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Northern Lights
Clay Willis & S1MPLE
Northern Lights


First of all I’m super sorry about Harvey. He was a fantastic and cool cat.

I just got back from camp and it’s really weird (I’ll write more about it in another post.) This August was hands down one of the best and most life-changing experiences of my life.

I made incredible friends and did a ton of stuff I don’t think I would have ever done without camp. I hiked about 36 miles mostly uphill in the Northern Cascades with some of the best people imaginable. I did a lot of biking, spoken word and created cool stuff (pics to follow). Everyone at camp was so unbelievably kind, talented and straight-up wonderful I don’t even know how to put it into words. 


PS: This is a song by two of the staff members and it’s been stuck in my head all month so I though it’s send it to you.