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i spent too much time on this– so I’ve been toying with the idea of an RPG!AU! Despite the fact that I know next to nothing about D&D or fantasy/RPG settings… (fhkdjs blame my nerris muse for this…) The colours are in no way final, either. Preston gave me a hell of a time…

They’re all older as well! Anywhere from mid-late teens/early-20s. I have most of the cast’s classes and alignments sorted out; I would’ve started out with the main 3, but Max and Nikki are harder for me to nail a design for.  Hit me up if you’ve got some thoughts on this or would like to know about the other characters before I draw them!

I’ll put all my current headcanons for these 3 under the cut ↓ ↓ ↓ (Classes are loosely based on the many from D&D, but I wanted to keep things flexible so m(_ _)m) 

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I spent so long making these like you don’t even know

songs that were referenced are down below if you’re curious

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this went in a completely different direction, i am so sorry, it’s 2am

preston ‘The Romantic’ goodplay must be stopped

I feel pretty good about every each shipping. I think that all of them are cute until somebody make porn from it. It could work with adults shipping tho, but not with kids, jeez. Anyway I tolerate and respect all of them. That’s what I tkink about shippings in general.

To talk about CampCamp shippings

It seems like moste of campers are about 10 years old. Kids of that age (mostly boys) react on kisses, hugs ect. like “EWWWW, NASTY!!!” So I can’t clearly imagine how would it works… But still, as I said, I don’t hate any of them! So there are some doodles with your OTPs)


Obviously it’s shipping based on hatred and mutual hostility, but is makes it even hotter (as for me, heh).
Preston is alpha in that relationship (because reasons XD). He likes to do something overwhelmingly cute to Max, especially in public, that makes him blush very much. Ofcourse they fighting very often…


It’s more relaxed relationship without fighting and resentment.
Max is alpha in there. He isn’t that kind of boy, who do or say something cute to its second half. So most of time Max behaves like Neil is his bitch, but when they left alone Max suddenly changes and become a bit softer towards Neil.
*cough* tsundere  *cough,cough*

Times have changed, whether I like it or not. The campers don’t care. Gwen doesn’t care. Even the founder of this place has better things to do. That’s why I’ll never stop trying, because somebody fucking has to.
—  David, Camp Camp Episode 12