camp queue!

When you innocently join a new fandom only to arrive in the middle of discourse

trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

  • Madison: I've been fighting for the South alone. Where have you been?
  • Jefferson: uh, France
  • Jefferson: which you would know if you were a fucking good friend
  • Jefferson: you'd think, guy like you, he's a nice guy, he'll know where all his pals are
  • Jefferson: and here we are
  • Jefferson: I can't believe you didn't know I was in fucking France you fake piece of shit
  • Jefferson: don't go asking me to fight for you if you can't even bother to know where I am
  • Jefferson: not even a letter! You didn't once think "huh, wonder how my good buddy Thomas is doing? I'll write him a letter and ask!"
  • Jefferson:
  • Jefferson (under his breath): bitch
  • Madison:
  • Madison: okay but
HQ Kareshi (Training Camp): Iwaizumi Hajime (Day 3 - 9:00pm)

Kiyoko: …seems kind of noisy

Suzumeda: Are they still having pillow fights…

Yachi: Should someone go see?

*You volunteer*

Bokuto: Ah it’s manager-chan!

Oikawa: You came at the right time

Iwaizumi: !

Oikawa: Listen up everyone! the winner of the “Pillow fight tournament” will win a hot kiss from manager-chan- Good luck okay~

Iwaizumi: Hey!!

Iwaizumi: What stupid crap are you spewing now Shittykawa

Oikawa: What, I was just thinking everyone would be delighted

Iwaizumi: There’s no way they would

Oikawa: Don’t be like that the only one against it is you Iwa-chan~

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