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Gabey and Mike: A Jewish Summer Camp Love Story

“Gabey and Mike: A Jewish Summer Camp Love Story takes its name from a song by Mermaid Café - a folk band comprised of Andi D., Joe A. Rider and Merrill Nisker (now known as ‘Peaches’) that gained popularity at Canadian Jewish summer camps in the early 90s. The video juxtaposes the tale of the band with playful re-creations of the story of Gabey and Mike, in a queer re-staging of the classic summer camp movie. Gabey and Mike uses the tropes of this genre alongside references from iconic queer films in order to grasp the significance of this band within the peculiar space of the Jewish summer camp.”


the calendar // panic! at the disco


Movies Meme: [5/5] Relationships → Shane Gray & Mitchie Torres (Camp Rock 1 & 2)
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