camp of camps



Well folks, I was blessed to put another year in my pocket. I’m pretty serious about my time-line and capturing my life’s precious moments, so it was a must that I enter this by midnight. 

Thank you: @rinvalee, @solitudesims , @simsxolove , @simberryshortcake45 , @aurorabayy@dnasz , @onyxsims , @lovearound5am , @ohmyglobsims, @wunderlustsims, @108sims, @publicwoohoo, @wrixles, @martinessimblr, @simblob-faves, @galajunkiez,  @peanutbutterjay, @studio-k-creation, @0sims and even @beththemudkip who helped kick off the special day by sending wishes in my inbox. ♥♥♥

Many asked me what I did today; I said to all, absolutely NOTHING and I enjoyed every bit of it!!! If you’re a mom, a wife, a family pixel, then you know all too well how precious doing nothing can truly be. 

I thank my husband for the gorgeous flowers and the most beautiful card I’ve ever received. The words were really thoughtful and the doodles were the icing on the cake. (He knows I’m a complete sucker for cute art.)

Special Thanks To: @heihu@ichosim@simemi@simblob , and @noobooplumbobs , for hanging out with me ALL day animal crossing: pocket camp style!

I love you all, you made my day more than you will ever know. God bless and goodnight.