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The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

On June 13, 1977, a thunderstorm ripped through Mayes County, Oklahoma, forcing the fifty or so attendees of a Girl Scout camp to abandon their activities and go back to their tents. Amongst the girls attending the week long camp were Lori Lee Farmer (8), Michelle Heather Guse (9), and Doris Denise Milner (10). All three girls were good friends who shared a tent on the very edge of the camp, virtually out of sight of the camp counsellors tent, and obscured by trees.

After a long night, the storm passed and normal activities resumed at the camp. Around six a.m a counsellor on her way to the showers noticed a huddled form partially hidden in the undergrowth; when she investigated further, the shape revealed itself to be the corpse of a young girl wrapped in a sleeping bag. Only a few feet away, two more bodies were found, also hidden in sleeping bags. The camp was quickly searched and it was discovered the occupants pf Tent #8 were missing. The bodies were identified as those of Milner, Guse, and Farmer. Their tent had been broken into during the night, and the killer had raped all three girls before strangling them.

Autopsies on the girls bodies revealed a short but vicious attack: they had been beaten around the head, thrown on the wooden floor of the tent (which was covered in blood someone had tried to clean up), and choked repeatedly. All three victims had been subjected to a violent sexual assault before being dragged from the tent to the forest 150 yards away and killed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Camp Scott closed down after the murders, and has never been reopened.

While the crime scene was chaotic, it yielded very few clues. What evidence was present didnt make sense. However, a camp counsellor came forth to the police with a very bizarre story; several months before the murders, her tent had been ransacked and a box of donuts stolen. The box was later mysteriously returned empty, with a note (apparently from the donut thief) that declared three campers would be chosen and murdered. The counsellor handed the note to police, but unfortunately no solid leads resulted from it.

Only one person was ever arrested in relation to the brutal crime, a Cherokee man named Gene Hart. Four years prior to the murders he had been in prison for kidnapping and raping two pregnant women, but had escaped custody and was known to live in the woods around Camp Scott. Hart was arrested and charged with the brutal triple murder, but a jury acquitted him. He died in 1985.

Blood and semen samples were collected at the crime scene and tested for DNA over the years, but this has produced no conclusive results. No suspicious activity was reported in the camp on the day of the murders and no new leads have surfaced. After over forty years, the Girl Scout Murders are likely to remain unsolved.


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