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Camp Camp Max Analysis

Alright, i’m doing a sequel analysis because I love bad television shows and in depth analysis of characters who don’t really need it. This last episode was GOOOOOD.

Alright, so continuing on the vein of “max has a tragic backstory”: Lets talk about the gift he received from his parents. 

So, Max receives a package from his parents, with a short postcard. Inside the package, is the exact sweater he already wears. 

This is the most obvious part of this scene- How I’m reading this is that his parents seem to be going through the motions of parenthood, and making half-hearted gestures to keep up the charade- buying something that “made them think” of their child, which has little to do with their interests or personality, but rather. is a purely aesthetic trait- Their kid wears a blue jacket —> Their kid likes blue jackets—-> Buy their kid a blue jacket. No work has been done here- Clearly, Max’s parents are at the very least, emotionally neglectful.

…And, as is evidenced by Max’s lack of food in the opening, possibly physically neglectful as well. He doesn’t eat much, which could be either a sign of depression or a sign of being used to not eating.

Great, so we now have solid evidence that Max is being neglected by his parents. Let’s take a look at that postcard.

Some things that jump out at me right away:

- It’s typed.

-5 words total. Concise, and impersonal.

-Signed, in an oddly formal fashion, “Your parents”- stating a fact, rather than an emotional connection. They might as well be saying “The people that birthed you.”

-It’s SLOPPY. The letters aren’t straight, the words aren’t on the lines. It’s a rush job of an afterthought.

Thinking more about the post card itself, we can assume that Max’s parents ship him off to summer camp every year so they can travel- Implying that they have a lot of money to throw around, and probably pay off their kid to keep him from complaining too much. Buy him really expensive shit that he doesn’t really want or need to keep him from complaining, but don’t make an effort to make his life actually comfortable or enjoyable. 

I bet he grew up in one of those houses where everything is beautiful and clean, and he wasn’t allowed to touch anything. Jesus, imagine being a grubby kid like max in that environment. No wonder he’s so cold towards someone like David.