to his pride roll off his proverbial back as he flips the beast over his literal one and James quickly grabs his newly sharpened dagger from his boot.

With a few huffs that almost sound like indignant laughter, the dog like monstrosity stalks closer again and the two circle each other warily.

Relying on the adage of fortune favoring the bold, James quickly closes in on his opponent, its back to the sharp cliff as he wields his dagger expertly.  And yet despite his prowess, each swipe and thrust is easily evaded despite the rather heavy appearance of his foe.

Their single combat proceeds in this fashion for a time, neither gaining ground, neither surrendering, until James finally sees his chance and herds the beast toward the edge.

In the split second before he intends to push it over, delivering it a fairly sympathetic death as these things go, the monster shifts before his eyes, thick dark fur melting from its body and revealing taught olive skin, but the silver-grey eyes remain the same.

Momentarily caught off guard, the beast – man – grasps at his forearm desperately.  James narrows his hazel eyes inquisitively, jerking the man back from the sharp drop and shoving him toward his abandoned campsite.

Smirking rather arrogantly for a man who just barely escaped death’s clutches, his companion pushes up onto his hands, legs extended in front casually as if spending a lazy day picnicking by the lake.  “Quite the fighter then.”

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Solangelo and If They Met From The Start

So, this fic/one shot thingy is actually based off of @elmesart picture (the one above, obviously). its super long so heres an ao3 link if youd rather read it there. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it!

Will noticed when his father drove in with Percy Jackson and the Hunters. Heck, the whole camp had noticed. He was curious, to say the least, as to why his dad, who rarely answered his own sons prayers, would cater to driving around a couple of kids. But he was sure his father had his reasons. And so he watched as the whole troop of them exited the vehicle and as one little dark haired figure bounced around Percy, looking like he was chattering nonstop.

 It wasn’t until the next day that he would meet said little figure. 

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VSSL Supplies Survival Gear

In order to make life a whole lot easier for you, especially when outdoors, the VSSL team has created a unique essentials kit called the Supplies cylinder which packs some vital pieces of survival equipment you should definitely have around when setting out on any quest into the wild.
You Have To Go// Bellamy Blake

Epitome: You break into Mount Weather after finding out that they let Bellamy in and you find a way to make it out with him. 

Word Count: 510

“You what?” You yelled at Clarke, dropping your bag of supplies.

You had just made it back to camp after a supply run to find out your best friend, and love of your life found a way into Mount Weather. 

“You let him go there?”

“Y/n, we had no choice, we had to find a way in there-”

“And you send him, I shouldn’t be surprised.” You scoffed, making your way over to your tent.

You were going to find a way into that mountain, no matter what it took to get him back. After everyone went to bed, you packed a small back of supplies, sneaking underneath the fence and towards the woods. Mount Weather was a 8-hour walk from Camp Jaha, by the time everyone figured out you were gone, you’d already be there.

8 and a half hours later, you stood by the doors of Mount Weather. There wasn’t any way you were getting in there without being accepted. You pulled your knife from your holster, pulled up your sleeves and slit down your wrists.

You had five minutes for someone to find you, or you would bleed to death. You fell to the ground, blood saturating the ground beneath you. “I’m coming for you Bellamy.” 

You woke up in the infirmary, bandages around your arms, along with an IV. You smiled softly, knowing that you made it. You got up, making sure there were no guards around before pulling the IV from your arm and taking in your surroundings. There were two doors, both with key card locks on them, one looking like an exit, the other you weren’t so sure about. One of the doors unlocked and you got back in the bed, pretending to be asleep.

“You’re still out?” You heard a guard say. You shot up, gripping your IV needle in your hand. You stuck him in the neck, taking him by surprise. You grabbed the key card from his belt as he fell to the ground. 

You unlocked the door, it closing behind you. You froze when you walked inside, looking around at all the people.

They were in cages, so many cages, full of people dressed in nothing but undergarments. 

That’s when you saw him. 

“Bellamy?” You asked, running over to the cage. 

“Y/n? What are you doing here?”

“I came for you.” You said, your fingers covering his on the cage wires. 

“No, no you cannot be here,” he panicked. “You have to go.”

“No, I’m not going anywhere without you.”

You pulled a bobby pin from your hair, twisting it in a way to pick the lock. You successfully picked it, opening the cage. 

You helped him out, his arms wrapping tightly around you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, your face digging into his neck.

“I thought I had lost you.” You said, pulling back to look at him.

“I’m not going anywhere.” He smiled softly, pressing his lips against yours.

“You look great by the way, those undies fit you.” You grinned.

“Oh, bite me princess.” 


Standing Rock is a well-organized, small city and will be impossible to evacuate

CANNON BALL, ND - The first thing you notice once you enter Oceti Sakowin Camp, close to the front lines of the showdown at Standing Rock, is that the “camp” is now a small city, housing some 8,000 people. That includes indigenous people, activists, visitors and media, all camping in the snow in below freezing temperatures. The indigenous people of Standing Rock have expanded the camp and have meticulously organized a massive operation running solely on donations, volunteer work and the spirit of the Sioux people and the visitors who’ve come to protect the water with them.

Many structures are so strongly built that you can walk on the rooftops. Notably, there is a school that has been teaching a class of Lakota youth as a home school resource center since August, which is planning an expansion.

That some refer to Standing Rock as their “home” is not hyperbole; for many Sioux, their home at Standing Rock is now a permanent residence. As you look around the small city, one thing becomes clear: Short of a small military invasion, requiring demolition and significant force, an evacuation is simply not realistic.

On Facebook, where incoming supporters share information, there’s a new rumor nearly every day of what is and isn’t happening at the camp. Some claimed that police shut down access to all supplies from the outside, but supply routes are still open. Some believed drones had been banned, but drones are in the air. However, alcohol, drugs and weapons of any kind are banned from camp. Security check through supplies, confiscating contraband like alcohol when it comes through.

It is unclear when the next action will be, but every morning there is a schedule for Oceti Sakowin Camp, with notices posted, whiteboards updated and signs put up in meeting halls and port-a-potties with new requests and announcements. Action meetings are at 8 a.m., mandatory orientation is at 9 a.m. Before dawn, a group leaves from one of the sacred fires for prayer. White allies are told to attend at least one of these prayers to pay respect. White allies are also recommended to attend to one of the many decolonization education sessions that are held at the dome every other night at 6 p.m.

More about life at the Standing Rock camp. | follow @the-movemnt