camp of camps

i had reached this number on my old blog before moving it but now here i am again seeing it again but it’s funny cuz it took me less time than when i was on my old one but anyways seeing such amount of you here makes me wonder why you got lost and followed this trash blog lol. i appreciate those who stick with me after moving my muse to a clean and organized blog and for those who aren’t anymore well thank you for giving me some experience. this is the first time one of my blogs managed to gather so many people and i’m surprised though and i wonder if that number will increase more but whatever. i thank those who helped me out when i get a bit negative and also to stop me from giving up on this big guy. even though i’m not as great as some out there i still appreciate you all still choosing me as a partner.

thank you all and i hope we can still have fun on this messed up fandom with our craziness please don’t ever change.

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