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5 Minutes with Aria you Drown a Bag of Kittens if she asked, 2 Minutes if your ...ANDREW! What’s going on here?? First Impressions!

I think it’s starting to all make sense! so whats going through my mind right now after watching the ep, i still have to process alot of things but here are my first thoughts:p

At this point, is it just me or does aria sound like she fits the bill for who bethany was talking about on the tapes? aria and her mother? like mother like daughter? did we see a like mother like daughter in this ep? it looks like andrew is working for aria OR Andrew is one of her minions he would do anything for her.  aria has found her perfect prince or could andrew be one of many princes that would do anything for her? & is ella working with aria? thats a theory for antoher time. but do we have a mother daughter duo going on here? remember what ella said about kissing a couple frogs to find a prince? what does this all mean??

1. arias motivation in this ep was to keep mike from going to jail.

2. ezra is clearly not arias perfect prince, he’s turning into a frog at this point. she has now found someone who would do anything for her, did andrew not act like a sick puppy for aria? 24/7 for aria as if he would drown a bag a kittens for her in 2 minutes? you know what this means? bethany was talking about aria on those tapes. 

so ezra eventually decided to do what aria asked, but why did she ask ezra to take mike specifically to the cabin? is this the cabin ella was talking about that byron never wanted to go back to? CLUE: back in season 2, the ep for calebs birth party, byron talked to aria about a canoe! there was a canoe in this ep.

3. did aria know caleb was with ezra? did she know caleb would try get mike to testify? i think so. When aria called andrew to go take a drive up to the cabin, she said “ i cant get ahold of him, ezra or..” OR WHAT? or caleb? she was about to say someone else! how would she know caleb would be there? she knew caleb would be there because he is desperate to get mike to testify. caleb and ezra are searching for mike , even caleb says is this like pathfinders scout camp? so andrew goes and stops mike and tries to get rid of ezra and caleb.

5.andrew does his work for aria, he doesnt kill mike of course, he jsut stops him from going to testify. so andrew goes to see his aria she notices he was a pathfinders scout, s this made aria smile as if this relates to her , could she be familar with pathfinder like sports? like archery perhaps? which makes me think aria might have a past of taking up archery. one of my small theories were that aria could have taken up archery in iceland since iceland has an archery school there. (jsut spekaing out loud here as these are my first impressions)

6.anyone else find ella suspicious? all of a sudden , this girl cant testify and help save ali. but that isnt the plan.

7. here’s what i thought of the A ending, so yes all 3 liars go to jail but this is apart of the plan? why? Andrew will bail his aria out as shown in the A ending. aria being put in the castle. thats the interpretation i got:

so , what  could this possibly mean? is BIG A indeed aria and andrew is one of her many princes? The whole Big A plan was to get ali in jail and found guilty, and all the liars put in jail as well, but will aria be the one getting rescued? let me know what you guys are thinking right now. i still have more connections with this new information , here’s what mar said :

“Season five really is about ‘A’ wanting to punish all the pretty little liars

Alison is behind bars. Alison is rotting away in that orange jumpsuit, but ‘A’ is not happy just to have one little liar there – ‘A’ wants them all there. So the question is: Who’s going to win? Will there be one orange jumpsuit by the end of season five, or will there be five orange jumpsuits?
”—   Marlene King [x]

so will aria win? looks like it at this point

alot of things are starting to connect! those are my first impressions for now:p

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Even more questions
  • Why did CeCe frame Alison for Mona’s murder and pay people off to scare her in jail? 
  • Why did she then frame all the girls and get them sent to jail only to break them out and bring them to her dollhouse? Why not kidnap Ali instead of sending her to jail where she couldn’t reach her if all she wanted was to be reunited with her sister/family? Why didn’t she even try that hard to bring Alison to the dollhouse?
  • Why was she so obsessed with making Mona her Alison?
  • What was literally the whole point of Ravenswood? And I don’t buy it was for a Caleb spin-off.
  • What was the point of Andrew and letting us know he was adopted and might not be the same age as the liars? What was the point of letting us know Andrew was into archery and used to go to pathfinders camp and then showing us Ezra and Caleb being attacked by arrows at a pathfinders camp on their way to finding Mike tied up?
  •  Why did CeCe tie/beat up Mike? 
  • Who was the friend who owned the cabin that Ezra took Aria to?
  • Who were the group of people claiming to be A in hoodies surrounding the girls in New York?
  • Why was CeCe forgiven so easily for being A but Mona is still being punished?
  • How did Aunt Carol die? Was it truly natural causes? And why did CeCe only mention that Mrs. D came to visit her and not Aunt Carol?
  • Why did Sara tell Emily that she was protecting her this whole time. From what and who? Because she was working with CeCe the whole time.
  • Why were we told the story of A would be heart breaking, we’d feel sorry for them, and we’d cry? Only thing I felt sorry for and wanted to cry about was how god awful the script, directing, and the episode in general was.
  • Why did CeCe dress up as a man for the prom inside of the dollhouse if her whole life she wanted to be a female? Why back-peddle? 
  • Why did CeCe keep telling Alison she only ever hurt everyone when they weren’t listening to her? Listen to her how? 
  • Why now? Why did CeCe wait all this time to finally come clean about being Charles/A and to tell her story? Why did she want so badly to be reunited with her family only to want to tell her story and then kill everyone?
  • When CeCe grabbed Alison from prom she revealed herself to Alison then, right? We watched A take off their mask and Alison mouth “Oh my God”. Yet when we finally saw who A was (the same time the girls did) why did Alison react as if she were just figuring out that CeCe was A/Charles?
  • What was Clark’s purpose? Who hired him? 
  • Why did Clark and Rhys meet in the abandoned doll factory? 
  • What was the significance of the ice cream factory that CeCe almost killed Aria and Spencer in?
  • Why was CeCe only now putting Aria through hell?
  • What was the significance of the painting, “Isle of the Dead”, that we were told was a clue and was shown in quite a few episodes?
  • Why did CeCe want to harm the parents? Ella and the bees, exposing Byron’s affair, getting Ashley arrested.
  • Who is Varjak?
  • What happened to Cyrus? And how did CeCe convince him to play along with Alison’s kidnapping story?
  • Why did Alison keep leaving clues about how she was going to “die” and “disappear”? Why did she start saving up money by black mailing people? Why did she create Vivian and other fake identities if her getting hit and “dying” by CeCe’s hand was all an accident and not meant to happen?
  • What was Mona even doing there that night?
  • Why was Jenna wearing a red coat and forcing a drugged up Emily to dig up Alison’s grave? 
  • What was the point of showing us the flashback scene of Mrs. D and Alison and how Alison would hold her breath for long periods of time?
  • Was Mrs. D sending the email “I can’t protect you anymore” to CeCe? And why did she die before it got sent if CeCe wasn’t the one who killed her?
  • How did CeCe continue to get so much information from/about the girls if she was in Paris for so long? 
  • Why did CeCe have Bethany’s paintings in the dollhouse hanging on Spencer’s wall? (The horse painting.)
  • How did Bethany figure out that Mrs. D and her father were having an affair and why would that bother Mrs. D so much that she’d go out of her way to pamper the girl that betrayed her daughter or did she not believe CeCe didn’t push Marion? 
  • Who had been writing Bethany letters pretending to be Alison and telling her she should come out that night? Was it Alison? Did Alison even know about Bethany? Or was that all set up by CeCe to get her out of the way?
  • Was Mona working for CeCe?
  • Why would she force Bethany to call her Aunt Jessica?
  • Who were all the creepy baby doll masked people in the first Halloween episode? 
  • How were we supposed to go back to Season 1 and realize that Charles was CeCe Drake when CeCe didn’t even appear until Season 3 and was only in a total of about 11 episodes.
  • Who called Jessica that night? Why was she so concerned that Alison might be in trouble? As far as she knew CeCe loved Alison and just wanted to be close with her and Jason. Why was she so scared for Alison’s well being?
Arrows and The Framing- Do We Have It Backwards?

I know many people have theorized that Andrew was the one shooting the arrows, and that- at the very least- he was trying to make Ezra look like he was not good at keeping Mike safe from A.

One thing stood out at me most in this whole episode- Caleb asks Ezra what kind of place this was, and Ezra “guesses” it is a Pathfinder Scout camp.  Who the heck would easily know that unless they had been one?  Let alone, would be able to have that be their first guess, in the dark, while arrows are being shot at you?

I think Ezra is QUITE jealous of Andrew, and did his usual dirty research.  He used this situation with Mike to cast suspicion on Andrew for being A.  If Aria hadn’t heard from Andrew himself, Ezra may have decided to “make the connection” from when he had Andrew as a student. 

I keep thinking back to Jake, and the knives in the punching bag.  And then Mike’s friend, whose car was trashed.  Maybe Ezra found a way to purposefully drain Andrew’s battery, or switched it out with a dead battery- maybe when he came in the coffee shop. Who knows?

I don’t necessarily think that Ezra is A, though Ezra is shady and very possessive of Aria.  He cannot like Andrew spending so much time around Aria.