camp site 3

Charlotte groaned as she fell against the dirt, looking up at the sky, “I’m in my element. I’m in the woods. And the one thing I wanted to do, I can’t fucking do. This is freaking ridiculous. All I wanna do is be a bear but nooooo. Stupid rules.” @hikari-irino @hoppyadeline @makariax @lcnatics @littlefeliicity @xelena-porterx @missingapulse @that-girl-its-just-kat

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Day one of my adventure ended up on Horseshoe Meadows. I arrived to the camp site sometime after 3, I hung around Lone Pine before making the 10,000 foot climb into the Inyo National Forest, I was fortunate enough to get a rad camp site and still have time to set up and go catch the sun set over MT. Whitney.