camp myrtlewood


For some reason, I really like taking strange photos of people brushing their teeth. Opportunities are few and far between, but when they show up, it’s usually worth the wait.

(this isn’t staged, by the way. I just happened to be there to capture it.)


One of the evening activities during camp is a art show, this year organized and curated by myself and the wonderful and talented Tilke Elkins, who contributed the amazing fruits and herbs drink bar (which had an amazing name, that I am forgetting. Sorry!). 

And there were, of course, many others who contributed help and beautiful works of art, poorly represented here due to somewhat dim lighting.


Returning again to the previous summer, I bring you the second annual spend-all-day-wading-through-the-creek day!

(as if I’m still posting images from last august… At this rate, it’ll be summer again before I’m caught up. Ridiculous.)