camp scott

Camp Xavier’s caters to each campers individual, unique… skill. Like fishing! Or… ax wielding. And not telekinesis. Or anything. 

Power Rangers + Summer Camp AU

~The rangers are hanging out at Billy’s house when he gets the call about Mission Creek. He signed up to be a counselor there the summer before his Junior year. Of course he wasn’t allowed to be one at the time but Mr. Martin, the head of the camp, let senior campers sign up before they left and once their old enough he calls them up and ask if they still want the gig. Most kids say no, but Billy jumped at the chance. He’d had some of the best times of his life there and he wanted to relive those memories for as long as possible.

~ The rest of the rangers have no freaking idea what he’s talking about when he starts babbling about how excited he is once he comes back from the call. He’s mentioned it to them before, but that was during battle and they weren’t very focused on what Billy was saying.

~“I’m finally going to be camp counselor. I’ve missed Mission Creek so much. I can’t believe I’m going to be gone for the whole summer-”

~That’s when the protests begin, the louder ones mainly coming from Jason.

~“You can’t leave! I nee-I mean the team needs you for battles and stuff.”

~Billy watches in confusion as Jason’s face turns red at the statement while the rest of the rangers just smirk knowingly.

~“I won’t be far, the camp is in the mountains and Kim’s house is about thirty two miles from the grounds. I’ll be there when there’s an impending threat. Don’t worry Jason, I still be able to defend world.”

~“But still what if it comes at night and you’re sleeping and-”

~“You think I’d sleep through a monster attack?”

~“Maybe and who knows how long it’ll take you to reach us from cam-”

~“Two minutes and fourteen seconds. I did the run a few days ago.”

~“Oh.” Followed by complete amusing silence as Jason tries to come up with more excuses as to why Billy shouldn’t go.

~“I’m sure Billy will be just fine  Jason.” Kim tries to reason with Jason but he’s not having it.

~“You don’t know that. You don’t know that.” He mutters and it’s then that Billy and the others see just how worried Jason really is.

~“I can ask if you guys can come with me. We’re usually short a few counselors, I’m sure Mr. Martin will appreciate it.”

~Everyone agrees and Jason can breathe easy again.


~ They leave a week after school ends, which happened to be a week before camp starts and the majority of the gang is ecstatic. Except for Tommie and Zack.

~Tommie hates kids, they’ve never liked them and they’re dreading this trip altogether. And Zack doesn’t like the idea of leaving his mother alone for so long, sure she’s gotten better, thanks to the rangers and their families pitching in for her medical expenses,  but she’s not at perfect health yet and he’s not sure he wants to take that risk.

~Ms. Taylor has to literally shove him out of the house for him to go.

~They take Billy’s van, after the crash his mom’s van was replaced. After she got a significant raise at work, she gave it to her son and brought herself a Toyota Camry.

~Trini, Zack and Tommie won’t stop calling it the mystery machine.

~ Jason gets the Aux Cord taken away from him after he put on Nickelback.

~“It soothes me.”

~“You’re a disgrace y'know that.” (Trini’s Remark)

~They listen to Kim’s playlist and when Mayores comes on she brings up the fact that Becky G. looks exactly like Trini.

~The rest of the rangers, including her girlfriend,  just don’t see it.


~The drive isn’t long and when they get there Mr. Martin runs through everything they need to know within the hour. They have the camp to themselves for a whole week.

~The first thing they do, after Jason makes sure everyone is packed, is hit the lake. It’s fun, until Zack loses his trunks in the water.

~“It’s not my fault, the current’s strong in here!”

~“There’s is no current dip thong.” (Tommie’s Remark)

~They spend the majority of the week hanging out together, when they’re all not in a group they split off into two. Kim and Trini disappear to do god knows what. At least that’s what Zack says but they mainly just hang out in the kitchen eating all the cheese balls, talking and joking around with the occasional make out session taking place. Zack and Tommie usually go do some dumb shit, like hike up the mountain and see if they can jump off into the lake without breaking anything. And Billy and Jason  hang out in the media room, playing ping pong and pool.


~Billy loves kids but its easy for him to get uncomfortable around them. Kids are touchy feely, Billy’s not. By the second day, Jason and the others make sure the kids know to ask Camp Counselor Billy to touch him before doing so.

~Tommie spends a lot of their time explaining what it means to be non-binary person. Some of the kids are little shits about it, but the majority are pretty accepting.

~Zack has these two little girls who follow him everywhere. Bria and Mimi. At first they thought he was cute but once Bria caught him staring at Tommie she realized that he likes them. After that they mainly stick around to give him advice. Sure there like eight years old but Zack takes a lot of what they say to heart. They even set up a tea party date for Zack and Tommie. They made sure to paint Zack’s fingernails and to put his hair into little ponytails so that he can look ‘pretty for Tommie’.

~Billy and the others get to name their designated cabins, they chose the dinosaurs of their zords.

~After a particularly bad nightmare, Billy sneaks into Jason cabin. He can’t sleep and Jason always puts him at ease. Shelby, another counselor, is in his cabin too and he makes sure to let her know where he’s going before he leaves.

~A weird conversation takes place with Mikey, a seven year old, in the morning when he wakes the two up.

~Jason struggles to explain what it means to be gay until Trini walks by and sighs. “Hey Mikey, boy can like boys and girls can like girls. Love isn’t always shared between a man and a woman.” She holds Kim’s hand in her own for emphasis.


~And that was that.


~Tommie discovers a secret love they have for kids when they, Bria, Mimi and Zack are hanging out by the fire. “Kids don’t suck, they’re alright I guess.” She tells Zack as she watched the two run off for smores. Zack nods in agreement, turning away from the little girls to meet Tommie’s eyes.

~ Their gaze intensifies before they close the gap between them and BAM!!! Fireworks!

~“I told you they were gonna kiss, I told ya.” (Bria)

~They pull away laughing and the rest of the gang cheers. It took forever but they finally got together.


~ Kim and Trini escape to the mountain the day before the last day of camp. They’re joking around., laughing, kissing and then Trini just kind of blurts it out without realizing.

~“I love you”

~Kim takes a moment to take in what she had just heard before smiling and pulling the shorter girl into another kiss.

~“I love you too.”

~They spend the rest of the night up there, wrapped up in a pillow and blanket. Kissing, watching the stars and just reveling in the feeling of being together.


~“What are we Jason?”

~ It was an unexpected question, a question that Jason didn’t really know how to answer. They had been closer, closer than friends but not yet together. It was a weird predicament that Jason was unaware of how he got into or how to get out of it. He wanted to take the leap but he didn’t really know how to.

~“I don’t know.”

~He didn’t meet Billy eyes, just stay focused on picking up trash and cleaning up around the camp fire. Everyone else was gone, back to the cabin and now they were the only two left.

~“I like you Jason. More than a friend should like their other friend.”

~“I like you to Billy but-”

~Just as he looked up to face the brown boy who was incredibly close to him now.

~“I’m going to kiss you now, is that okay?"  Jason didn’t know what to say, so he nodded. Overwhelmed by how forward Billy was being.

~Billy’s hands came in contact with Jason’s cheeks and his lips crash against his. For a second Jason froze, he didn’t know how to react. It felt good, it felt better than good. He moved in sync with Billy, melting into the kiss.

~He forced himself not to whine when the brown boy pulled away.

~"We should date. Do you want to date me Jason?” He nods, still recovering from the kiss.

~“Can we uhh, can we do that again Billy?”


~When camp is over, the rangers are reluctant to leave. College starts in the fall and although their all attending Angel Grove community college, they know their summers will be to filled with jobs and internships to even think about doing this again.

~Tommie and Zack share a teary goodbye with Bria and Mimi as they leave. Zack’s is the main one shedding tears.

~The next day, Billy says goodbye to Shelby and thanks her for filling in for him for all those nights he spent in the T-Rex cabin. She says it was no problem before hugging him and Jason goodbye. Her fiancé Tyler is waiting for her in the car.

~The car ride back was bitter sweet.

~“At least we’ll always have the memories.” (Jason’s comment)

~They nod in agreement as they leave the grounds.

~“Hey can I see the aux cord?”



The End.

Sorry this is so long, I got carried away.

Summer’s is almost over and I was just wondering why no one had done this yet, lol. And also if you caught that Dino Charge reference I love you. I really hope this doesn’t suck, please enjoy.